Missing Jamison Family

(I had written a conclusionary piece about this case. This is from an original blog I wrote with some updated material.) PLEASE ALSO READ ALL THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTS- from posters and myself. My comments and replys in the comments section below provide more inside detail. Check back too! WITH THE RECENT DISCOVERY OF THE REMAINS OUTSIDE VICTORVILLE, CA OF THE BODIES OF THE McSTAY FAMILY… I remind readers this blog is about the missing Jamison family of Eufuala and not the California family who went missing in 2010.

Saturday October 8th 2013, marked the four year anniversary the Jamison family of Eufaula, Oklahoma have been missing. Four years have gone by with no public resolution to this bizarre mystery.

Bobby, Sherilyn and their six-year-old daughter Madyson disappeared from their truck on Panola Mountain in Red Oak, Oklahoma while looking to buy land there. The truck found abandoned and locked contained the Jamison’s cell phones, wallets and over thirty thousand in cash. A search for the family of three around the steep mountainous terrain yielded no clues as to what happened to them. The story of the Jamison family was featured on the Investigative ID channel’s “Disappeared” program. It has aired numerous times in re-runs with still no tips solving this strange mystery. Both the former and current sheriff’s of Latimer County have similar theories that this was some sort of murder suicide. On the ID episode Beauchamp does mention a walk away theory that I was told was edited out.

So how is it possible a family of three disappears with no trace? With no national media attention whatsoever.

I had spent eight months interviewing people involved this mystery from a far. I had seen the story on “Disappeared” on the ID channel and my heart sunk every time I saw a picture of young Madyson Jamison. I knew I had to try to find out for her sake what happened. In this case, there was no crime scene and no crime. Law enforcement had placed this in the cold case files so I wasn’t interfering in any investigation. I would use similar tactics any modern-day investigator would employ. I interviewed witnesses. I monitored and posted in chat rooms… gaining much information from people who knew them. In my search to find out what in the world happened to that precious little Madyson Jamison and her parents that day. I decided no matter how ugly or dangerous it would be that I would do my best to gather and analyze the evidence in this case to crack this mystery.

My findings may just be the beginning to finding out what really happenened. But could the story really be told?

These days Niki Shenold, a friend of the Jamisons, spends most of her time answering emails and running down any lead she gets regarding her friends disappearance. She appears on interviews trying to help generate awareness about the case in hopes that someone comes forward with information. She is the person who has spent the most time and energy trying to find the Jamisons. Her “Jamison Warriors” a group made up of investigators, web slueths and psychics from around the United States have worked tirelessy to make some sense of all this. Unfortunately, there are too many things in this case that don’t make any sense. Curiously, there is no reward out for information. The money from the truck that was recovered was turned over to Bobby Jamisons mother Star Jamison and to date no reward has been offered. This would be just one of many “things that make you go hmmmm” in this one.

The behavior of the Jamisons in the weeks leading up to the disappearance was far from normal. They took Madyson out of school and had rumored to be suing the school district. Sherilyn Jamison had chased off a handyman living with the family with a pistol. The handyman Kenneth Bellows of Wilburton, Ok was cleared of any wrongdoing by the FBI in this case. Infact, there is no crime or signs of any and the Jamisons themselves are not “wanted” or have any warrants out on them. The Jamison’s pastor said Bobby Jamison said he had been seeing spirits around his house and wanted to know if there “was a bullet they made that would kill them.” He also said Bobby said they were consulting the satanic bible for remedies.

The Jamisons planned to leave their nice lakeside home and buy a plot of land in the mountains and live in metal shipping containers. They wanted to get away from it all. But why? They had a beautiful home. They had several time shares around the US and Mexico. The had newer vehicles and lived well above their means of social security disablilty.

In my investigation, I unearthed a startling fact not mentioned by law enforcement or the press. Sherilyn had been a beautician. MADYSON JAMISON’S HAIR WAS DYED BLONDE. Not one of the missing posters of Madyson anywhere denote her hair being dyed. Not to this very day. Deceptive, but why?

A resident of the mountain who saw the Jamisons truck parked on the mountain saw fresh tire tracks leading away from the Jamisons truck causing him to believe the Jamisons got into another vehicle. This would now be the entire focus of my investigation. This to me is the only thing that made absolute perfect sense. They were there to look at land. Perhaps they met someone that may have wanted to show them land somewhere else up there? Or maybe something sinister happened and they were forced into the other vehicle against their will? I decided to speak with the last known person to talk to the Jamisons. A lady who shows various properties on Panola Mountain for a real estate company. What she would tell me I would find very intriguing…

Bobby Jamison did not want the lady on the mountain to show them the property. Rather Bobby Jamison wanted just the gps coordinates to the sites. Now mind you these plots were literally in the middle of an extremely “low-traffic” remote area prone to people getting lost there. Why not have this woman show them?

Now if you think about it. If this were an abduction. Why take people away from a secluded “low-traffic” area where you could do anything you want to them and take all three somewhere else? Why not rob or kill one or all them right there in the middle of nowhere? Any perp would have had all the time in the world to do whatever. Anyone with any type of revenge motive could have committed murder right there on the spot. Yet not one shred of evidence was found to suggest a crime took place. Nothing. No, instead it looks as though alot of things in this case have been done to decieve what has really happened.

The last picture taken on Bobbys cell phone was taken that day of Madyson. She looks very uncomfortable in this picture in front of a rock on Panola Mountain. After the picture it appears all the couples personal items were locked in the truck with the family dog. When the truck was found the dog was near death. It is estimated the truck was their for several days. Remarkably, Latimer County Sheriffs also found underneath the seat a bank bag with over 30k in cold hard cash.

Amongst all the weirdness and unanswered questions… the Jamisons had security cameras installed on the outside of there home. I reviewed footage from these cameras. I examined the Jamisons load a brown satchel into that truckon their trip up to Panola Mountain. This satchel was not found in the locked abandoned truck. What could have been in that satchel? As I examined the video further and the Jamison parents make well over a dozen trips back and forth to their truck carrying nothing.

One thing is for sure on the four year anniversary of the Jamison disappearance. The Jamisons did not commit murder suicide on that mountain. They were never found up there despite a search involving 300 people and drones. They appear to have left that mountain and what happened after that is where the mystery REALLY begins.

UPDATE 1/10/2012

I had written my own conclusions and posted details on what I thought happened to the Jamisons. I have removed it out of concern for there safety. There is enough evidence to indicate that the Jamisons are not dead on Panola Mountin in my opinion. In fact, overwhelming evidence shows that the Jamisons staged their own disappearance and have “walked away”. I stated a lot of deceptive things that have turned up in this case in my original blog. Madysons dyed hair. The fact the Sheriff in the case called the Jamisons “scammers”. The fear the Jamisons were living in of Bobby Sr. that made Star Jamison install video serveillance cameras on the Jamison home. The fact the Jamison family were indeed looking to re-locate. The Jamisons own past history that involved the methamphetamine world and specific information about their activities and associates in it and how it relates to the article I reference about the DEA arrests later. The appearance of one last mysterious photo of Madyson in clothes that did not fit her with dyed hair. After all there were and are no warrants out for the Jamisons arrest. They could be living anywhere now and no law enforcement agency could arrest them for anything or force them back to Oklahoma. People are allowed to move without telling others. But why leave all your personal belongings behind and a dog in the truck unless you want people to believe you are dead? People may not come looking for them but people would come looking for Madyson. The fact no one looked for the Jamisons for a period of several days or reported them missing until the truck was found. I had been contacted and told that they indeed had fled of their own free will.

They “do not want to be found” I was told.

“They are absolutely in Mexico.” I had the same person tell me. A seemingly reliable source. No one looking to gain anything by saying it. (Later he would contact me one last time to tell me he saw them in Mexico prior to their disappearance. That they were involved in criminal activities that he used to be involved with but got away from.)

Then I read this article given to me by another investigator in this case back before Christmas.


After reading that and doing some other digging I noticed one glaring thing in this case before that I pointed out. There is no list of the Jamison family on the FBI’s list of “missing persons”.


So to the person who has posted in the “topix Eufaula” chat room from day one that “there is no missing Jamison family!!!!”

Id say I definately agree with you. Apparently, the FBI does too.

Is the missing Jamison family a “legitimate” missing persons case? With no physical evidence of a crime and details of this I dont feel comfortable publishing. Signs to me point to- NO.


MR. ******,

I was a part of the jameson case in the beginning and was actually one of the deputys in the featured show. Being a part of the case at the beginning, from the initial search to follow-ups on several leads, has given me a great insight. There are many theories to their disappearance. It is something I would look into further since nothing has been done on it since beauchamp resigned. I do have my beliefs on where they went and what happened to them. I do not feel like they are in danger or left unwillingly. But until that is a proven fact the case should stay open and under investigation.
After this reply I did email back Mr. Ward a small amount of information that confirms his “feeling”.

The statement from Mr. Ward is the only statement on this case since Sheriff Brooks went on OETV and said his primary theory was “murder/suicide”.

**side note: Sheriff Beauchamp (the original sheriff in the case) resigned a bit after the ID piece to take a well paying job overseas. It is rumored he would be Mr. Wards pick for Undersheriff now that he is home. The other candidate in the run-off race scheduled for August 2012 is Jesse James.

James was the top vote getter in the primary and has told people he would give the Jamison case a look.

******BREAKING NEWS AS OF 1/21/13- The bodies of two adults were found in Lake Eufaula on Monday, Jan. 21. 2013. THE BODIES FOUND WERE POSITIVEY IDENTIFIED AS PREHISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN REMAINS. NOT THE JAMISONS.

James does not appear to be “reopening” the Jamison case. Although he does say in an interview on 2/18/13 the case is open.

Folks, Im not a very good writer. Please understand most of my expertise comes from being able to extract information from situations. I have been a force for good. I have extracted more than enough information to be able to know exactly what has happened here. It is quite extraordinary. If it weren’t for the ID program innocently made about this story ironically the truth may have never been found out.
Morally, I have had to decide whether or not it is ethical to share all what I have uncovered in relation to this disappearance. Its still all quite unbelievable to me and Ive known for awhile now that the Jamisons are not dead on Panola Mountain. That ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME has taken place in this case. The Jamison family left of their own free will faking their disappearance. They do not want to be “found”. The specific activities the Jamison’s were involved with were dangerous!Beyond that… I struggle with the morality of telling my readers exactly those reasons.

I know right now some people are hopping up and down cussing at me. Please understand not only did I believe going into this that this family was dead. I wanted to do everything I could to find Madyson. I thought there was information out there to be gathered that would point to a crime. IT WAS QUITE THE OPPOSITE. That at the point in time I was absolutely 100% positive that they were alive I almost passed out. A lot of “birdies” whispered to me that this case may involve a “sensitive” disappearance.

“WHERE IS THE PROOF?” People ask me. “THEY ARE ALL DEAD” most seem to think.

Folks, dozens of people connected to this case and the Jamisons talked candidly about this situation to me.

I have pushed for a public resolution from Law Enforcement in this case. I believe there CAN and SHOULD be one at this point with the amount of interest generated about this case.

Until then I will continue to struggle with whether its moral/legal to provide all the details I’ve uncovered.


For those of you who may have seen the ID piece. Please watch this piece on OETV with Sheriff Brooks. The Sheriff who succeeded Beauchamp when he left to work overseas.
Its very telling.

*While Brooks comments on the case… notice he says virtually the exact same thing as Beauchamp in the ID piece. He expounds on the Jamisons drug use. But later when the reporter shockingly is allowed to peruse the case files on camera. None of the handwriting at the end of the case file that is shown is from Sheriff Brooks. I take it to mean Brooks did not investigate this but rather went off of Beauchamps file and commented almost verbatim Beachamps theories in the ID piece. ie Murder suicide. If a real crime had been committed here. No reporter would be allowed to peruse the case file. In any SERIOUS investigation involving a family of three… EVER.

So we are to believe the Jamisons in a murder suicide situation…. locked the dog, cell phones, jackets and personal belongings in a vehicle that also just happened to contain 30k to go commit murder/suicide? I didn’t buy it when Beauchamp said it. I don’t buy it when Brooks says it either. Pretty much by that theory is laughable given the FACTS. I mean come on. Do you think they honestly would have emptied their pockets and left the dog to be found alive if they did that?!?!?

“Keepthesearchalive” was created to use my past experiences in domestic intelligence gathering to find out information and write about what happens to people who go missing. I apologize to the grammar police.


So why was money left in the truck if they disappeared of there own free will? Why was the dog left to die? Why was that last picture of Madyson taken in front of the rock?

The money. It was approximately one-half of the settlement Bobby received for his accident. It was quickly obtained through legal proceeding by Bobbys mother after their disappearance. I cant say for sure if it was left intentionally or for a reason. According to Sheriff Brooks (and he is right) about the frequency of the Jamisons drug use it very well could have been stashed there and forgotten about by Bobby. Lets remember the truck was locked. The Jamisons cell phones and jackets were inside with the dog. As commented by a reader… one of the details that is the most interesting. More so than the money. Is the long hate later left in the truck from Sherilyn to Bobby. Why would this letter appear in the truck? Simple… to add to the illusion that they were dead. If you watch the OETV piece there is a diary entry at the end of Sherilyn’s diary that the reporter reads allowed. “Bobby is a genius” and loving comments towards him. Please take a moment to check out the video and see what it says. No hate at all at the end. Quite the opposite. They had some sort of plan- but what was it?

The dog. A lot of people wonder why they left it for dead. I don’t think they left it for dead at all. I think they were planning to take the dog and that they had to leave it behind at the last moment. Don’t forget one thing- Someone called the cops and the truck was found before the dog died. A person told me that snack bags were around the truck. I believe they knew the truck would be found and they left the dog behind with people food.

The Satanic Bible. The occult part of this story intrigues a lot of people. Its easily explainable. FACT: Medium to high level meth dealers in the South and Midwest frequently are involved in the occult and satanic religion.

The last picture. Well… the dog wasn’t going. If what I believe happened here is correct. If they left that mountain of their own free will without the dog. How do you think Madyson felt? Think that look on her face could have been a result of being told she couldn’t take her dog? Look at the clothes Madyson is wearing and her dyed hair. Clothes seem very tight to me. Ive examined numerous “missing posters” of Madyson Jamison. Most use this “last” picture. None of them denote her dyed hair. Now let me just point out a specific Ive learned about the dyed hair. Sherilyn Jamison had been a beautician and had been dying Madysons hair for awhile. But why all the deception on the posters?

On a much lighter note about this case. On the DISAPPEARED piece Sheriff Beauchamp is interviewed while the FBI is not. Almost all of the personal comments to me in this case are from women readers who ask me if I know if the former sheriff is single. LOL. The answer to that is no. He is happily married according to sources. Sorry, girls.

I have the utmost respect in this case for that guy. I have never interacted with him in my search for the Jamisons. He’s read my work and has never responded. I did try to prod him to keep investigating this case before I figured out there may be no crime here. So I’m not sure if he’d drink a beer with me or punch me in the mouth. I prolly owe the guy a case of beer. I’m not sure what he knows or thinks about the case at this point in time. The Latimer police department had just come off a major scandal involving the previous Sheriff so who knows? What I do know is that I hope at some point in time Beauchamp returns to a job in Law Enforcement in Latimer County. That county couldn’t ask for a more dedicated experienced leader with the skills to make a difference in all the crime there. His recent public comments asking people to give the new Sheriff James a chance and to support James even though it wasn’t the candidate he supported show his class. We need more people like him as Sheriff’s in our small towns.


This new story from a Fox affiliate in Oklahoma about the Jamisons.


