Jamison DNA Update

I have learned last week that the DNA test on the remains believed to be Madyson Jamison have been completed.

Law Enforcement is not releasing the report at this time.

The website NameUs which is used by Law enforcement in these cases has also posted a picture on their website of an age progressed Madyson. The picture was made in Feb ’14.

Leaving us yet again with way more questions than answers.  If they thought the remains were hers why go through the motions of doing all this hard work to post?

This story will be featured in the book that has taken me four years to write. “Mysterious Disappearances” will debut in Jun ’14 after much delay.  It will feature stories of my search for people who have disappeared. It is not a “theory” book. Instead the book will give readers some answers to the questions many have about disappearances.

It will be available right here on my blog in paperback. You will also be able to order it for Ipad and in other e-formats a week after the book is released. Stay tuned.

I’m still here. No one has stuck me with a poison umbrella tip, yet.  :)   (See my Ray Gricar blog posts.)

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Lauren Spierer Update



Today, Jan.17th would have been a very special day for Indiana University attendee Lauren Spierer. It would have marked the young ladies twenty-third birthday.  

The story of the disappearance of Lauren Spierer is a gut wrenching one for this blogger.  Lauren Spierer disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011 after a night out with friends. I have a really hard time typing the word “friends”.  I have researched hundreds of missing persons cases and this particular case frustrates me to the point of breaking things. The reason being that I believe that at least one of her “friends” are just not telling authorities what all they know.

Now this is the point I would go in-depth to tell you the story of this wonderfully vibrant young girl and the family who loves her. I would go into all the details of what happened the night of her disappearance in hopes the story might be read by someone who’s memory might be jogged. I would give you all the fine details leading up to her disappearance with my analysis on what certain facts may mean.

But this case is not a big mystery. In fact it makes my blood boil more so than usual.

It is especially nightmarish knowing that at least one of these “friends” know exactly what happened to Lauren. 

See this isn’t a missing person’s case where we all can debate theories. We know that some of the folks that were with Lauren at the time of her disappearance immediately hired high profile attorneys “lawyered up” and left town. They didn’t stick around long to search for her. They never utilized their social media accounts to help find her to this very day. They just got quiet. One even got defensive to a reporter about how his life was turned upside down by the event while never even mentioning Lauren’s name.

Some friends, huh?

Before I go off on a complete tirade about this case. I find in many cases that we don’t get the entire story about the behaviors of the missing from their loved ones. Most folks do what they can to maintain a positive image of their missing loved one. This case is no different in that aspect. People fear that their loved one will be seen as less than sympathetic if bad behaviors are exposed. Some go to great lengths to hide those behaviors. Some are just unaware they existed.

I don’t want to discuss Lauren’s bad behaviors to upset her loved ones. Quite the contrary. It goes directly to the best piece of information I could give readers to avoid winding up in similar situations themselves.

 The night Lauren disappeared she was drinking underage with a fake ID at a bar. She was “partyting” with several people she knew. She was by all accounts a “partyer”. Lots of young people are. Especially in your college years. But here is the most important thing to consider if you go out partying.


When you lose that ability and your judgment is blurry… you are MUCH more susceptable to being the victim of a criminal act.

ESPECIALLY, if you are a good looking young vibrant petite blonde. That my friends is a fact worth remembering and if there is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy that is it. 

And that is exactly what we have here. A night that was suppose to be a fun night out with new friends partying in college turned into a tragic missing persons case. One in which authorities hands are tied because while they have a good idea who is involved they have no hard evidence to charge anyone in the case with any wrongdoing. The Spierer parents have pursued a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against some.

Recently, an article surfaced by PI Bill Warner trying to connect a number of these cases together including Spierer’s based on the fact that the women were all petite blondes. They are not all directly connected. There is no serial killer on the loose involved in these cases in my opinion. At least not in this case.

The Spieirer’s have done absolutely everything possible to bring home their daughter. They have hired a top PI firm. They have utilized the mainstream media, social media and the internet to keepthesearchalive for Lauren.

Just take a look at this statement issued this past October on the Facebook page started dedicated to finding Lauren.