Absolutely nothing in that story changes what I believe happened. To the contrary it pads it. I think its interesting that Sheriff James says the case is open but he declines to give details or appear on camera. (Thanks Sheriff James!!! You’re a helluva a good man for not following the past line on this by saying murder/suicide. Saying that you cannot comment on theories was nothing short of brilliance! It kept you~ honest.) Where are their family members in the story? Again why isnt the FBI on camera? THIS IS THE ONLY FAMILY IN THE COUNTRY “MISSING” BESIDE THE MCSTAYS!!!!! WHY HASN’T ANYONE LOOKED HARDER FOR THIS FAMILY? As far as the story Niki tells about the caller. She told me a year ago that a person had come forward and told her that she saw the Jamisons name on like a kkk hit list. That this woman and she later gave that information to the FBI and they weren’t interested. They only wanted to hear someone with details of a crime. Niki Shenold believes the parents are dead and the daughter Madyson is alive. Again where are the Jamison’s other friends and family? What do they think- now at this moment in time?

What do I take from this new story? Absolutely nothing new EXCEPT the statement by Sheriff James that he “CANNOT” comment on any of theories. Im very glad to see that someone isn’t out to arrogantly pull the wool over peoples eyes by insisting murder/suicide. His predecessors got themselves into that trap. By now at this point in the story… literally every Tom, Dick and Harry knows this case is not murder/suicide case. But were they wrong?

3/1/13 I am excited after much encouragement and consideration to announce that sometime in April my first book “Mysterious Disappearances Volume I: The Oklahoma Jamison Family.” will be available in e-book formats. The book chronicles my personal search for the Jamison family. It really is all about how I was able to gather information and my personal interactions with others. It also is about how I believe I have discovered a new “way” to go about trying to find information about these mysterious disappearances.


Still working on the “Mysterious Disappearances” book. Having never written a book- it aint easy. But until then hope you are all enjoying the comments from my Ray Gricar blog.

Recently, I was contacted by a cousin of Bobby Jamison who feels Bobby may have disappeared of his own free will.

Three bodies have been found on the other side of Panola Mountain near Pittsburg County 1.5-3 miles by foot from the Jamison’s truck… 20+ miles to drive over to that side. OSBI and its forensics teams are investigating. Stay tuned I’ll continue to update with the latest information as it becomes available.******* BREAKING NEWS: http://www.okcfox.com/story/23993567/osbi-investigating-three-bodies-discovered-in-pittsburg-county?fb_action_ids=10202815513212922&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_ref=.UolX-btZCLk.like&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210202815513212922%22%3A539612786131195%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210202815513212922%22%3A%22og.recommends%22%7D&action_ref_map=%7B%2210202815513212922%22%3A%22.UolX-btZCLk.like%22%7D I have received several phone calls telling me the bodies of three people were found on 11/16/13 several miles from where the Jamison’s disappeared. I will update as I find out more details. This would be a shocking and devastating twist to this case if it turned out to be true. THE OSBI IS RECOVERING THE REMAINS BUT EARLY INDICATION IS THAT THE JAMISON FAMILY MAY HAVE FAKED THEIR DISAPPEARANCE TO COMMIT SUICIDE. THE OSBI AT THIS POINT DOES NOT BELIEVE THERE IS FOUL PLAY IN THIS CASE.http://www.newson6.com/story/24002465/osbi-say Further analysis of the remains will be done at the medical examiner’s office. We will have all the additional information right here on the blog.


Well… While rumors continue to run rampant about the case. (IE: The remains found were missing teeth… there fingers were chopped off… a shoe was found.) While many people have written to me with comments to the effect that I was all wrong about this case. I say to you: “Here we are in Feb of ’14. The remains found in Latimer were found back in Nov of ’13. If those remains were the Jamison family… why haven’t we had any public confirmation?” I know folks are all scratching there heads going “I thought the Jamison family was found! It HAD to be MURDER!!!” To you folks I say this: “The DNA of the Jamison family was on file in a database in the state of Texas. By now- we should have had public confirmation the remains are theirs. In the case of the McStay family who’s remains were found around the same time. It only took a couple of weeks to get public confirmation that it was them. So what in the sam hell is going on in the Oklahoma’s medical examiner’s office?” Well it is quite simple. WE DO HAVE A PRESS RELEASE FROM OSBI. You don’t hafta take it from us. Read it yourself at: http://www.ok.gov/osbi/Press_Room/2013_Press_Releases/PR-2013-11-18__HUMAN_REMAINS_LOCATED_IN_LATIMER_COUNTY.html. Take a deep breath before you read it. Read it several times. Examine the details in it. It very well appears to be all we’re ever gonna get on it.

Finally and sadly, in July of ’14 the medical examiner confirmed it was indeed the remains of the missing Jamison family found just a few miles from their vehicle. While no cause of death could be confirmed. Investigators believe they simply appeared to have gotten lost in the woods and succumbed to the elements. To SOME extent, I was right… no crime had been committed in this case. The Jamison family was not murder victims  like most suspected. They walked away into that thick forage and when the rain and cold temperatures set in that night- accidental death was their fate.
A horribly devastating and shocking ending for anyone who has followed.



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Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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549 Responses to Missing Jamison Family

  1. leann says:

    oddly enough, there’s no name under the McStay family under the FBI missing persons list either, and they’ve been missing since 2010.

    • The McStays walked across a border crossing into mexico of there own free will according to the analysis of security cameras at the border. Some family members do not agree but the fbi has assisted the McStays relatives in locating them.

      • Jacqueline Riekena says:

        Or did they walk across this bridge or was this footage super imposed with a picture of the McStay family, reimaged and blurred to make it look like the family. There are so many camera’s at border crossings and clarity on most angles is greater than 600 pixels per frame. Think about all of the footage. When I crossed the border in El Paso to Juarez on foot, I counted 8 cameras in 2000. In 2008, I walked across the border in Tijuana and counted nearly 20 domes and cameras. Why show this picture when authorities have better images and have never confirmed or denied this was the McStay family. I have my own theory on this families disappearance.

      • megamel99 says:

        I assume you have heard by now they found the remains of the McStay family. So sad.

      • Devastating… as they appear to have been bound and murdered.(The McStays)

        Why harm children? Its so sad.

  2. Caitlin says:

    There are a lot of missing people who aren’t listen on the FBI site. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t legitimately missing, in danger, or victims of a crime, etc.

    • Yes. You are right.

      But in this case we are talking about an entire family and this case was investigated by the fbi and closed after just 60 days. No agency is investigating.

      You really think the -only- current missing family in the country would be on high profile
      tv shows ie: nancy grace, dr. Drew jane velez.

      It will never happen because I believe it may jeopardize the jamisons safety.

    • Btw I also want to mention. When I told Niki Shenold I was sure this was a “staged” walk away she rejected it and declared the Jamisons all dead. Sebsequently unfriended me on facebook and stopping all communication.

      During my ten month look.. no traditional investigators or any reward had been utilized.

      • No reward, with all that money that the Mother has now, things that make you go hmmmm. The money & dog are where they are supposed & left to be. So, is the Jamison’s..in my opinion…everything has been done to a “T”!!! Sherilynn, is right..Bobby IS a genius & everything is in it’s proper place. EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shay00 says:

    Wow, I don’t know quite what to make of Niki Shenold, I have seen many nasty comments by her to people who have spent hours Investigating this case at her request. As soon as there is a difference of opinion, she becomes very hateful. What kind of so called best friend would be upset at hearing that thier missing friend is alive?!? Either she is not all there or she’s in it for the attention/cash from her tee shirt sales and fundraising.

    • Im not sure what to make of her.

      Consider these facts when coming to a decision about this case:

      No LE Agency is currently investigating this case. FBI closed the case approx sixty days after it opened it.

      No crime scene. No evidence suggesting a murder suicide.

      Quite the contrary. You have a staged scene with multiple witnesses reporting tracks leading away from the jamisons vehicle. You have people who saw chip bags and snack bags strewn outside the jamisons vehicle. I think they left people food for the dog. THIS FAMILY WANTED TO MOVE.

      The oetv missing jamisons piece is the icing on the cake… youtube it. Watch closely. Would a newsreporter be allowed to dump the case files on the desk and peruse them if this were a serious case that involved a crime?

      • I found that particularly odd as well. It also appears that Sheriff Brooks in this piece, like Sheriff Beauchamp in the Disappearance piece, was very nonchalant about the whole thing. I realize that Sheriff Brooks is no longer sheriff of that particular county; however, at the time, he did not seem to feel very strongly about the case, and I pick that up from his demeanor during the interview (chewing gum, making statements about the Mexican Mafia, etc..) I agree that a news reporter would NEVER be allowed that MUCH access to a case that involved a serious crime and an ongoing investigation.

      • It was one of many things that lead me to believe maybe that this family was “disappeared”.
        Of course I have maintained that the Jamison family most likely disappeared of their own free will and did not want to be found.
        It is my understanding it will take another week or so before we are given any more details about the bodies found in Kinta.
        If the bodies are positively ID’d as the Jamison family then the next question is: How did they die?

        If there are no signs of foul play… Then whatever Agent- Perkins or whoever that thought this was a murder suicide case would have been dead on.
        Given the location the bodies were found from the truck. I just don’t think an attacker would walk that distance to kill people in that dense of an area. That combined with a number of factors would convince me this was some sort of murder/suicide plot and the Jamison’s indeed did not want to be found. But rather they wanted to be together in a better place… free of the horribleness that was plaguing them.
        I will never buy “they got lost in the woods” if that’s what were told.

    • I have had access to alot of folks in this case. More than I could have dreamed. The people who live on the mountain have nothing to hide. Some of the very people who a dark cloud of suspicion was cast over them bye the id show “disappeared” have all said they would submit to polygraphs to have there names cleared. The thing is le isn’t interested. Why would that be?

      • sarah g says:

        you should use ‘their’ when describing something belonging to someone, e.g. ‘to have their names cleared’. Sorry to be so anal but it drives me round the bend!

      • Thanks.
        As to the content? What did ya think?
        I do apologize to the grammar police as my expertise is not writing as i’ve said. Thank you for the corrections though.

      • edocol says:

        why does anyone still think that polygraphs are useful? they are BS.

  4. When I say tracks I mean vehicle tracks.

    Back to the oetv program.

    (Id recommend watching the program several times.) Watch and listen very closely to everyone on there. ESPECIALLY (now former sheriff) Brooks.
    And listen to the reporter read the diary.
    Bobby was a genius.
    In order for him to be a genius he had to have come up with a plan.

    I will state unequivocally I dont believe for a second that plan was murder suicide. There would have been bodies found.

    • Here’s where you, Keeps, have to admit you were wrong. It was, in fact, a murder/suicide.

      • megamel99 says:

        I would say the remains are most likely of the Jamison family, but we don’t know for certain yet. Also, murder/suicide is a definite possibility but it might still be possible that it was just a murder. I hope we find out more information soon but it might be a while.

      • Same here.
        We’ll just sit back and wait.

        Sad nevertheless. Very sad.

      • Teresa says:

        Police say theres no foul play detected so that would lead me to believe they either got lost or murder/suicide

      • No coats. Cell phone and dog in the car. One last picture of Madyson up there on the cell. Im not thinking they got lost. Why leave those in the car? Lots of unanswered questions.

      • Teresa says:

        Very true Keep…plus everyone was saying how much pain Bobby was in cause of his back and I don’t believe they would venture out so far to get lost if they planned on coming back to the vehicle. And they went to the mountain, took pic like you said, and put everything back in the car to go walk off again? They wanted to be far enough and secluded to not be found. Also the police say ‘no foul play detected.’ That’s leads me to believe they have enough evidence of a murder/suicide. If they got lost there’s no way with what was left of the remains, that they would be able to determine cause of death yet and that they died of exposure, starvation, etc. There really isn’t any kind of evidence I can think of they’d find to conclude they got lost in just a few short days. Plus police are being very tight lipped on what they found and if they knew the family had gotten lost they would announce that to the public instead of only saying ‘no foul play here.’ Murder/suicide is a lot more senstive and they’d want to make sure they know for a fact before they would come out with that info.

      • Teresa says:

        You were on to something always keep cause you knew they had done SOMETHING sketchy and that it just didn’t seem right that someone had come and murdered or taken them. There state of mind right before all this, and the fact Sherylin signed over custody of her son, seems they had been planning this for awhile. And thats why I too truly believed they faked there disappearance and were alive and they did a good job of leading people to believe this because it WAS so thought out and planned. I believe they took all there drugs out of there home and thats what the man on video was there for. Maybe taking it off there hands and doing whatever with it. They knew police would be searching there home looking for answers.

  5. Heres the link to the oetv story.

    Brooks says they were involved in the use of meth everyday. That is very correct from people who spoke with me. Use though was only part of it. They were involved in much more than just use.

    And the people they associated themselves with were the targets of a federal drug sting just a week and a half after this family “disappeared”.

    • PhoenixK says:

      So, if there was a bust a week and a half after they disappeared, the case was closed 60 days after it was opened, there were vehicle tracks leading away from the Jamisons’ truck… couldn’t they simply be informants to the government against those who were busted, and were relocated under the Federal Witness Protection Act? That would seem to be indicated by how little interest LE agencies have in the case (because they would already know where the Jamisons are) and would explain the other tracks (perhaps they came from the vehicle of whomever was sent to retrieve and relocate them).

  6. As of this date no leads from re-airings of the “disappeared” id show because no crime has been reported and no investigative agencies have this case open.

  7. maria says:

    Looking back it makes complete sense that they would stage their death, abduction, suicide. The pictures look like they were people using drugs, perhaps that was all drug money-the ID program doesnt really make any connections as to where the 30gs came from. The jamisons might have been cooking meth, had the feds in their tails and disappeared. In a way this makes more sense than any other outlandish scenario. Maybe they decided to start over. Have a better life in South America, mexico or wherever they went.

    • For me, the red flag that this was staged was the multi-paged hate letter found in the truck. There was no reason for that to be in the truck, other than to intentionally give the idea that it was a murder-suicide. The more you look at everything involved, the obvious it looks staged.

  8. aurora1989 says:

    If this has already been posted or suggested sorry I am new here. SO they disappeared a week or so before sting. What if they were informants and were relocated with new identities as part of their involvement in or knowledge in drug trafficking

  9. Well now the links from the topix room have been deleted.

  10. Michael says:

    I saw the doc. on ID and read your conclusions. They are either part of FBI’s witness relocation program – explains their dissapereance and the fact they left everything behind. The other scenario is also a part of their past life – the money bag was either bait or perhaps they were looking to buy a lot to build their own lab.

    • Jacqueline Riekena says:

      I agree with your conclusion. I do not believe the Jamison’s were that smart. They were feared in the community for their drug involvement and they forgot to take the $$ with them. It could of been staged, but when there are more questions than answers, they wanted to disappear.

    • Meghan says:

      I really want to believe that they were part of the witness relocation, but one detail about that doesn’t add up. Would the FBI really leave the dog to die?

    • wen says:

      i believe it was intentionally left. that was only HALF of what bobby got in his settlement. I believe they staged their death and left that behind KNOWING it would go to bobby’s mother.

  11. T says:

    One thing though, in reviewing the surveillance video from the Disappeared episode there are two different men. One with a white shirt and one with a darker shirt. How would that be explained? Bobby changed shirts while trying to load the pickup?

  12. T says:

    The one with the white shirt has a baseball cap and the darker shirt does not have a hat on.

    • There appears to be a question as to if its Bobby or another person.
      Since we dont get to see them drive off… I cant tell. But if its someone else… there is no sign that person was there to harm them. Id say the person is aiding.

      • Mel says:

        yes but who was it?

      • I could only speculate.

        The most important thing is… in no way does this person appear to harm or demonstrate intent to harm them.

        But look harder… how would you describe the features and characteristics of this mystery person?

    • Shannon says:

      The guy in the darker shirt is shorter than the white shirt guy.

      All signs point to the “walk-away” theory or witness protection, except the money.

      Of all the unsolved cases I’ve seen or read about, this is the most confusing. Drugs, money, mental illness, talking to angels, and resorting to the Satanic bible, what in the world!

      No matter what, dead or alive, having disappeared or their life continuing on normally, for them at least, poor Madyson. I hope she is at peace.

      • Shannon says:

        Okay, the money and the dog don’t make sense.

        Keep The Search Alive is my new favorite website! Not that I enjoy anyone disappearing or being harmed, but I do find the puzzle of solving these mysteries interesting. I always hope for a happy ending. I now know where to come for reliable information and sound reason.

        Thank-you for the good work you do!

      • Thank you. (Please check over a recent response about the dog and the money.)

        Remember this: Mysterious disappearances aren’t always the result of criminal acts.


        People have in the past faked their disappearance and walked away of their own free will. Why? Sometimes people get involved in behaviors or relationships they dont want others to find out about. Sometimes they’ve committed a criminal act and they are fleeing before they get caught. The list goes on and on and on and on of reasons to flee.

        Tim Carney, Michelle McMullen, Raymond Roth and John Thomson Stonehouse are just a few who have tried to fake their disappearance. (My European fans should recognize the Stonehouse disappearance.) When I read about the Stonehouse disappearance I thought- RAY GRICAR for a lot of reason.

        But check out my response about the dog and money.

      • Keep is correct. Not all disappearances are the result of a crime. Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries concerning strange disappearances is what happened to Richard Colvin Cox, the only cadet to go missing at the West Point Military Academy. Of course there is a book about the case; however, many people find fault with the author’s conclusion. Most people feel that the cadet left of his own volition or, like the author posited, was recruited by the CIA as it was forming in the early years of the Cold War. Keep, you might want to look in to that mystery if you have not already done so. The book is entitled Oblivion. The cadet’s name was Richard Colvin Cox. He disappeared on January 14, 1950. His disappearance appears, to some, to be staged as well. He apparently did not want to be found either.

      • I ran across this guys name (Cox) when I was researching the disappearance of central PA DA Ray Gricar.
        People who take government covert intelligence jobs can “disappear”. That is absolutely a fact.

  13. T says:

    I guess I would question who that person is. Because that would be the last person to see them alive. You can’t really say that it doesn’t appear the person wants to harm them. It was quite obvious that they had surveillance on the house, the person could certainly said you will act in such a way or I will harm your daughter or whatever etc. The features are certainly blurry; I do agree with that. However, if there was another person with them that can certainly change the perception on the whole case. Too many weird details with this case to say it is simple enough that they just wanted to disappear.

    • I replied to your comment privately.
      I agree with what you’re saying.

      • I think they had to get away for obvious reasons & left that $$$$ & dog for someone to ultimately go & get & they were either spooked, or THE INTENDED PERSON>>DID ULTIMATELY GET THE DOG & MONEY >>& with no reward with that money either…she got the money , as I’m sure Bobby wanted her to have, just took a chance on the poor dog, but ultimately it all worked on this end,,dog,,money all got to the right people…plan complete!!!!!

      • I love & am very passionate about investigating missing persons. I’m just a fmr. loooooongtime Flight Attendant & Beauty Queen, beauty queen missing in south georgia!! Darlin, my grammar is so bad, I’m more of the people person type, pageants, flight attending, musical theatre & etc……but, I’ve dated Dr’s., DDS, but loved all the Atty’s & law enforcement , because the stories were so awesome & I found my passion, however, I’m finishing school obtaining a medical degree, but if I ever have spare time, I’m investigating & also thought about Paralegal with specializing in criminal law. Associate’s Degree in Paralegal work wouldn’t take me long at all, with all the pre req’s I’ve got already , & everything is online studying anyway, plus I wouldn’t consider it school, I’m so passionate re:the law, so we’ll see…btw, have you heard of missing Material witness April Pitzer,temporarily living in Ft. Worth, but had to return to Arkansas for the trial, which is very public, I’m not jeopardizing her safety…she went from modeling(gorgeous), huge home, great hubby, daddy did buy their home for them,but then hubby divorced her after the trial, so hubby didn’t pan out after all. She never was the same after the trial. She did meet a girl in Ca, & wouldn’t you know the girl’s husband was one of the meth. heads put in prison, 38 of his friends too. So, her family told her to run home to Ark. asap….she starting staying with an uncle & was going to go home in a matter of days, but never heard from again..last heard from in Ca., where “that girl”, just happen to run into April. She didn’t leave fast enough, if you ask me. The uncle even went missing too. Everyone thought she was coming home, last person seen with her was the uncle getting her stuff ready to go home..hmmm, then someone told the family April was killled & dropped in ahole..truth..rumor???? This was June 16th,2004. The “uncle” finally calls family back & he said he went to work the next morning, then he came home & she was gone, but her packed stuff was still in his home. Come to find out the uncle is not really blood relative, just “good friend”. People ,plural did keep the ‘dropped in mine shaft” still circulating. They even pin it down to Barstow, & cryptic notes are found in amine shaft…the “dissapeared”show never told the exact words, but to me she is buried in that desert. I mean come on, meeting that “girl”, in a Ca. area, by chance..I think not!! Do you have any info. I’m missing??? She was GORGEOUS, I’m talking celebrity looks!! This seems like a no brainer, though..maybe not..old uncle may not be so “good of a friend”!!!!! Just let me know if you think I’m off track,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simone, your new fan!!!

  14. RLC says:

    I just watched the ID “Disappeared” about this family. About half an hour in, I was yelling at my TV, “that’s 2 different guys loading the truck – why is no one talking about this 2nd guy?!?” Found your blog and I’m happy to know 2 things: first, is that it sounds as though this family did not die on that mountain and probably is ok and second, that I am not totally crazy in drawing some of the conclusions that I did. Just wondering, was Bobby’s father ever investigated for anything?

    • He was investigated as well as the porter and “cleared”.

      Just to reiterate the FBI appears to have closed there investigation within 60 days of its initial investigation.

      He did pass away shortly after.

      • RLC says:

        Got it,
        just wondered if Bobby’s father had been involved in any “at risk” activity that his son might have gotten involved with as well…

        It is quite striking that after only 60 days, the FBI no longer “investigated,” especially when this disappearance involves an entire family – a young child, in fact!
        It’s especially interesting bc there are other individuals on the FBI’s “missing person’s list,” who have been missing much longer than the Jamison family and their cases are still “open.”

        I have to say – especially after watching that episode of “Disappeared” – that you have done quite an impressive investigation on your own (as opposed to the “official” investigations). I feel much more inclined to trust your conclusions – whatever they may be.

        And, thank you for looking into this: whenever anybody goes “missing” there are so many people effected. Even those of us who don’t know the individual(s) in question, know that the family and friends are in agony and we often don’t want to even think about what the “missing” person(s) could be going through or could have gone through.
        It’s nice to know that there are intelligent, caring members of the public who are willing to bring what they have to offer to the situation, so THANK YOU for that!

      • Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. God bless.

  15. Pauline says:

    I just watched the “disappeared” episode and all I can say is wow…. what a cluster.. i don’t know why they would leave the dog though..

    • If your looking to rationalize this case youd go crazy.
      Keep in mind former Sheriff Brooks said the Jamisons used methamphetimine everday. Do people who do that act rationally in every decision they make?
      I want to make perfectly clear that I believe the Jamisons left Panola mtn of there own free will and with help. I dont believe the Jamisons want to be “found”.

      • Curious TV watcher says:

        I’m watching the show now and I’m thinking the same thing – why would they elave the dog? A lot of it doesn’t make sense
        It scares me the FBI can’t slove this or that they let it go, weird
        Has anyone brought a psychic to the house to eat least see if anything supernatural is there? What’s her name – Alison Dubois could solve this case in 1 second. FBI should comission her. I’m curious to see how it ends.

      • Archlight says:

        First of all, this is one of many the FBI can not solve, no surprise there. Second, having first hand experience with meth violators in my line of work, daily meth use usually results in eventual arrest, illness or other calamity. It also makes any long term decision making improbable. Anyone with a heavy addiction to meth is more concerned with obtaining and making more meth than devising some elaborate scheme to “disappear”. *Meth also makes those under its control more prone to predation, since the body and mind are in a depraved and degraded state.

        In my humble opinion, ask the local Native American tribe elders in the area what they believe happened to the Jamison and listen closely to what they say…as for a psychic…good luck…

      • Jackie says:

        Loners dont have connections to people that can help them disappear. I do not think they left by there own free will. I think the dog proves it. I think someone was meeting them for a drug deal of some kind. The deal went bad, probably a drug dealer trying to sell fake drugs and Mr Jameson didnt even have a chance to pay, because he figured out it was a bad deal. The dealers then took all three, killing them elsewhere. Why move them to kill them? Because for all the dealer knew, lots of people had knowledge of where they were going, he didnt want to risk bodies being found and getting caught.
        Not letting the realtor show them the spot, is more proof they wanted to make sure it was private for the deal.
        They did tell the dealer they planned to live there, and that is another reason he couldnt kill them and leave them there.
        The picture of Madison, bless her heart, was a typical picture of a 6 year old, who is looking at mom, while dad takes a cell pic. Mom said come on and smile, fold your arms. It is not the photo of a terrified child.
        They were taken, killed and hopefully will be recovered someday. But it is not likely.
        The lack of reward money, is because the parents and friends want to hold on to a dream that they just walked away. They don’t want to know the inevitable. Cant blame em.

        Thanks for letting me give my opinion, and again, its just that, one persons opinion. I hope and pray I am wrong.

        Much respect,

  16. Pauline says:

    You are right… just a crazy case and I have worked in law enforcement for 10 years and i have seen people tweaked out.. I don’t live too far from where this happened.. i just never remember hearing much about it here

  17. Allie says:

    If they left on their own they should say something to their family or that crazy friend.

  18. jayjay says:

    It is mentioned in the above article that they “lived well above their means of social security disablilty”. Has anybody followed up with the SSA to inquire if they are still recieving their benefits?

  19. Jmahoney says:

    Trying to explain irrational behavior using rational thought….. Good luck

  20. KC says:

    Their probably in witness protection.

    • I think its interesting that “psychics” who all were so sure the Jamisons were dead on that mountain are now after my look and piece are changing tune. One even so bold as to conclude “witness protection” now.

    • cody says:

      I don’t think witness protection makes a lot of sense. It would make much more sense to just make them disappear without doing something as public as a missing person case. In fact, the fact that there is a website based on finding these people and there was an episode about it on TV would make the witness protection theory almost a failure. If you want to make people disappear, you would do it as quietly as possible with no publicity. If it is a “walk away” sort of event, then it would have been done by on their own. It sounds rather amateurish to leave a dog, tens of thousands of dollars, and a weird note. Sounds like they walked away, or they were murdered.

      • Depends on who knows…who knew… who didn’t know….

        The latest story from Phil Cross is quite telling.

        No on air interviews from family members OR Law enforcement on the case. And listen very very carefully to the wise Sheriff James audio statement.

        Just remember its ok for people to tell stories that make others look pretty dog gone dead. No harm in it. Especially when they don’t want to be “found”.

  21. Tosca says:

    Were there other tire tracks found at the scene or signs of footprints that didn’t belong to the family?

    • No direct tire marks found by police because it had rained. People who saw the truck told me they saw tire marks. Beachamp did state that publicly in a local newspaper that he thought they encountered another vehicle and left willingly or unwilling.
      Of course the “Disappeared” show only aired Beauchamp talking about what I would call unfounded and baseless theories. (Murder suicide being one.)

  22. Shari says:

    Very strange case…What happened at the school? what is the reason for withdrawing their daughter??? I’m not saying at all that I don’t believe that they don’t want to be found but why would they leave the money behind in the truck, wouldn’t they need that money?

  23. Weird story. Just watched the story on Disappeared. Anything new come up ?

  24. Sheri says:

    I just watched the ‘Disappeared’ story here in the UK & had read about it on charleyproject.org before. Very fishy. I think they left of their own free will. And if she really was doing meth with bi-polar disorder, oy vey…!!! Thanks for your useful insight!

    • Check out an updated statement on the bottom of the blog that was just posted.

      • karen says:

        Ive just watched the ‘Disappeared’ story here in the UK too & felt the need to ‘investigate’ further, not something ive done before. I found myself here and have read your findings + opinions with great interest. A few things don’t add up to me too & i have the ‘feeling’ things aren’t how the family, police or friends, especially the ‘best’ friend, would have us believe. Some of these people certainly seem to enjoy their camera time (what is it with people and their love of the tv spotlight) & i wonder if sometimes the fine line between fact and fiction is slightly blurred, causing people to forget that an opinion is just an opinion. Important to that person but not important in the reality of the missing family, who (in my opinion!) have either gone into witness protection or have left to start new lives, for whatever reason. Thank you for your information & keep it coming, im interested in the eventual outcome for sure.

  25. I just watched that episode of Disappeared and the whole thing seems fishy to me too. Has law enforcement ever tried tracking their bank accounts to see if there was ever any activity after they “disappeared”? I really don’t believe they left unwillingly, there was just no signs of it. Sure, there doesn’t always have to be a struggle, but if there was that much money in their vehicle, someone would have tried looking for it and then would have taken it.

    I personally think that they either went into witness protection, because maybe they had information, or they just wanted to hide from either the meth crowd they knew or the FBI (or both).

    • I want to lean more toward witness protection though, because the FBI did stop investigating 60 days later. So, I’m thinking maybe they really do know what happened to them, but are keeping it secret, of course.

  26. Geneva says:

    My money would be on witness protection too. Like so many of you, I had to look this up after watching “Disappeared”. I am going to sound like a complete nut, so bear with me. Everyone kept refering to them as strange, spiritual, free-thinkers. As a bit of a “strange free spirit” myself, I have wondered if the family withdrew all their money so it would be left in the truck for the person who found the dog. Okay llike I said, it sounds insane to leave that type of money–but it was mentioned that dog was Madyson’s favorite thing in the world. If going into witness protection and being unable to take the money or the dog, there are crazy people like me that would be grateful for anyone (kind) to take my animal. They may have been told that someone would come by that day or the next to retrieve it. They couldn’t have given the dog away, it would have been too obvious they were leaving. If that is not the scenario then I agree with the family that there is no way they would have left a dog in a truck to die. They could have let it run free. They are obviously not the type of people who would allow an animal to suffer like that, based on the way they were portrayed in the episode. Just a thought.

  27. Archlite says:

    The Jamisons were taken by force, by not who, but what. It is challenging enough to force an adult in rugged wilderness terrain to travel against their will, much less 2 adults and a child. With a degree of certainty, I believe this family is deceased, probably somewhere in LeFlore County wilderness area. This case challenges conventional ways of thinking and has similarities to many other missing person cases that have recently occurred in wilderness areas. Unless we open our minds to other possibilities, this case will never be solved.

    • I believe with a great degree of certainty they are alive and faked there disappearance.

      • Archlite says:

        I hope you are right and I am wrong. I have been putting people in the penitentiary for almost 30 years and I find this case is not all that unusual. I believe the outgoing tread pattern was that of the realtor’s vehicle. Law enforcement investigators look at clues and evidence from a different perspective that others. They have seen virtually every trick and scam in the book. Had the Jamisons left the mountain, they would have utilized their own vehicle, plain and simple.

        The S.O. , FBI and OBI are out of leads to the point of allowing college graduates and doctoral candidates access to the case. I suspect Mr. Jamison had zero law enforcement or military training, and if at all debilitated through drug or mental issues it would have; 1. retarded his efforts and judgment to facilitate his disappearance and, 2. enhanced he and his family’s chances of predation.

        Rest assure, the circumstances in this case are NOT unique, but bear amazing similarities to others throughout the U.S. and Canada that are only separated through time and distance. Just because you are not aware of them, doesn’t mean it did not happen because there is much more that we don’t know than we do know…

    • Dtrigg says:

      I want to reply to an earlier post in which you mentioned consulting tribal leaders. That’s a great idea and I doubt if anyone has considered it.
      This case is much more complex than most people including investigators realize.
      And sadly, I think you are also correct when you say the Jamisons are dead.