To the person responsible, there are many things I don’t know about you.  The one thing I know without a doubt is that you are the definition of evil.  Time does not heal all.  With each passing day living with the loss of Lauren is more difficult.   Maybe that’s what fuels your silence.  Maybe what happened to Lauren on June 3, 2011 was not enough.  You revel in the pain and suffering you continue to inflict on our family and those who loved Lauren.  I have to believe your day of reckoning  will come.  You cannot possibly think we will ever give up.  We never will…
To anyone who has information about Lauren’s disappearance, you CAN send an anonymous tip to the post office box.   If you are ready to help us by sharing what you know, I implore you to do so by calling the tipline, by sending a private message via Facebook, by sending an email or by calling the private investigator. 
Someone knows what happened.  Lauren did not make herself disappear.   Charlene Spierer
Find Lauren PO Box 1226 Bloomington, IN 47402… helpfindlauren@gmail.com Tips 812.339.4477 Beau Dietl & Associates 800.777.9366″
So what can we possibly do on Lauren’s birthday to help bring her home?
We have decided that we are not going to sit back and allow the “quiet ones” to continue to get away with trying to erase the memories of what happened in Bloomington that night. That is what they have done. They have tried to erase memories from their brains and social media accounts of their relationship with Lauren and have hidden behind high profile attorneys. I guess in hopes that they will be able to continue on with their lives in some normal fashion.
We are going to simply remind them of Lauren’s disappearance. For as long as it takes.
You see…let me write this to you directly. I believe it has become easier for you in the short term.
But I know every time you drink and party the memories creep back to haunt you. Oh you might be far from college now. You might think time will heal this for you. You might have even figured out a way to justify the whole thing in your head. But what are you going to do some day when you get older and have a child (perhaps a daughter)? The wisdom you gain about life as you mature will only make your secret haunt you worse. You are religious person. Do the right thing. Don’t let this secret corrode what is left of your soul. Lauren Spierer was living breathing beautiful young person. Try as you may to forget her. We don’t plan on letting you.  
I wonder since it seems you’re trying to distance yourself far from the situation if you even know that you’ve been given a golden ticket to clear your conscience? Do you even know about the PO Box?
Whatever happened to Lauren that night it is time for someone to leave a tip. Its gone on for far too long now. For those who knew the people involved but are afraid to say anything. Don’t be. It’s time for you to come forward as well.
Please… if you have any information in this case please write or call: Find Lauren PO Box 1226 Bloomington, IN 47402… helpfindlauren@gmail.com Tips 812.339.4477 Beau Dietl & Associates 800.777.9366
Personal comments to the author: sirpatrik@aol.com







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Happy New Year- Let’s Keepthesearchalive For The Missing.



Most of what I try to do here on this blog is to give folks more information on cases that involve mysterious disappearances. I want people to keepthesearchalive by keeping the story alive. I try to not only keep the conversations about these cases going but to analyze the facts surrounding the cases. I always leave information at the bottom of the story on how to contact authorities to leave a tip. My comments section is open to all who keep it decent.

In my most popular blog on the missing Jamison family of Eufaula, Ok. I started out by poking around and talking to the people that surrounded the case. I was absolutely certain at the beginning this family was the victim of foul play. As more and more interesting facts about the case came to light. I came to an all together different conclusion. That the Jamison family staged their disappearance and walked away of their own free will.

Shortly after the missing McStay family remains were found (The McStay family was from California and I find are often confused with the Jamsion family.) the skeletal remains of two adults and one child were found roughly two and a half miles from the Jamison’s truck on Panola Mountain. Those remains have not yet been positively identified as of 1/16/2014. I do believe we will hear eventually that it is the remains of the Jamison family. What I am unsure of is if we will ever get a definitive cause of death.  While many MANY folks were quick to try and point out that I was wrong in my conclusions. (More than correct my grammar and spelling.)  It appears to me that the only people I may need to apologize to are the Sheriff’s who I criticized that expressed the opinion of a “murder/suicide” being a possibility in this case. Otherwise, I know a lot of people have automatically rushed to believing murder. Let’s wait and see. The Jamison’s may have disappeared of their own free will after all- albeit to commit a murder suicide and the original Sheriff may have been dead on. Or we could all be wrong and it could be more Indian bones. Time will tell.

In the case of missing District Attorney Ray Gricar.  I’ve stated quite boldly some rather spooky facts not told to folks on any syndicated television program.http://keepthesearchalive.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/missing-ray-gricar-update/  I’ve also made some bold claims as to what I believe happened to the man. In the three disappearances I’ve written about this is the only case where not one family member… PI… friend or relative has ever contacted me or commented. (Did have a twitter convo with family spokesperson Tony Gricar in 2/’14 who insists Gricar did not speak a foreign language nor did he ever travel to Macedonia- it is Slovenia he travelled to and he has roots there.)  

In my story on the mysterious disappearance of Toni Sharpless I was warned not to travel to Camden, NJ to hang posters or ask questions because the PI on the case did not want me to impede her work. http://keepthesearchalive.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/missing-toni-sharpless/  I believe the Sharpless disappearance to be due to either one of two things. It was either due to suicide or a criminal act. What bothers me most about this story is the mental state of Ms. Sharpless when she left the party on the night she went missing. And the fact she had to drive over a major bridge that had pull offs due to construction. My research also showed it would not have been difficult for anyone to jump that particular time. I often wonder if the PI in the case, who really believed Sharpless was alive has ever taken the time to check Sharpless’s DNA with any unidentified remains found around water south of bridge she traveled in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware?

Next up- While I hope your taking my advice and following James Renner’s search for Maura Murray. 

THE LAUREN SPIERER DISAPPEARANCE.  I will try to keep my emotions in check here. This really is no mystery. This is a sad story that involves the kind of evil that literally sickens me.