  28. MJP says:

    Not reasonable that this family willfully disappeared. If they wanted to disappear/move they’d have taken the money. You can’t make moves to move or move anywhere without money. They brought the money that far and to leave it with the idea of ‘moving’ makes no sense.

    • Archlight says:

      I believe you have made a very wise and logical statement. You are one of the few that are pickin up what I’m puttin down…

      • Hailey says:

        Why wouldnt it be plausable that they leave money behind if they were WANTING to dissapear? Maybe there was a lot more money in the beginning like just lets just say 150k. They took 120k, left 30k behind to make people beleive they were abducted and killed. People do extraoridary things when in desperate measures.

      • Archlight says:

        A crime scene can be circumstantial. The FBI usually does not investigate “voluntary missing” cases because it is not a crime to voluntarily disappear….

      • Hailey says:

        AND also CLOSED the case after 60 days! Everyone has their own theory, and just because you dont agree with mine doesnt make yours right.

      • Archlight says:

        Sorry, I did not intend to imply that you were wrong, but how many missing person cases you have actually researched. By that, I am not implying that you lack intelligence or you are incompetent, as most have little experience in this area, as I would have probably have little knowledge or experience in your what ever your area of expertise might be. When you research hundreds of cases similar to this one, then you will understand my perspective.

      • Archlight, I interviewed dozens of people in this case. From people who knew the Jamisons to local LE to outlaws that lived on the Panola Mtn to the great citizens of that mountain.

        With all do respect… I spent a year now on this. I was initially very fearful of what happened to that little girl. My involvement was for her sake. The Jamison family was not abducted. On paper its a possibility, yes at first. UNTIL you start interviewing people and then the fiction gets separated from facts.

        This family staged the scene and split. WITH HELP.

        And again with all due respect… I dont think you are aware of the criminal activities Bobby Jamison Jr was involved nor the people he was involved with. Please check out the article I reference from pantagraph in my blog. A week and a half to two weeks after they went missing there associates were arrested on sealed warrant federal drug charges.
        If you read between the lines on the statement from fmr dpty Markus Ward you should have no problems figuring out what has REALLY happened here.

        Please read all my comments and replies. More facts there.

        Thank you for your continued interest and comments.

      • You are 100% correct in my book! Thanks for the comments.

      • That 30k was approximately 1/2 of settlement money received from Bobbys accident.

    • They had another bag with them when the left there home and we don’t know what was in it.
      Have you read the story I provided a link to in regards to federal arrests in the SE Oklahoma? This family had PLENTY of reasons to split.

  29. Hailey says:

    My husband thinks it was the white supremicy. His thoughts are that sherylin did in fact shoot at the guys feet, and I’m sure that being shot at didnt sit right with him. He told his supremicy friends and maybe they did abduct them, drive them a few hundred km’s away from the truck site, and killed them.

    MY thoughts are that they faked their own “death” or “abduction”. They left the money behind (and probably took some as well) to make it an even bigger mystery as to why they would leave such a substantial amount of money behind. I am a little confused about why they would leave a helpless animal behind. I couldnt bare the thought of doing that to my sweet little dog no matter how much trouble I was in.

    And YES I want to know who the third guy is in the video. Anyone know if there is the full surevelliance video from that day I can watch?

  30. Mandy says:

    I just watched this on Disappeared, and this story definitely didn’t sit well with me. One thing…am I the only person that felt like the mother seemed insincere and the best friend seemed dishonest? I haven’t questioned many of the episodes from this show…but the behaviors of these 2 people was off for me.

    Every time they showed the best friend, she seemed like she knew more than she was leading on. My theory is, maybe she does know. Maybe that is why she tells public she thinks they are dead. If they got put in witness protection and she knew it, she would want to keep that information safe.

    I don’t think the Jamison’s came up with this plan. I think Bobby’s father may have had something set up to help them get to Mexico, and the couple went along with whatever they needed to do to be safe. I don’t know why they didn’t let the dog out of the vehicle…but if they were on drugs, they probably just weren’t as concerned for him as they were for their own safety. Anyway…that’s my theory for now.

    • Archlight says:

      Since there was a reward, believe me, the Mexicans, including the Federales, would have come up with them, including and not limited to a corpse. If you want to find someone in Mexico, all you have to do is put a price on there head. There are organizations down there that do nothing else 24×7…

      • Mandy says:

        What reward? Every missing persons case I have seen has shown a reward. This one never showed one, and I can’t find information on them ever having one.

      • Archlight says:

        I stand corrected. Thank you! Well, that about settles it, thanks for the discourse…

      • You’re correct no reward.

        No national coverage…
        No active investigation on ANY level.
        Misleading missing posters.

        I could go on and on.

  31. Hailey says:

    Also, THERE WAS NO CRIME SCENE! Which is why they are havign such a hard time finding clues or REAL evidence to solve this case!

  32. Archlight says:


  33. Trish says:

    I’m just wondering if I have read between the lines right or if I am far out in left field! So I’m hoping someone can confirm or tell me to keep dreaming! I read about this Largest U.S. sting on drug cartel arrests 300-plus. In your blog you say someone pretty credible told you they left of their own accord and do not want to be found, along with the implications that they left before this sting to avoid arrest. There is also the theory they are in witness protection. So what I am kinda getting out of it is there is 2 scenario’s. 1 is they aided in the FBI’s investigation and because of that had to enter witness protection because being this is such a large and violent cartel I can’t see them allowing any snitches to walk free after helping to put so many of their ” La Familia” away and the loss of so much money and drugs. The 2nd scenario is they were tipped off somehow to this raid and decided to head to Mexico( I say Mexico because I read your source said that’s where they were) maybe they headed to Mexico thinking the cartel they had worked for would provide protection of some sort because they stayed loyal instead of selling them out! Does that make sense at all? But when I thought about it on my own and thought about the money in the truck. I thought maybe when they were loading up the truck they were loading up drugs and money and anything to do with drugs into the truck which is why no evidence of drugs were found in the home.This could be where the mystery man helping them load up came into play! He could have been sent to make sure everything they had made it back to the right hands. Maybe than they were off to meet with a courier of the cartel to deliver all they had left, large amounts of money and drugs. Is it possible they hid the 32,000 hoping that after they handed off what they had they would than be able to get into their truck with the 32,000 and their precious dog to help them make a clean start, but than maybe something happened and they were ordered into another waiting car! Perhaps this other person decided instead of letting this family go because they knew way to much decided the best way to resolve it would be to take them somewhere and get rid of them in a more permanent way! The way they describe the violence of that cartel it would be nothing to snuff out a young family even the lil girl! That would explain the dog and the money in the truck because they planned to get back into it to start their life on the run! It might also explain the extra man in the surveillance video he may have been there to make that house was clean of any implication to the cartel or just to make sure they got all their merch back being it could be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars. Because if you look at the jamisons lifestyle and how they lived far beyond their means with a beautiful house new cars time shares all over. If this lifestyle was the result of drugs there were making tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands. Am I making any sense at all? Do any of these scenarios seem plausible? If not I’m sorry for taking space up in your blog and wasting good reading time! Anyways God Bless that family wherever they may be!

    • Trish,
      You have read between the lines perfectly.
      You’re third theory: I had to cross it out but that was my initial thoughts.
      Here’s why I had to cross it off.

      The area where the vehicle was on Panola mtn is literally in the middle of nowhere.
      If it was someones intent to commit murder. 1. The associates would have executed them right there.
      2. IF the FBI or local police thought this was a murder or ligitimate kidnapping. It would be the only current crime of its kind (family of three) not to be still actively investigated and would be all over mainstream media. They also would be listed on FBI MP website.

      So… going back to what you articulated about your first two theories. When you have time. (Since you really did read between the lines.) Read the entire KFOR missing Jamisons topix page that starts in Dec 2009. Read the entire thing very carefully. From page 1 to the point where “keepthesearchalive” starts posting.
      It will provide you the answer as to which theory it is.

      I also think you won’t be able to stop reading it. If you need a link I can email you one.

      After you read it. Get back to me here or privately at my email address listed.

      I would love to hear what you think about all that was said there.

      Thanks for your post!!!!!

    • I’m sorry Trish. In my reply I wanted you to read the ENTIRE topix thread not just up until “keep”.
      God bless!

    • Mandy says:

      Interestingly enough…I have been thinking today that the logical reason of their 20+ trips to the car was to load up drugs and possibly the money (or even more money than what was found) since majority of the time it was stated they weren’t actually carrying anything. I think they had to put it in their pockets because they didn’t want that part seen on tape of what they were ACTUALLY doing.

      However, there is no reason the cartel would have to go out of their way to make this look more elaborate via murdering them elsewhere. As keepthesearchalive said, they would have killed them right there on the spot, or reasonably close in the vicinity. They had no reason to drag it on, and they would have taken the 30k.

  34. Trish says:

    I so enjoy these mysteries, not liking the suffering or pain of others but just the mystery of it all! Just trying to figure it out fill in blanks find that missing piece of the puzzle so to speak. Even though I’m a paramedic and really enjoy my job I would love to be in law enforcement a Detective mostly, I’m just fascinated in the process that goes into solving a crime. I’m very happy to have come across your blog, after reading this piece I have gone on to some of your other articles and look forward to reading the rest! Your insight and investigating is fantastic and very interesting to read! i’m always watching these shows than right on the computer to look it up just to see how factual it was and to see if there’s been any progress and to see how others view it.

    I would love the link to the article you mentioned, I can’t wait to read it and share my views with you. I’m just not sure of where your email is listed.

    Thank you for the information you share and making it such an interesting read! I will check back shortly for the link. Thanks again!

  35. Trish says:

    I went to the link but I’ll I’m able to read is comments. When I hit the full story link it brings me to a page saying “We’re sorry, the page you’re looking for could not be found.” Which is a real let down! Am I doing something wrong?

  36. Scull says:

    The strange thing for me is if they really did want to fake their disappearance or somebody did something…. why bother lock the car??? if they faked their disappearance surely it would be more convincing to leave the car unlocked with the keys somewhere… if somebody forced them out of the car like the cops said may happened…. would a person just say ya 2mins just locking the car. Surely this would be the last thing on their minds!!!

  37. BeaverBeliever says:

    On the Investigate Discovery website the family does not appear under missing persons where all the other families and people they show do appear. Thought that was interesting. I doubt the FBI is involved with the family, seeing how the mom had mental illness, that would be too risky. They prob joined a cult based off of all their interests in spirits, death, and imaginative things. They were probably offered a better life, worry free. The person that picked them up was a cult member ( the tracks from the truck) and helped them make it look like a disappearance.

    • BB210 says:

      While watching this episode I couldn’t help but think the best friend was acting weird the whole time. She never really made eye contact with the camera and you could tell she was hiding something. I believe she knew they were going to “disappear” to Mexico and was told not to say anything.

      • tkvan says:

        I agree, hey crying is kindda fake too. Not even the mom acts so devastated

      • jennie says:

        I said the same thing about her to my husband…she clearly appears to be hiding something just by her demeanor. She looks at the camera at the begining for a bit then she starts this looking up to the left with the “as if” look, then she starts looking at the floor. Seems very suspicious in my book.

  38. shay00 says:

    Wow! This blog has really picked up since I last checked. I had to step away from this case for awhile, it was breaking my heart. Lots of interesting information has come to light. I think you have solved this mystery…I do hope the Jamison’s are alive and hopefully well out there somewhere. Since 1st learning about this case I haven’t been able to get this family off my mind especially little Madyson.

    Thank you for all your hard work on this case….you are an amazing Investigator and should be so proud of your work here!!

  39. shay00 says:

    Just went over to the Eufaula Topix Site & started reading…..YIKES!! It automatically took me to the last page of comments so that’s where I started….tough crowd over there with lots of heated posters. Just from what I read so far, crazy runs ramped over there. I’m off to start on page one this time hoping there will be more information and less attacks against each other. SMH!!

  40. Camryn says:

    So here’s what I think…
    I feel like they definitely staged this entire scenario. I feel like they left that money intentionally, knowing that it would be given to Star. It was maybe their way of taking care of her bc they knew they weren’t coming back. And maybe the dog too? Wherever they were hong, it may have been too difficult to travel with am animal

  41. Andreina Gómez says:

    Que se sabe del perrito? Quedo con la familia de los desaparecidos o murió?

  42. JenM says:

    What is the “writing” in the back of that little girls pictures? On the stone, looks like it says “tess” “jess” in black (perhaps spray paint). It popped out at me when I was watching this video on netflix. Nobody has said anything about it. I was able to zoom in on my kindle, but can’t really be sure. Take a look, what do you think?

  43. Jessica says:

    He was 6’3 & 150 lbs. She was 5’7 & 105 lbs. That to me says drug user. Also the fact that they lived well above their disability check. They pulled their daughter out of school & other suspicious behavior prior to disappearance. My vote is witness protection program. If they had gone into hiding FBI would have found them.

  44. Charlotte Noëll van Dun says:

    I am from Holland, so my writing won’t be proper all the time.

    I just watched disappeard.

    I know a lot about drugs and i believe her depression was caused by drugs..

    When you see pictures of them you can see they’ve used drugs. Also they’re behaviore of the video camera shows they were on drugs.

    I think that the police and FBI could have search for more clues.

    And if they wanted to disappeard they wouldn’t have left the dog in the car.

    And why aren’t the other tire tracks checked out?? That is what i am curious about.

    Lots of questions running trough my mind.

  45. terry Poling says:

    I seen your program on netflix. By the power of God i can help you. Go to the website for infomation. 386-589-0998

  46. Charlene says:

    Just watched DISAPPEARED about this case on NETFLIX, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I recall Bobby was in a bad accident, that left him in pain, I would assume that he got a large cash settlement from the accident, that would explain all of the money…it’s not necessarily attached to drugs. Just a thought.

    • They did receive a settlement from his accident.
      I am aware of how much and what happened to it.

      If you are trying to say that that settlement is the reason they had money and they were not involved in drugs as some have suggested. I would respectfully say that your wrong. These folks were up to there ears in the SE Oklahoma Meth culture IMO. Whether they found drugs or not. Enough people have come forward to make that very clear to me.

  47. ddvv says:

    I have read your blog and the whole topix thread, and am deep in the throes of confusion and mystery, like all of you. KeeptheSearch – I’m wondering why you had to remove your opinions, which you write about on Topix? I’m really interested in what you have found.

    • I have found so many things that point to a very unique and sensitive situation in this case. One that usually is handled very differently.

      Sometimes… the left arm of the law doesn’t communicate with the right arm right away.

      That conclusion… is in part- that the Jamison family left of there own free will- having staged there disappearance to appear deceased for a specific purpose- they do not want to be found.


      • ddvv says:

        Ahhh I wish I knew what you knew! Hopefully the truth will come out some day- but from what I’m reading, probably not. Thanks for all the hard work, Truth.

      • I’m not sure you do want to know what I know.
        But know this…. pages and pages of information gathered and analyzed combined with dozens of interviews all tell me beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt that the Jamisons disappeared of their own free will and do not want to be “found”.

  48. Meesh says:

    wow, this is all so interesting and crazy. I love that your a stage actor and a talented investigator !! Well done. i enjoy when i get some closure from my Disappeared addiction! Thanks!

  49. joe says:

    I think this family showed signs of being believers in the Mayan end of days. They showed all indications leading up to it. The indications looked like they were going to do some form of suicidal event ahead of the Mayan prediction fulfillment day on 12-21 12, because they were late starters to the prep. They tried to move to a survival location, and left the big city. But it looked like they decided they could not become an established doomsday survival status in the time they had remaining before 12-21-12. I think they started to cut ties with the world , and that is the explanation of many things they did, including chasing off the help with a gun. They didn’t want anyone around as the time neared for them to carry out their final reluctant plan of suicide. They each packed all their worldly things important to them in that truck as if to hold onto the most important things to them up till they had to do the deed. They took last pictures of the child and then left EVERYTHING in the world they had in that truck on purpose, EVEN THE DOG, because they believed that the world was going to end anyway, and they didn’t need them anymore.. They walked off somewhere and did the deed. That video of them loading the truck is clear they were sedated, all of them because they had to carry out an awful act and emotions needed to be sedated to do it. I would suggest the wife did the killing. They are up there. The sheriff needs to look for them in a different way. He needs to think of this as if he is Them. Then examine the entire mountain within a 20 mile or so radius decent walking distance. no dogs. Use satelite or google maps ,stay focused and examine everything as if he was planning to do this to himself and LEAVE NO TRACE, Where would I kill my two family members such that their bodies could easily be discarded and Mine as well but not found. A WELL comes to mind. An OLD abandoned Well, Mine, shaft, A natural cave, etc etc etc. Get with cave exploring experts that may know all the natural caves in the area, or mine shafts. things like that. In conclusion. I watched the show. It is sad. But too many pieces indicate they wanted to be doomsday preppers at the last minute, didnt have time to become well prepared, decided to commit suicide instead ahead of the predicted event and that to me explains everything. I am convinced from the show they are up there somewhere.

  50. jennie says:

    I do believe they left on their own accord and the other man was just another escort to help carry out their drugs without having to pack up huge sacks or suitcases-they could just carry it out hidden under clothing or in pockets. However, that means this mystery man knows the Jamison’s were leaving and could have possibly followed-did anyone watch to see when he vacated the home (it seems Starr was very scared of her ex-husband so it appears every angle would be covered by a camera)? Are there any finger prints in the home from this mystery man? Also, they could have easily found another plot of land “off the grid” in the Panola Mountain area because it seems that most of the people there typically keep to themselves so they wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to someone building a home in the woods. The other set of tracks could have been older tracks from another person looking to purchase the land. There is a lot of mystery here and I do agree that drugs probably did play a huge part in the disappearance-maybe they hadn’t been using which allowed them to think clearly enough to plan this out IDK. Anyway, it’s all very bizarre.

  51. Susan says:

    Just saw the show ” Disappeared”, and I pray that the family is somewhere safe. I am wondering what happened to the dog?

  52. Eddie says:

    Remember to use the word “their” when referring to them…not “there” Ok?

    • Will make those changes. Obviously I am not an English major. Nobody is perfect. I am no different.

    • Amanda says:

      You don’t have to be so rude! Grammar mistakes happen. It isn’t the end of the world. You could have just as easily pointed out the mistakes politely.

    • Gigi says:

      So Eddie, in your world, incorrect grammar is bad, but being pompous and rude is okay? Did you make these rules up yourself, or is this how they were taught to you? This person is giving their time to keep this blog going and doesn’t have to answer all these posts personally. If you don’t like the way things are spelled then go hang out on the Mensa message board with people more on your “intellectual level”.

      • Philip Livingstone says:

        In the 1960’s, we appreciated people being concerned enough to help us. Eddie’s is not the ‘rude’ response. ‘These rules’ were once elementary grammar taught to children in school. The writer of this blog wants to be a writer – ‘Eddie’ has informed him of a recurring mistake which will help him in his prospective career. I realise that the vanity of people in the 21st century takes offense at objective standards in anything, but this correction can only help this person in his career. Very sad to see that learning is now considered to be offensive. I hope that you will accept this thought from a former English teacher, in the helpful spirit with which it is sent to you. Peace.

      • I thank you.
        I will take it in the spirit in which it was meant.
        I have already apologized to the grammer police. I am a far from perfect “author”. I absolutely will be the first to take any technical writing criticism.

      • I just think -Eddie could have gone about it in a more polite manner considering the work that went into this.

  53. wes says:

    I just finished the book “missing 411” This seems like a typical case that would of made it into the book…. Somthing went terribly wrong. Any other missing persons from around that area?

    • I believe the Jamisons are just fine.

      They staged their disappearance and do not want to be found.
      I don’t think they took their daughter Madyson out of school and signed custody of a son to his father along with a slew of other things to commit suicide or were murdered. Too many things… some of which I wont publish point to a more logical and less mysterious conclusion.

    • I thought so at first to. Its just not what the evidence shows. The story makes you think that. The evidence tells a completely different story.

  54. papawhiskey11 says:

    I feel it necessary to post a disclaimer first. I have not watched all of the footage available online that others have. My observations may be misguided or inaccurate. However I did notice something unusual that doesn’t seem to be commented on.

    While watching the episode of “Disappeared” that featured this case, I felt like there was one individual who did quite add up. Sheriff Beauchamp didn’t appear like any of the other investigators in the series “Disappeared”. My impression of him is that he seemed defeated. It almost felt like he didn’t have a vested interested in the show. Most of the investigators and members of law enforcement I’ve seen on the show appear actively engaged in their testimonies and genuinely want to find resolution. Beauchamp seemed detached. It was like he knew there was never going to be resolution. He did not appear hopeful in any way. Why?

    Searching this page alone for his name only yields 4 hits and none of them are from other people commenting. Am I the only person who questioned the knowledge that Beauchamp had? I understand that as a member of law enforcement you are not going to disclose all the information that would be relevant to your case. I’m not at all trying to insinuate that his investigation was shoddy.

    The impression I got from him is that he was someone who was defeated because he knew the outcome and was not at liberty to discuss it.

    Aside from Beauchamp, there was another key piece of a missing person case that is discussed in every episode of “Disappeared” I have seen. FORENSICS! Was there any other DNA found in or around their truck? Clearly there are two adult males on the footage from the security system on their house. Was there any DNA indicating someone other than the Jamison’s in or around their house? Was there any forensic testing done around the area near the water tank the tracking dogs hit on?

    • Great observations!!!

      First off… your analysis of the Sheriff. Not only is it right on but explore it further by watching his body language. In addition I was told he did in fact say on camera a “walk away” theory which was edited out.

      FORENSICS- First off lets remember when local police found this vehicle they didn’t know what they had. Lost hikers or a crime scene. The Sheriff by all accounts broke out the tape in case he did later find a crime scene. Then he ordered a search. Then he called the FBI. Notice on the show there is no spokesman for the FBI? Remember, THREE PEOPLE are “missing”. One a young child.
      So the FBI showed up and interviewed people. In just 4-6 weeks time they suddenly stop investigating right after they “clear” the handyman. The local Sheriff not only stops investigating at the exact same time but he stops commenting on the case to people and taking phone calls about it then the ID piece is filmed.

      I don’t believe the local Sheriff or FBI knew initially what actually happened here.

      Sometimes it takes time for that right arm of the law to let the left arm know what it is doing.

    • I can say for sure it is not the body of the any of the Jamisons. Authorities there will publicize the id of the body soon I believe.
      (I have spoken to persons with direct knowledge of the situation.)

      • Laurie Doherty says:

        Cool thanks!


      • I just finished watching the “Paradise Lost” episode (Jamison Family) of the ID show “Disappeared”. As with almost every “Disappeared” episode, I am frustrated and want answers. My head is still reeling from last week’s viewing of the McStay Family episode. Maybe I’ve seen one too many “Sopranos” episodes, but I am starting to get a Witness Protection Program vibe. The abandonment of the dog bothers me, though. Obviously, I don’t know anything about the particulars, but I’d be willing to bet that the WPP allows you to bring along your pets. Ugh, this is most unsatisfying. “Between the show “Disappeared” and MTV’s new show “Catfish”, I never want to leave my house or go on Facebook ever again. All kidding aside, here’s to hoping for some answer someday.

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  56. vc says:

    Maybe the family knows their secret and are involved with their plans to disappear,knowing that if the 30 g’s were left behind that would add to the mystery and confusion of the case,and it would eventually be returned to the family and back to them.Maybe the family should be investigated as to where are the 30 g’s now.In the parents bank accout or in some foreign bank somewhere else.

  57. mindfulmod says:

    What I didn’t “get” about this Disappeared episode was the fact that a Grandmother wouldn’t be in touch with her Grandchild for over 8 days when she appeared to live close to this family (Son, Wife & Grandchild) & appeared to have such a close relationship to her son and his family & why it took law enforcement stumbling upon the truck in order to put the wheels in motion as far as searching for them? It does not add up. My personal feeling is they had to disappear. Another thing that struck me as odd was how “painfully” thin-looking this couple looked. Older Photographs of this couple look as if they both had lost a lot of weight…

  58. T. Ford says:

    @ Keepthesearchalive: If you ever decide to go public with your information. I work at the local newspaper in the county they lived in (McIntosh County) We would love to have your information but would need the actual proof or where you received it so that we could investigate it and put at least a little closure to the area residents that have been searching for answers for three years. I have followed this case closely and been in touch with both Star and Niki for the last three years and we have published several articles about the case but when the case went cold we stopped printing about it. Thank you.

    • Not sure you can write the actual conclusion here. If you can read between the lines it appears to be quite sensitive.

      I have phoned some connected directly who appear in the ID piece that have had doubst put on them as to their involvement in this in some sort of way.
      Over time most had figured it out.

  59. dakanogida says:

    Two sets of skeletal remains have just been discovered in a part of lake Eufaula that was recently uncovered by the drought. There was also a cable with a cinder block attached nearby the remains. Judging from the pictures of the remains they appear to be that of an adult male and female. Link here: http://mcalesternews.com/policecourts/x964880879/Human-remains-found-on-Lake-Eufaula and here: http://www.newson6.com/story/20643062/skeletal-remains-of-2-found-at-lake-eufaula. I think they’ve been found, but what about their daughter?

  60. I just want to say I am just very new to blogging and definitely loved this web page. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You certainly come with impressive articles. Thank you for revealing your webpage.

  61. LawDog says:

    Without restating all the obvious points (they lived beyond their means, etc), here is what makes the most sense to me:
    They had SUCH good and valid info info about some sort of major crime ring (likely the drug thing of course) that the FBI was more than happy to relocate them and provide them with everything they would need for such.
    My guess is that they were COACHED by FBI profilers over an extended period while all the relocation plans were being made on how to come across as weird/crazy just to add to the mystery for local law enforcement and to add time onto the local investigation.
    Who dyes a child’s hair? Only cases I’ve ever heard are people who are purposely trying to hide a child. That was a huge flag for me on the ID program. Another flag for me was how Beauchamp’s demeanor changed when he talked about methamphetamine. Like he seemed to give off cues in his tone and body language that he had a lot of confidence in a theory surrounding that. Maybe I’m looking too deep there, but I noticed his demeanor change (I haven’t watched the show multiple times, I just noticed it the time I watched it). It also seemed like Beauchamp’s demeanor would change when he talked about the FBI. He seemed to show some disdain. For ex: he made statements such as “from what I know, the FBI did [x y and z]”. Or “From what I understand, the FBI said [x y and z].” This indicates to me that the FBI limited Beauchamp’s access to information in this case. It’s not a far leap…or it’s no leap at all to know that the FBI would do such a thing in order to protect witnesses. Including a small town sheriff on the list of “need to knows” would likely not be an option.
    MAYBE the mother and best friend knows they were relocated, but I doubt they know their whereabouts. I would do anything to keep my child safe including going on a show and asking for their return if it would throw any “bad guys” off their trail.
    Has anyone checked FAA airspace records for the day they disappeared around that area? No evidence they were airlifted, that’s just an imaginative hunch for me and faa records might offer a puzzle piece that hasn’t been located yet.
    Regardless of all my conspiracy theory guesses and musings, I really think they are alive and safe. And that is what really matters.

    • Idda never guessed you were a conspiracy theorist. LOL

      I have replied back via email.

      “Who dyes a child’s hair? Only cases I’ve ever heard are people who are purposely trying to hide a child. That was a huge flag for me on the ID program. Another flag for me was how Beauchamp’s demeanor changed when he talked about methamphetamine. Like he seemed to give off cues in his tone and body language that he had a lot of confidence in a theory surrounding that. Maybe I’m looking too deep there, but I noticed his demeanor change (I haven’t watched the show multiple times, I just noticed it the time I watched it). It also seemed like Beauchamp’s demeanor would change when he talked about the FBI. He seemed to show some disdain. For ex: he made statements such as “from what I know, the FBI did [x y and z]“. Or “From what I understand, the FBI said [x y and z].” This indicates to me that the FBI limited Beauchamp’s access to information in this case. It’s not a far leap…or it’s no leap at all to know that the FBI would do such a thing in order to protect witnesses. Including a small town sheriff on the list of “need to knows” would likely not be an option.”

      That whole part you wrote (I quoted above) is the part that is -not- a conspiracy theory.

      See- Sheriff Melvin Holly He was the sheriff right before Beauchamp.

      As for the dye. What drives me absolutely bonkers is that EVERY missing poster fails to denote that her hair is DYED. Why?

      • Something else that needs to be taken in to consideration is that the missing posters, like you have said multiple times, seems to focus on that last picture. Authorities push it a good bit. To me, that picture looks quite different from all the other pictures of Madyson. Her hair has been dyed, as has been discussed here, but she is also missing her two front teeth. While I realize that happens at about that age, it is just kind of interesting that all that (teeth missing, clothing looks too small, and the dyed hair) combines to make her look different. Perhaps the intent here is to offer a different appearance so that no one can be truly sure if he or she has seen the little girl or not. As a matter of fact, there are several different “looking” pictures of the mother too. Just me thinking off the top of my head here.

    • They checked FAA records memorial day weekend when they were going door-2-door collecting donations.Blue/beige is the color of the day, accompanied by pure white;blanca. They met in the parking lot of the old Wally world…different from the one they’d park in during postal selfies when trailing others they wish to involve in their scams.

  62. Tiffaniem says:

    The article says those are ancient remains

  63. Louise says:

    I watched the show tonight again. and have read your website and more. I agree with all your conclusions but it crossed my mind as a mother that perhaps as she made sure her son was safe with signing custody to her ex husband then perhaps she was handing over her daughter to a trusted friend or foster partent. They perhaps promised to return to the car for the puppy and the money (for her upkeep) but got scared. Whoever it was dropped them off somewhere else so they could disappear. Just thinking

  64. anthony says:

    why let the dog die or leave 30,000 dollar behind?

    • They didn’t leave the dog to die. The truck was found just a few days after it was left there. Someone reported it to the police. (I believe that they couldn’t take the dog for whatever reason.)

      The notion it was left to die… it didn’t die. And with all the chip and snack bags seen outside the vehicle it may have been left people food.

      As for the money… the 30k I believe was Bobbys part of a settlement that he stashed. Given all the junk in the truck. Combined with the state of the house. (I was told it was a disaster area.) I believe he stashed it perhaps under the influence and forgot where it was.


      He may have left it there for a specific reason. The money did go to Bobbys mother in a legal proceeding which took very shortly into this.

      The part about the money that I find the most interesting is that to solve this mystery… common sense would tell you to follow that money.

      I don’t believe any law enforcement agency tried to follow that money once it was returned, Not at that moment or ever.

      • Just Me says:

        I have searched and searched for the “legal proceedings” where Starlet Jamison, became Guardian of Madyson? Search, do you know if it was done legally?

      • Im not aware of Star having any type of custody of Madyson in any proceedings.

        The only thing I know is that I was told from multiple sources that the money found in the truck and all the Jamison’s possessions went to Star in a very short time period after the disappearance.
        Early on Sherilyn’s mom posted in multiple chat rooms that she didn’t know why Star was getting everything and seemed upset about it all.
        Attempts to contact her via computer have yielded no response but after a period of several months after the disappearance she appears to have stop posting.

  65. carrie says:

    My husband and I recently bought land about 3 miles from where these people disappeared. It does seem to be a remote area, but there are ALWAYS people riding ATV’s, Jeeps, and other 4-wheel drive vehicles back in these “mountains”. There are people who live in there, but some, like us, bought land for weekend getaways, camping, and hunting. I honestly believe that if this family were back there, dead OR alive, someone would have found them or their remains by now.

    • I agree. Then add to that a person telling me (a person who lives up there) that they looked on a daily basis for two week for turkey buzzards. They thought if they were up there deceased. The buzzards would give that away.