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The Maura Murray Reveal


Fans of this blog should run right over to http://mauramurray.blogspot.com/ Crime writer James Renner has done an outstanding job of trying to figure out what happened to Maura Murray.

Murray disappeared mysteriously on Feb. 9th 2004. She was involved in a traffic accident and after telling a bus driver she was “ok”. She was never seen again.

Many people have theorized she was the victim of foul play.

We have donated $250 to Renner’s campaign to put up ads seeking information on her disappearance on its anniversary.

Please click on the link to his blog above and watch this mystery unfold and support his work. We will be writing much more about her disappearance on it’s anniversary but will not impede Mr. Renner’s work on the case.

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Three Bodies Near Panola Mountain May Be That Of The Jamison Family

By keepthesearchalive

Details have emerged in the case of the missing Jamison family of Eufaula that early Saturday hunters have come across three bodies in the Panola Mountain area.

OSBI have contacted relatives of the Jamison family and forensic teams will be up on the mountain until Monday or Tuesday.

Obviously, this is a shocking turn of events in a similar manner as the McStay case. Many people felt the Jamison’s staged their disappearance- I included.

Personally, if this turns out to be confirmed by forensics as this family I will be devastated and shocked. It will make me wonder why so many people I interviewed in “high” places told me this family were not the victims of a crime. It certainly will cause me to revisit why people spooked me from my pursuit to keepthesearchalive for information on the case.

October marked the four year anniversary of the missing family from Eufaula. Sherilyn, Bobby and daughter Madyson disappeared from Panola mountain with just their white truck with 30k under the seat and the family dog left behind.

20131120_184138 We have learned according to a news article that foul play may not be suspected. Leaving many to wonder. Did the Jamison’s stage their disappearance to commit a murder/suicide pact?http://www.newson6.com/story/24002465/osbi-say


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Missing McStay Update

by Keepthesearchalive

Investigators in San Bernardino County California have called in a forensic anthropologist to assist in the recovery of four bodies found in the desert there just outside Victorville. Early reports are that the bodies could be that of all four missing McStay family members.

The McStay case earned national attention in 2010 when the family vanished from their home in California.

Investigators believed closed circuit security footage showed this family voluntarily crossing the border into Mexico. The FBI tried to track their movements unsuccessfully.

Could this family have crossed the border to be made to do something unwillingly and then came back into the US where they met a violent end?

Only the worst of the worst would kill children that’s for damn sure.

One author Rick Baker, who wrote a book “No Goodbyes”  had the opinion that Summer may have killed Joseph McStay and ran off with the children Gianni and Joseph Jr. Baker has removed his book from Amazon and has offered refunds. Baker contacted me in regards to the missing Jamison family almost two years ago. At the time I saw no link in the two cases and my opinion was that because the McStay family computer had searches about “passports for children” “Mexico” amongst the last things in there web browser searches combined with the footage which appears to show them crossing the border- that they left voluntarily to avoid a perceived or real danger on their part. Baker did raise awareness for the story and kept it going long after mainstream media with his open blog on the story. I felt the Jamison’s staged their own disappearance.

One thing I can tell you for sure: The fact that authorities brought in a forensic anthropologist tells me that the bodies were there longer than a year.

It will be key to see what an analysis of the remains will reveal but sources tell me an electric cord was used to bound one of the corpses leading this to go forward as a homicide investigation.

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Jamison Family Sighting

If you’ve followed my analysis on the “missing” Jamison family of Eufaula, Ok. then you know I believe this family is alive and have disappeared of their own free will. That absolutely no crime in this crazy case has been committed.

From the time I started the blog and sought out information on this disappearance I have went on one helluva roller coaster ride.  First, believing they were victims of a crime. Then ultimately uncovering parts of the truth. That this family was ALIVE and did not want to be “found”.

Since then, I have received comments and correspondence throughout the world from people who have believed my analysis and opinions on the case are correct. To psychics and others who have called me irresponsible for suggesting a voluntary disappearance when the Jamison’s were obvious victims of a crime and disagree with me. 

Tonight I would like to make the public aware that a very credible sighting of the Jamison’s has been phoned to authorities.  A sighting of ALL THREE Jamison family members- ALIVE. 

Just incase I am correct in that this disappearance may be a sensitive one. I will not publish specific details. I will wait to see if its properly investigated and report back anything I can.

I will say this: I have spoken to the person who reported the sighting. I believe based on the location and the specifics… that this sighting and the person who reported it are both genuine. 

Are the Jamison’s alive? I haven’t had a doubt about it for a long time. I’m pretty damn sure they all are and this latest tip if confirmed would prove it. But am I harming their safety by providing the truth here? No one has made the phone call to me and asked me to stop. I have given ample opportunity.

So until then, I will keepthesearchalive for information on this family until a statement is made that they have been “found”.

I decided to combine this mysterious disappearance with the story of missing PA DA Ray Gricar in a book about mysterious disappearances forthcoming. 

In the meantime… should a resolution to this case be made public. Ill have it for you on my blog here.




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