      No buzzards. They aren’t up there. All the evidence put together adds up to: they got into another vehicle willingly and left of their own free will.

  66. Ilaria says:

    Hello Sir, I’m writing yo you to ask: what about couple’s parents? I mean: they have left 30k that were given to Star and i agree that were left with a reason. But this means that is plausible that the mother was aware of their plans to escape or at least not surprised. And why go to tv to talk about the pain and the sorrow for the vanished family? Also their pubblic statements are staged? I agree with you about their willing escape, but i don’t get why parents and friends put them in dangerous, if they know the truth.What happens if somebody tells that saw the Jamisons in some Mexico beach? Maybe you have already answer to this,sorry. And i bag your pardon for my English, but i’m not an English speaker. Thanks for your attention.

    • It is my opinion that the friend looking does not know the truth. Which if what I believe happened would make perfect sense that the friend- wouldn’t- know. Other people think she does. I truly am stumped. I mean if I told you that your friends were alive… would you unfriend me and stop talking to me? My goal was to find out what happened to the Jamisons. The after stuff intrigues me. But it isn’t important to me to know. What was important was to find out if some sort of injustice or crime lead to the disappearance. It hasn’t.

  67. Pingback: Missing Monday: The Missing Jamison Family of Eufaula, Oklahoma | True Crime Zine

  68. Lip says:

    Dog/money – they brought both and were told could not take with them to whatever their destination was. Last minute decisions happen all the time. Who has the dog now? Did he survive?

    Also, maybe after they thought about it they worried that the money could be traced?

    Is sheriff # 1 back? Or did he not return to the area?

    • Hes not back.

      Listen to all three Sheriffs comments on this case very carefully.

      I will comment on them more in my new book “Mysterious Disappearances Volume I: The Oklahoma Jamison Family.”

  69. whome says:

    Do you believe that the Jamison’s are still in the US?

    • Yes.

      I first thought that they had fled to Mexico. It also took some time to get back in touch with a person who saw them in Mexico but as it turned out it was BEFORE they went missing. The story this person told me specifically matched up with what I had known about the Jamison’s already but was not public knowledge.

      But there is more about your question that will be in my book.

  70. Teresa says:

    I got to this site after wanting to learn more about this case cause you’ll never get the answers from a 45 min TV show!! I must say I’m always weary of armchair sleuths who sit behind there computer and claim to solve cases but you (writer of this site) are amazing. The details and work you’ve put into this is so commendable and believable. I truly believe your conclusion, though not given in detail due to your own personal reasons and morals, is clearly the most logical conclusion and now I believe you’ve uncovered the most evidence to back that up. Your findings overwhelmingly point to the fact that they left on there own accord, albeit either witness protection or walk away with some help. I have read all your writings and read between the lines; (even though you stuck to not delivering all the info you’ve obtained which I believe you did more so for the Jamisons sake than your own); I fell I can now sleep at night knowing what happened to this family.! Thanks for all your hard work…keep it up and I will forever now be a fan of your site!!

  71. Teresa says:

    And I also must say that even though I was upset or disappointed at first that you didn’t divulge all your info and Intel that you have on this case, I now understand and respect your decision. And my comment above to clarify meant that I think one of your reasons for not disclosing everything you’ve uncovered is for the safety and concern for the Jamison family and that is also commendable. Cause it HAS to be so hard not to let everybody know!!

    • You are right about everything you have said. I am starting off my day with a smile on my face after reading your comments! Thanks. It makes a person feel good to know that someone “gets” them. So thanks again.

  72. klaas says:

    FACT : They did not LEAVE the money – they left it for relatives. It is obvious.
    COMMUNICATION : Obviously there are a “100” ways to communicate now days – right? . The two simplest would be a “fake” Facebook or Skype account. – well ,who knows , are they communicating ?!
    2 QUESTIONS (to site author) : Do you have info 1. Have any of the friends or relatives visited Mexico after the “dissapearence” ? 2. Have any of the friends or relatives visited often any location in USA ?

    • marion says:

      I have read the statements here from everyone but I have a few questions of my own.
      The dog was left behind inside the truck and you keep saying there was enough peoples food out side the truck. With the dog on the inside he could not get to that food, even though it is said here they did not leave him to die.
      Then the son who lives with his father, I have not heard anyone saying anything about those two. The boy started living with his father just 4 months before the family disappeared, I would say if that child lived with his mother for so long would he not be missing his sister and mother why does the father not say anything on his behalf it is his ex-wife and mother of his son after all.
      And the money, if it was given to star why not use it for the case. If I would be missing my grandchild I would use it for the golden tip.
      You only hear from Star and the so called best friend, where they the only ones who liked them in that little town for I did not see anyone else making any comments on the disappearance of the family at all. I would say star is not the only one missing her grandchild and her parents.
      And the hair colour of the child, why dye the hair blond so she would not be recognized and then leave a picture on the mobile phone and leave that inside the truck for everyone to see.

      Just a few questions of my own which came up after seeing the show and reading here.

      • The hair dying.- Sherilyn was at one time a hair dresser. Madyson’s hair was not “freshly” dyed. So taking that picture with blonde hair is deceiving because it does not show Madyson’s natural color. I don’t allege they dyed the child hair’s and then took the picture.

        Star Jamison… NOR ANY family member appeared in the recent FOX Oklahoma piece. There has not been any traditional private investigators hired in this case.

    • I am currently working on a book about this which will serve up more details about your questions.

      They money- You could be very right.

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  77. InterestedReader says:

    Good read, well thought out. It will be interesting to read your book about the case.

    I believe I understand the “between the lines” and respect your decision not to diverge information. My biggest problem is the fact that they aired a piece about this family on ID. Why open up this information and display these pictures to the public – especially on such a large scale. Many would not even know about this case if it wasn’t for that piece. What if someone recognizes them? You can change hair color all you want, but distinguishable facial features cannot be hidden.

    • Ill take some time to reply in private this evening.
      Not only do you bring up a couple of very good points but I have a very specific answer to one of your questions which will appear in the book.

  78. Heather says:

    Let’s hope they aren’t in the witness protection program because everyone doing their own private investigations will give them up and lead whoever out to get them right to them. That being said I do see everyones interest in this case it did bring me to this blog. I’m sure where ever they are that their doing just fine whether it be in Mexico or in heaven.

  79. Heather says:

    I wanted to add about the friend it was obvious to me that the friend is lying about something just by the way she was acting on the show in fact everyone looked like a badly rehearsed t.v. show. I understand their loved one is missing but their interviews were odd. They probably shouldn’t have even bothered to make a show about this case which also makes me think it isn’t witness protection I don’t believe they would have made a show if it was.

  80. LB says:

    There were human remains found in Quinton, OK recently. There’s an article on the front page of tomorrow’s Stigler News Sentinel. 2-3 years old was their guess on long they had been there. It was a man’s remains.

  81. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and
    detailed information you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same out of date rehashed material. Wonderful read!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to
    my Google account.

  82. Mack Chia says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get one thing done.

  83. janek klos says:

    Anot quite agree with that but interesting article

  84. sexdate says:

    hello u have a interesting blog. I wanna say thanks for sharing this interesting articles with us. Keep up good work!

  85. Heather says:

    Here an article on the remains that were found in that area. They created an sculpture of what they believed the guy looked like if you put it next to the Mr.Jamison the ears and some facial features do resemble, but other articles I have read about the remains say they don’t match anyone missing. Interesting to say the least.

  86. Bodrey says:

    The Jamisons were killed by drug dealers.

    • What makes you think that?

      • Bodrey says:

        The area’s remote with few residents. What better place to set up one or more meth labs without being detected? It was BIG business in Eufaula and surrounding areas. Madyson was very attached to the family dog. There’s no way they would have left it behind willingly. They were forced from the truck by gunpoint but killed and buried elsewhere. If the police haven’t yet considered this theory than they’re dumber than I thought. They need to start by interviewing the man they met on the road the day before; the one that gave them directions. I don’t put any stock in the theory that they were followed up there by someone from town that had a hate on for them. They were killed by drug dealers.

      • Nope.

        No way.

        Great theory. But Im sure drug dealers would not have locked the dog in the car before murdering them,
        I also don’t think a planted hate letter would have been on the front seat and thirty thousand under the seat if drug dealers killed them. Those killers would have had ample time to go through the truck for valuables.

        Don’t forget their was an extensive search for bodies or a crime scene.

        The dog was left behind because it coudn’t be taken to the destination the Jamisons were going. Just like their cell phones were locked in the truck. I don’t believe ANY of the Jamisons are dead. This is just not a homicide case and if you’ve listened carefully to Sheriff James phone interview on the FOX Oklahoma affililiate. You should have figured out that the conclusions Ive made are the right ones.

  87. Patrick says:

    After reading some of your findings above, especially the involvements with drugs, I can help but be reminded of a missing person here in my home town of Key West, Fl. To keep a long story short, there was a time when the Florida Keys was a major center for drug smuggling. The missing person was the Fire Chief Joseph “Bum” Farto. He was indicted on drug charges and before he could be sentanced he disapeared. His rented car was later found in little havana in miami. Several stories are abound on what happened to him. That he escaped and lived a life as a fugitive somewhere down south, the columbians took him out, but what i feel is true and many other Conchs( native key westers) is that he coopperated with the fbi and went into witness protection. It usually isnt the practice of the FBI to just give up looking for someone. Now could this be the case for the Jamison family? I dont know, but it makes me feel a little bit at ease to think maybe they were able to escape and find peace.

  88. Bodrey says:

    Who’s to say the drug dealers checked the truck at all? It’s not like they knew the bag of money was in the truck. They probably didn’t want to search the truck for fear of leaving forensic evidence behind. As for the letter, the “Disappeared” episode did say that Sherilynn was bi-polar. She probably wrote it during one of her episodes when she wasn’t on her medication. Regardless, I also don’t put any stock in the theory that she lured her husband up there as a ruse in order to kill him because she was unhappy in her marriage. If that was the case why wouldn’t she take the money to finance her life on the run? Until the bag of money was found no one knew it existed; no one would have been the wiser had she taken it with her. The drug dealers made them leave all personal possessions behind so they couldn’t be used to tie them back to the Jamisons.

    If they were involved in criminal activity (presumably the drug trade) why wouldn’t they continue to do so from OK? They had it all here. Why go to Mexico where’d they’d have to start over and where playing the game is infinitely more dangerous? At the least, they would have needed some form of identification for themselves and Madyson to get into Mexico. They left all that behind. And, Mexico’s the last place they’d want to go if they decided to turn their backs on the drug trade. Granted their religious beliefs and Bobby’s assertion that he saw “spirits” around the house are whack I still don’t believe this was some sort of murder/suicide pact. If that was the case, why did they make plans to look at buying land in order to move? Besides, you can’t bury yourself after you’re dead and their bodies were never found. The only thing we seem to be in agreement on is that they were forced into another vehicle against their will. Hence, I still think my theory has some credence. Still, too many unanswered questions…

    • I don’t agree they were forced anywhere.
      I believe they left of their own free will and do not want to be found.

      • Doesn’t make sense, and here’s why. They were looking for land to move. If they simply wanted to disappear, well then, get in your truck, drive up there into the middle of nowhere, and disappear. Don’t take your dog. Leave her at the house, where she would have plenty of food and water to survive until someone found her. Don’t involve a real estate agent. Just leave. You will never convince me these people planned some elaborate hoax. With or without the FBI’s assistance. ESPECIALLY not with the FBI’s assistance. They don’t set up elaborate stuff like this. They simply take you into custody and that’s it. They don’t fake a witness’ or informant’s death. That’s just silly. And requires way too much work. These people also had health problems. No way would the FBI leave them to work through this elaborate set up all alone. No, these people got back in their truck to leave, and then someone or something forced them to stop, get out, HIT THE KEY FOB LOCK ON THE TRUCK, which takes a split second, probably thinking they’d get back in shortly, but then something happened and they didnt. They left that mountain in someone else’s vehicle, that’s for certain, but I’m not buying they are in witness protection. They came to some kind of harm.

  89. Melly says:

    This is a very interesting blog! I watched the Disappeared episode the other day featuring the Jaminsons and was really intrigued. I felt that these people likely left willingly and had some assistance. When does your book come out? I would love to read it!

  90. Helene says:

    I just watched this DISAPPEARED epsisode for the first time and like many other wanted more info which is how I ended up on this page. I just spent more than 2 hours reading from top to bottom. I wish I knew what the author of this blog knows .. because its obvious HE KNOWS!! He’s got the facts we wish we had. Without giving up the those secrets … the secrets that he is keeping for his book or keeping to keep the family safe .. He is telling everyone what they want to know. This family is safe and in hiding by choice.
    The show made it clear this family kept to themselves. And for whatever there reasons were they were looking to relocated to a secluded away from everyone and everything place to live. Doesnt anyone else think it is odd that … thier friend and family didnt talk to or see them for days at a time yet they still knew exactly what mountian they were on and why they were on it? That being said .. I do agree with and made the same observations about the friend … a little shifty and a lack of eye contact.
    Im thinking the picture of Madyson taken on rock was done while the family awaited for their ride .. maybe a last picture for Grandma. Im also thinking maybe they told Madyson she could take her dog with her and maybe they planned to but when it came down to it .. they couldnt. Many of you said why lock it in the truck. If it had been left to roam it would have for sure met its dimise in the wilderness. It was left in the truck with hopes or plans of it being found.
    The money … I have two ideas .. 1) It was left for somebody .. maybe the “ride” was suppose to come back for the dog and the money. Maybe the person couldnt find their way back or was just scarred. Or 2) They were going to try to pull “something” on those helping and it fell threw. I feel as though they intended on taking the dog and money with them but for whatever reason … were just unable to.

  91. I just watched this episode on NetFlix. I think it’s possible that they staged their disappearance. They were looking for a super secluded area for starters. The wife has bipolar disorder and a gun (don’t understand how that is permitted). Lastly, it seems that they’re loaded… I’m guessing that the husband got a large insurance settlement from the accident he was involved in. They seem to be most comfortable being in isolation. There were a lot of theories abound, but no one suggested that they may have staged their own disappearance.

  92. Lela says:

    I think they are in a witness protection program. I believe the dog was left in the truck because they originally thought they would be able to take it, but whoever their “ride”was told them no. I think the money was left for Sherilynn’s son. I’m sure she felt horrible about leaving him. From looking at pictures , it looks like he had a great relationship with his mom and Madyson. As for Madyson’s dyed hair, if you look back through pictures you can tell it was dyed several times to get it as light as it was. The picture on the phone could have been taken to kill time while they were waiting for their ride or as a last picture of her for the family. Maybe she was upset because they told her she wouldn’t be able to see her grandma or brother anymore. I don’t understand why the clothes she was wearing in the picture were so small tho.

    • Lela says:

      Nikki said Madyson wanted her hair blonde so she would look like Marilyn Monroe. My hair was bleached blonde several times when I was her age. It’s not pleasant. I find it hard to believe that she willingly sat there and went through the process more than once. And photos show it was done more than once, because her hair gets lighter in stages. I think it was done out of necessity, and they told her she would look like Marilyn Monroe to make it more bearable for her.

  93. katie says:

    I spent all my childhood summers in the country of lake eufaula, from that experience I know how rugged the terrain can be. I know that unless you’re in the town itself the properties are all very very secluded. I think it would be very easy to lock up your car in a low traffic area and go hiking or exploring (I do that quite often there) the family could have easily gotten lost if they had gone to far from their car, or they could
    stumbledd upon something deep in the woods that they shouldn’t have like a methodone lab or a grow field

  94. katie says:

    *meth lab, if they were in fact meth users or dealers maybe they we’re looking for their own place in the middle of nowhere in order to hide what they were doing. Also if in fact there was another man seen in the security video, I’m wondering if it’s possible that he followed them in a separate vehicle in order for them to drop off their truck? They could have then gotten into his vehicle and disappeared. They could also have been going to meet a drug dealer out there, sold the drugs and left the money… or they could have been planning to spend the money on the drugs, they could have used the location as a drug drop, taking the drugs and leaving the money for the distributer to pick up after a safe time and the truck was found before the money could change hands…

  95. edocol says:

    On other episodes of Disappeared they’ve specifically asked LE about witness protection. I don’t recall that happening in the Jamison episode.

  96. katie says:

    Found this article in my search today, it has A LOT of good info… http://m.newsok.com/familys-fate-remains-mystery/article/3458228

  97. Samantha says:

    If it was a witness protection thing, the airing of any tv episode with their faces on it could “out” them and put them in danger, right? So I would think law enforcement officials would find some way to discreetly communicate the fact that this episode should not have ever been filmed and/or aired… right? Course, I really don’t know how those things normally work… I said to my boyfriend even before it was brought up on the episode, spirits on the roof? Security cameras? Both of them skinny as rails? DEF looks like meth to me…. Dealers and users of this drug are so paranoid, they’re the only people I know who have security cameras, and same thing for hearing people on your roof. Unfortunately I’ve had friends who have said the exact same thing, except it was “Asian kids” runnin around on their roof, not “spirits”. I just really hope that poor little girl is safe… And as for the money, if for some reason they couldn’t take it with them, maybe they wanted to make sure family got it… I mean, it did end up going to his mother, right?

    • The ID piece makes the Jamisons appear to be deceased, right? I don’t think anyone thought theyd be a harm in that… to the contrary… it would be a positive for them to create that illusion to protect them.
      And lets say you think you have seen them. Who do you call? The police, right?

      See what im getting at?

      Btw resting comfortably and recovering. Hoping the bastard is caught and my car found.

  98. Lindy Ann says:

    Is there any way common folks like me can view the original home survaliance video? I can’t seem to find it online. If everyone, including the fbi, believes that these people are not really missing, you’d think that this video would be up for public consumption.

  99. idaddict says:

    I think they planned every bit of it. First, they go up one day to see if they can find the area they want to buy. From the reports, they did not seem to be too friendly to people. But they spend a good half hour telling this neighbor their plans to buy and ask questions on how to build??? Then they tell him they are coming back tomorrow? I think it was a rehearsal and to tell a ‘story’ to someone. Also, there were two guys loading the truck, and was that video the first day or second day they went up the mountain. If the second day, why are they packing again. I also wonder about the ‘boarder’. Would a father really put someone in the house like that with his wife and daughter? I think the ‘boarder’ was schooling them on the disappearance. They needed Madison to become friendly with this man so that she would listen to him. Then they make up a story of him threatening the wife and she chases him off? I think it was a story – they were ready for the plan to happen and had to explain why he was not there anymore. Oh, and by the way, another way to sway the story. As for the picture of Madison, if you look closely, there is a women behind her, you can see her face with short blonde hair. I think it is the mother. I think she changed her looks. And I think it was there that they told Madison they had to go and they were not taking her puppy. Believe me, my first thoughts were – OMG who killed them, but I have watched disappeared several times and now I am convinced that they disappeared on their own – with help. I know many couples that both work full time and do not have a $300,000 house, a couple cars, boats, a couple of timeshares, and the way the house looks from the inside, they have nice furniture, video equipment and computers. Not bad for two living on disability.

  100. Matthew says:


    Even if these four were murdered, their souls will merely incarnate once more. It matters little in the long run.

  101. col. kurtz says:

    Not trying to say all your work is bunk, but no one forgets 30k. It was left intentionally, or something very unexpected occurred. I’d like to hear more of Archlight’s ideas, but he split. All I know is eastern Oklahoma is a very strange place where even stranger things occur. Some are easily explained as drug activity, some aren’t.. if you catch my drift. Weird mojo in them hills.

  102. Anongirl says:

    Slightly off topic, but i’m curious as to what you think happened to the McStay family?

  103. IDAddict says:

    One other thing that stuck out with me. Bobby’s mom spoke about an accident that Bobby had to explain his back pain. She said (on Disappeared) that he was driving down a road and that a women hit Bobby. Other reports state that Bobby’s injury came from taking guns out of his fathers house so that his father would not hurt himself and that Bobby’s Dad is the one who ran him over or hit him with a truck.

  104. cindy gnan says:

    Received a flyer in the mail a week or so ago ,Red Plum with Madyson Jamisons picture on it,Have You Seen Me? The two pictures look like outdoor pictures,when I seen them Ithought how awlful it must feel to loose such a precious child, only to put her mame into the computer and find out the whole family is missing,but evidently someone put her in the data-base as missing and trying to locate her. May the good Lord help in this mysterious case.I read Your complete file on the internet , thanks for doing such a good job.

  105. upallnight says:

    So according to “keeptheserchalive” and base on all of their reserch and investigating it seems more than likely that the jamison family were relocated in some kind of the “witness protection” program if u will. My question to the auther(s) of this website is if u have top secret info reguarding the missing family why are u on the internet saying that they are alive and don’t want to be found? I even saw something saying their all alive and well in mexico? U don’t know who is reading this, what if whatthey are running from is in fact a shady past, and. theyneeded to flee because they’re lives where in dange? What. if what they are running from is reading this?

    • You bring up valid points.

      Im not sure where the “they are alive and well in Mexico” part came from.

      The Jamisons had in the past traveled to Mexico.

      I do believe they are alive and well though.

      Recently, OK reporter Phil Cross did a piece on the Fox affiliate there on this “story”.

      He asked for tips and help from the public there.

      Strangely, when it aired no Jamison family member would appear for an on camera interview. Infact, even more peculiar was that the Sheriff did an audio interview. Not a Federal Agent interviewed.

      I put the word story in quotes because Cross himself afterward said he was just out to tell the story.

      While Cross promo’d the story on his twitter acct… after it aired he never mentioned it again. He never did a follow up. He has never used the J-word once since then.

      Youre right. I dont know who is reading this. (I am convinced both the Jamisons and Ray Gricar have read my work.) But to suggest im putting these folks in danger when this story aired Internationally on the ID’s Disappeared show… heck be mad at them.

      I have merely shed light on the story.

      I have no reason to believe the Jamisons are in harms way now…either.

      Infact, people who enter (one word begins with a “w” and the other a “p”) those programs often get all kinds assistance from security to assistance with problems like drug abuse.

      Now if I posted their location or something close to that. I would agree.

      Lol dw phones drive me nuts too.

  106. upallnight says:

    Sorry for my last incomplete and poorly typed comment. My phone is a POS! Anyway as I was saying, what if what/who they are running from is reading this? They now have a good idea that the family is in fact alive and possibly in mexico. You are snitching on them just like they probably had to snitch on someone else forcing them to flee the country leaving their old lives behind, and leading everyone to believe they are dead. My guess is that it was related to drugs, and they had to give up some very violent and well connected ppl. Please write me back (privately if necessary) and let me kno if my guess is somewhat accurate, and please share the secret info u have uncover if u can. Btw were u in some kind of car accident? What are u recovering from, and what happened to ur car mane!??

    • I was robbed and had new car stolen. I was stabbed during the robbery.

      And as for your guess… id say its about right. Its what I think for sure.

      My “secret” info is my own. I researched this case extensively for years. I wont divulge it except to say:

      I believe the Jamisons to be just fine.

      Until I see proof otherwise. Proof of a crime. Proof from Fed LE that this is an honest to goodness true legitimate mp case.

      Ill stick with all my research and conclusions.

  107. upallnight says:

    My mistake, it was the mcstay family that possibly fleed to mexico. That another crazy story, I could only wonder, wtf happened to them? I thought it was said that the jamisons were alive in mexico so that’s why I stated u were snitching, my apologizes. Wow dude u were stabbed in ur own home and left for dead? That is f*cken crazy! That’s one of my biggest fears to have something like that happen to me or any of my family. Did u know the attacker(s) or was is just a random act? I advice u to buy a firarm before obama outlaws them all

  108. upallnight says:

    Sorry another comment posted prematurely due to me posting from my t mobile cell phone! Like I was advising u buy a gun before its too late (hopfully that won’t happen) and for f*ck sake LOCK UR DOORS MAN!!! Even when ur home. I garantee u were stabbed like that because the person(s) who broke into ur house probably thought u weren’t there and u caught them by surpise. Whoever it was they were some hardcore sh*theads that didn’t want to go back to prison. In any case I’m glad to hear u survive and are expected to make a full recovery. Hope ur car is okay too, but its probably not… :-\

  109. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a data! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this website.

  110. sere40 says:

    I just saw a re-airing of I.d. I’ve always been interested in unsolved cases, and this one was certainly a strange one. In my opinion I think that they did want to disappear and could certainly be part of witness allocation, especially if there were drugs involved. I think the reason the dog was left was because a dog is something that more people remember rather than people. If they were travelling in another vehicle a dog, especially a puppy would strike a cord with people and no doubt draw unwanted attention. And a cute dog and a child? A double dose for memory and a sure fire way to be tracked. While leaving the dog would be tough on the girl, it would be necessary to ensure they were not noticed. I hope that wherever they are, they are happy together. Hope you are too!

  111. Burt Zuclich says:

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  112. David says:

    I just watched the episode for the first time and scanned these posts. Here are a few thoughts.

    1) Witness protection- no way. This is a program that has been in place for years and is presumably run quite well. The goal of the program is to move witnesses to a different location and change their identify while helping them keep a low profile to avoid harm from people they’ve testified against. Having an entire family disappear in a very overt manner does not achieve those goals. The program would never conclude that the best way to help witnesses is to leave their abandoned vehicle somewhere it would eventually be found with the witnesses belongings and money in the vehicle, which would naturally lead to an investigation into the witnesses wherabouts, and conceivably to national publicity. That is precisely what the program would want to avoid. Also, I think it’s a leap to assume that a couple of meth heads would be relied upon as such important witnesses that they’re worthy of protection.

    2) Disappear on their own- not bloody likely! Let me get this straight. The Jamisons are a couple of drug addicted weirdos with a young daughter who seem to draw attention to themselves wherever they go. They file lawsuits. They write disturbing messages on walls. They ask religious persons about spirits. They threaten people at gunpoint. They continuously engage in erratic behavior. Yet, the theory is that that one day, this family decided to disappear and has successfully managed not to draw any attention to themselves despite the fact that their case is nationally if not globally known. Come on. In many of the cases featured on Disappeared when a person is missing but eventually turns up alive, there are dozens if not hundreds of reports of sightings of that person. I’m not well versed, but I don’t get the sense there are a lot of Jamison sightings out there because otherwise they would gain some publicity sooner or later.

    3) I’m with the posters on the drug deal gone wrong theory. A person or persons got the Jamisons into another vehicle at gunpoint, took them away, and killed them. Yes, they could have killed them on the mountain. But the bodies are less likely to be found if they’re away from the Jamison’s vehicle and the killer(s) probably already had a place in mind or method in mind of how to dispose of the bodies. Yes, the car was locked. So what? The Jamisons could have locked it themselves. Money and belongings were left in the car. Maybe the killer(s) didn’t care about any stuff. They only wanted to take the family. The “hate letter” was in the car. So what? It was part of a journal. Maybe Ms. Jamison took her journal places with her because writing in it helped her. I have a lot easier time explaining why the car was locked or why the journal was there than I think someone else would explaining how the family of erratic meth heads could stage a masterful disappearance or how they ended up in a bungled witness protection incident.

    • I appreciate your time… theories and arguments.

      On the record- only one past LE would comment to me.

      He communicated that he believes the Jamisons left of their own free will.

      Recently, I received a letter from Bobby’s cousin. He seems to feel like the Jamisons left of their own free will too.

      If right now you did run across the Jamison family and phoned in a tip. I just dont think it would be broadcast to anyone.

      I think it all went down fast and the decision to do this was made quickly.

    • Sanest statements to date. Seriously, and no offense to this blogger, because I believe his motives are pure, but the points made by this poster are my thoughts, exactly, and don’t require some huge leap of faith or suspension of disbelief. They were pulling out, someone they knew pulled in behind them, they either left willingly or at gunpoint, and either explanation makes sense, BUT if they left willingly, they did so fully expecting to return and return soon. Takes a split second to hit the lock button on a key fob, and for many, it’s habit to do so. Especially if someone is either so paranoid or so “off the grid” they carry around large amounts of cash.

      • Thanks for the comments.

        I am writing a book on the subject and hope that you will enjoy.

        There is no doubt in my mind all three Jamisons are alive and do not want to be “found”.

        I like your arguments and reasonings. I had the same thoughts but when you uncover the deception here… it becomes very clear.

        The Jamisons are alive and do not want to be found.

      • Thanks, Keep. If you need help with the book, let me know. I’m a ghostwriter, an editor, and I can also assist with ebook file formatting & creation, as well as placement on all major ebook retailer sites. Would be happy to help fin exchange for a copy of the finished book. 🙂

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  115. Searching says:

    I just found out about this family after watching this morning’s airing of “Missing” on our local channel. I was not aware there was another missing family and it does not seem that the Jamison’s have received the same attention the McStay family has and continues to. I personally have spent a great amount of time reading about the McStay family, following message boards concerning them and watching interviews with the family, as well as watching the famous border crossing video.
    I do have a few questions though that I am hoping you may have the answer to… Who called the truck in? (Is it possible the family did because of their concern for the dog or is it known who made the call?) How did LE pinpoint the exact date this family went missing? (Is LE just using the date they left their home from the surveillance camera like they did with the McStay’s?) Has there been any known credit card activity from the family since they disappeared? (I know they left their wallets in the car but that does not mean they did not have another copy of the card. Also does the last known credit card transaction match up with the date of disappearance?) Does this family have a past criminal record or is their drug issues just a “known” thing? (I can understand the possibility of the family going into the witness protection program but leaving the amount of money behind along with the dog does not make sense to me.) Was there any talk or known “corruption” in the LE for that area which could have tipped this family off early?
    I’ll take some time to watch the video you are talking about, I am hoping to find it on Netflix or the internet somewhere, and read through all the comment again. It looks you have done a good job researching quite a few cases, congrats.

  116. Something interesting I heard during the OETV piece…..the reporter stated that Bobby was estranged from his father and when his father died, and that his father left his estate to Madyson. From watching the ID episode, it is also evident that Bobby’s mom, Star, was estranged from her husband at the time of his death, so my question is- who does the estate belong to now that Madyson is missing?

    • I believe Star gained legal control of their assets after the disappearance.
      As for the estate. As it stands now. Im unsure.

      • Noel says:

        Hello – read about this case in “Missing 411” and wanted to follow up which led me here. I watched the ID segment on-line and have a question that I haven’t seen asked here. The time/date stamp on the video is odd. The family disappeared in October of 2007 yet the date stamp says “2000/03/08” that is either March 8 or August 3. Either way it is not anywhere near October and the year is way off. Was the timestamp on the video camera never set? Was it changed for some reason? Just thought it odd. If the time was not set on the camera how did authorities know what time they were viewing?
        My thoughts are they did leave willingly – it is the only thing that fits.

        Btw hope you are better! What a horrible thing to happen to you. I would ask something but hesitate doing so on an open forum. Thank you for all the hard work on this case.

      • Thanks for your comments.

        As for the time stamp. I cannot confirm the footage date is correct. That footage was supplied to the Disappeared folks but has never been available for public scrutiny to my knowledge.

  117. This sounds about par for the current episode of chemtrails, cults, demons and drugs. Subliminal distraction? How about worn out reruns.

    Oklahoma is a narco state. Little to no law enforcement; heavy on the conspiracies-especially if it fits the Baptist agenda- and a degrading neverending reminder they won’t quit breaking and enteri9ng, stalking and terrorizing until someone solves the Murrah bombing.

    They are trying to turn it into Florida. Or Texas where they’ll never get over the assassination of JFK.

    Most of the drugs and bank robbers come from Texas. By the time they hit the state line it’s a free-for-all. They rely heavily on their extortion rings operated by the militarized complex of which there will be no end.

    If he was on pain medication for a back injury then the “demons” sound about the norm for those being stalked for their meds.

    The timeshares make me question if they really owned them. I’ve been getting calls about timeshare property I’ve never owned (even after being on a no-call list). The money generated by their scams is what the state has relied on for years. Perhaps they did fake their own disappearance. However, there are others that have disappeared because of these scams and other attempted murder and abductions because they believe they actually have the power to “subliminally distract.”

    • I knew I’d seen that term subliminal distraction somewhere…Morgan Harrington post at the Hook.

      Forty years ago (60s) were a great time for some whose rackets have just about run the full gamet.

      I used to think someone was trying to “subliminally distract” me. I learned recently this person lived in the area and had for some time. So, I was wrong once again and he wasn’t actually part of the roving extortion ring-he was just another drug dealing whacko who hadn’t upgraded his car since the ’70s. As it turned out, playing Russian mafia has been the norm for a long, long time. Police don’t respond to drug calls. They plant drugs on other people’s property and the buyers leave their money there, too.

      Been going on a long, long, long time.

  118. Interesting the documentary was named “Paradise Lost.” Isn’t that the same name of the extortion, chase down hairs and hares in Arkansas as a means of promoting their causes under the guise of a movie to free someone off death role?

    Perhaps in Oklahoma it should be named Paradice Lost, and aptly so considering the drug rings they haul in the promote themselves at everyone’s expense…the wanted posters faxed to Ace Hardware stores, the color codes, the death threats, exploding mailboxes, fake license plates,the road that separates Gog from Magog, and the missing and murdered that line that road in hope someone will make them look non-stupid.

  119. Oh, yeah! I forgot…101010.
    Black van makes it to coffin fly road with the money. White van drags people into it’s clutches.

  120. T9D says:

    After all that being said I think the simple line about not being on the FBI missing list says it all.
    Basically they must know they are alive but they can’t tell you that they found them. If they don’t want to be found the FBI can’t just go off telling people where they are. People have a right to not be found if that’s what they want.

  121. BlackFairy says:

    The doors were locked because of the money. They left the money so that Star could legally obtain it without throwing any red flags. Think about it: how would it look if the family disappeared and over $30g shows up in her bank account? They couldn’t just give it to her before their disappearance because, like the transferral of the son’s custody, it would suggest they were planning to disappear. They knew the money would be found, along with the dog. (I don’t believe they planned to leave the dog though.) whatever happened, happened fast. I like the idea of being picked up by a helicopter. They did conveniently park beside a huge flat area. Not entirely impossible. Maybe the photo was left for family to see that the child was “ok” in her last moments before disappearing, only she was upset about leaving. I study body language and her smile was forced. It was taken for a reason. The family friend was right when she said it wasn’t a natural pose. She is a professed drug user; the effects are obvious. She’s unstable. There’s no way they’d tell her the truth. I think she is genuinely looking for them, or was until she put two and two together.

  122. JustMe says:

    I think the only member of the Jamison family that made it up that mountain that day was Madyson….

  123. JustMe says:

    The scene were the truck was found was staged…. But not by the Jamisons…

  124. JustMe says:

    Marie Dighton, The Jamison Family, Joe Neff, Jody Rilee Wilson…..I think we have a serial killing team in Oklahoma…..Add Carol Daniels to that list, The Denny Family, and Jim Shaw.

  125. Mkh0330 says:

    1. Witness Relocation doesn’t allow one to tell anyone what is going on. They just suddenly disappear. They definitely do not disappear from their homes in the middle of the day.
    2. Turning the cartel in and running to Mexico is the stupidest move a snitch would ever make.
    3. FBI closed the investigation. Strange considering there is a child involved.
    4. Behavior of family/friend on Disappeared…they seem to be hiding information or telling “half truths” (think Casey Anthony’s family…). The mother blatantly denied any involvement with drugs.
    5. Living out of their means-I’ve never known anyone to make more than $1,000 a month on disability, even if they worked and paid taxes their entire life.

    With all of this being said, it is not hard to imagine that these people have disappeared.

    My personal experience allows me to draw alot of conclusions here. In my young and very dumb college days in Atlanta, I worked in a latino bar on Buford Highway. The bar I worked in was a drug hub for cartel dealers…you guessed it…”La Familia”. A tall, dark,and charming “car salesman” wooed me for 6 months for a date, threw tons of cash my way, and eventually got his date with me. I was head over heals for him and had an engagement ring on my finger in 6 mos.

    To be an owner of a car lot, this man never worked. Every time one of his three cell phones rang, he had to go meet someone. Our dates were always interupted by phone calls and him scribbling numbers on napkins and calling someone to go meet someone, or trying to do undercover “business” with his naive fiance in the truck with him.

    I quit my job and he paid all of my bills. My previous boss eventually told me the truth. He was a high ranking cartel member. There was more money thrown at me in 6 mos than I had ever seen in my life.

    I am saying this because I was privy to seeing parts of this lifestyle. I am white and a woman, so I had no real inside info, but I did see how this operated.

    There are street level drug dealers on the bottom tier. These are people of any race that sale the drugs. The next level are financers. The finance large drug transactions and split the drugs up among the street level dealers. The bosses are the next tier. These guys are the true cartel guys. They are all business all the time. They move drugs via drug mules, who typically are latino and run drugs across the boarder and to other states. The true “cartel” is latino and sticks together. A lot of secrecy there.

    La Familia in Atlanta was loosing traction to another cartel (there are 7 or so major Mexican cartels…at this time La Familia was the leading cartel in Atlanta). Another cartel was moving in, I do not know the name. I DO know that there was a cartel war going on in Atlanta, albeit very under the radar. I began waking up to and going to sleep to latinos following me to and from school, sitting in the parking lot of my gated apartment, etc. When asked and pushed for an answer, all I got was “If they want to get to me, they will go after you.” I cut ties immediately, had a friend drive my car to get a uhaul, left my car in town, had them pull up behind my complex, hidden by the woods, loaded my stuff and moved to another state.

    What I am trying to explain here is that 1. Jamison was likely a street level drug dealer, albeit, doing pretty well, 2. He probably handed over info to the FBI about where he was getting the drugs, 3. Knew he was being watched all the time (hence the security system), 4. Arranged with the FBI to be relocated and the FBI told them where to be and when, 5. Didn’t take any personal belongings because relocation requires one to completely abandon all ties with their former lives, 6. left the money in a *locked* car for the grandmother (this is very telling to me because I would want to make sure my mother was taken care of financially and it was probably assumed that by leaving a large sum of money in the car-possibly the down payment on land-along with cell phones, etc that they just walked off and disappeared), 7. Left the dog because the daughter probably would have not willingly left the house in the first place without the dog (hence, the money was left for the grandma to make sure something was there for having to take on the dog/insure she was financially stable), 8. Dumped chips out in the car for the dog and tossed the bags out on the road (wrappers and bags were found in or around the vehicle), 9. The search dogs went to the area they had taken the picture at and rigt around the truck, indicating that they had gotten into another vehicle…possibly the picture was taken while waiting on a rde, 10. They disappeared…and not to Mexico where the cartel would most definitely be checking out any timeshares they owned there.

    Had the cartel gotten them, they would have dropped them right there at that truck. They kill people in the streets in Mexico everyday. They wouldn’t have cared about a measly 30K when that is pocket change for them.

    They also could not have been picked up and whisked away at their home if the cartel had any idea that they had narced.

    The grandmother had to think they had been murdered or disappeared.

    Likely, the sheriff’s office would not have been privy to info about WP.

    The show would likely have drawn attention away from where this family REALLY is. It probably has helped more than anything. If the cartel thinks there was a murder/suicide, why would the cartel be looking for them? The bottom line is, the show could actually have been the result of a small town sheriff’s office trying to find answers when the FBI already knew what was going on and the lines of communication between the two were tangled/non-existent.

    Sorry this is so long but as I read, my head kept going back to my personal knowledge of some of this. My law school education also leads me to think that this is really a stranger than fiction case, but when broken down, is quite simple. Just thought I would share my thoughts, since the blogger doesn’t want to throw the Jamisons under the bus.

    Also, it is not so far out there for people to leave a lot of money for a pet to be taken care of. I have a clause in my will that leaves a sizable amount to whoever takes my pets until their death. Lots of animal lovers do that.

    I also think the grandmother knows something but is too far in denial to see the truth or believe her son could do any wrong and/or leave his life behind because of bad decisions. She probably knows the truth now, hence her unwillingness to speak anymore. Just my thoughts.

  126. Mkh0330 says:

    As an afterthought, I would think they would only get WP after testifying against someone. I’m not up to speed on this case (besides the show and what I read here). Did they testify??? If not, I thoroughly believe someone planned their escape and it was to escape involvement/hide because they narced.

    • We may never know. All warrants were federal and were sealed against the folks arrested around the same time as the disappearance.

      • Mkh0330 says:

        Ohhhhh. I worked in immigration law, so my knowledge of federal criminal proceedings are very limited. I would think that they would need to testify in a case (verses a grand jury) to be put in witness protection. This is a very interesting development in this case that I would be curious to know more about. I’m totally with you, they are alive and well and probably very much in touch with the grandmother.

        I know you are staying pretty mum on this, but do you think the Disappeared episode was the result of non-communication or tangled lines of communication between the sheriff’s department and the FBI? I’m curious as to why this show was even taped when the FBI had little interest in it, and it seems not too many media outlets had much interest in it. Can you give your opinion on that? Thanks 🙂

      • In my opinion. Maybe a bit of both. Maybe just some rookie mistakes by people who were relatively new to their positions on all sides with no experience dealing with a situation like this.

  127. JustMe says:

    Hey Keep… Did you ever read the topix thread about the girls from Weleetka Okla….

    • I have and I just dont see a connection.

      And one case is a homocide and the other… well its a mystery to some… but a homicide it is not.

      Its a missing persons case at its basic core.

      No evidence of a crime exists.

      Evidence of a missing persons case does.

      And as I sleep tonight. I sleep knowing no injustice or crime has been committed against them. The past sheriff or le isnt involved in any wrongdoings.

      The realtor most certainly didnt “do it”.

      I am quite confident that all three are alive.

    • To answer your question this time.

      I haven’t read that topix thread.

  128. JustMe says:

    Funny thing about the Jamison topix posts….. I believe those responsible were right there, UNDER OUR NOSES !!!!!!!

  129. JustMe says:

    Did you ever read the posts by a ROY GASSAWAY !!!! might want to compare them to one MOUNTAIN MAN……

  130. JustMe says:

    Take note of when MOUNTAIN MAN stoppped posting….

  131. JustMe says:

    I believe that mountain man told us what was going on….. I also noticed when reviewing the posts by mountain man , as well as roy gassaway, that both those posters seemed to have two different writing styles… Poss. indicating two different people involved in writing under each of those names..

  132. JustMe says:

    MM was bragging in his own way…. He was taunting…

  133. JustMe says:

    And so was ROY….

  134. JustMe says:

    Not true…. ROY was a made up name…

  135. JustMe says:

    I know it is a tough task, but compare the two writing styles…. Also ROY used multiple names on the Weleetka thread. Just like the Jamison thread….

  136. JustMe says:

    A motive is not necessary when dealing with a homicidal maniac….I honestly think Oklahoma is dealing with a killing team…..

    • If it is.

      They most certainly didn’t murder the Jamison’s.

      • JustMe says:

        And you know this because you know where they are ?

      • Because imo they left of their own free will and do not want to be “found”. They “disappeared” themselves. They arent crime victims.

        And lets say I did know there exact location. I certainly wouldnt put them in harms way by broadcasting there exact whereabouts.

        Im very interested in the latest sighting and what if any actions are taken to check it out.

  137. JustMe says:

    IMO you are wrong and have not looked at every possibility….

    • Your entitled to your own opinion.

      Now Ill be blunt.

      I enjoyed reading your topix posts.

      I am not sure what you are trying to spell out for me here but whatever it is just do it.

      Give me the whole killing team theory.

      And I am convinced from the people and relatives ive interviewed the Jamison’s are a lot of things… but dead isnt one.

      You know what I thought. You know when I started I had a pre conceived notion they were.

      Im not sure of your motives.

      And I’m curious… what do -you- think scared me away for a bit? Is that why you’re asking me who I think the “third” guy is?

      I know you’re frustrated I’m not understanding you. I feel the same.

      People slowly over time figured it out.

      Little birdies started flying East.

      You follow the threads there. You didn’t realize -why- a certain poster wanted me to stay away?

      You were always right in one sense. The answer was there right under my nose.

      I guess unfortunately at this point we just dont have the same answers.

      • “”A lot of “birdies” whispered to me that this case may involve a “sensitive” disappearance.

        Little birdies started flying East. “”…he answer was there right under my nose.”

        I thought I read a comment that former sheriff Beauchamp made on this very blog. I can’t find it now. I know you wouldn’t have hidden it, nor would you-as moral and ethical as you are being a force for good and all- would have impersonated him knowing full well that would be illegal not to mention misleading.

      • No. As far as I know Beauchamp never commented. Although if you read the entire blog instead of cherry picking maybe you’ll see the comments from fmr deputy Ward.

      • “Twenty people can tell you the same thing. Doesn’t make it true.”
        Words to have apparently lived by. Thanks JD for reminding me. But again, lets see what the next chapter brings. Murder? Or did they stage their disappearance to walk away to commit murder suicide?
        I wont ever buy “they got lost”.

        Lets wait and see. And please remember I did forward leads to authorities and have spent dozens of hours speaking to people around this case.
        Just as the people on the mountain are shocked and grieving… just as im sure their family is. I am too.
        But many people I spoke to felt like this was a voluntary disappearance. Some family felt they were deceased. As the sheriffs both indicated about the Jamison and meth everything they said I found to be very accurate. The people on the mountain well they all wanted to submit to polygraphs and were all left to wonder if there is a murderer on the loose or not.
        This blog is entitled keepthesearchalive and thats precisely what we did. Even in the sighting…read the whole thing and stop cherry picking. I said what I thought. “No one has told me to stop… so until then we’ll keepthesearchalive for information (paraphrasing)”.

        Again my site contained info for Niki’s Find the Jamison website. So dont say I bashed Niki. We parted ways when we had a disagreement. Perhaps I mentioned another tv show she was on. I apologized for that.

        The sighting was evidently wrong.

        And we don’t know how this story will officially end yet.

      • Were you the person who gave me a false lead?

      • if I gave any leads to you, it’s posted on your blog…hard to tell how you might deduce what is written.

        I might as well go ahead and confess…yes. Lol! Everyone is guilty of something if you just dig deep enough. Either that, or include them in your delusions of grandeur.

  138. JustMe says:

    You should compare MM and RG very closely…As well as their many other names… Pay close attn to what both are saying….. The fact is you have absolutely no clue as to where the Jamisons are… Neither do i…. But i am starting to get a picture of what happened to them…
    Did you ever find out who the third adult was on the ID documentary, You know, the video footage from their home the day they supposedly went to Panola Mountain…… RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES …..

  139. JustMe says:

    What i am getting at is this….. The killer was, as he put it, right under your nose… He has been using topix to taunt everyone…. Did you even take a serious look at the postings by MM and RG… Probably not.. This is my last post to you or anyone else, until sometime next year… I wish you the best….

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  141. Corinne says:

    The thing is, the methamphetamine theory doesn’t really fit. Not only were there no traces of methamphetamine in the home or vehicle whatsoever, but the only “evidence” of it is their behavior on the surveillance video which doesn’t even show typical meth-induced behavior at all. Someone under the influence of methamphetamine will be extremely animated. In the video, they were shown going back and for to the vehicle with no interaction, almost in a zombie-like trance. That’s almost the opposite of what to expect from someone on a stimulant as harsh as meth. If they were on any drug at the time, I’d suspect it’d be some sort of painkiller or muscle relaxer. But definitely not a stimulant.

    • If you’re getting your info from strictly the DISAPPEARED show.

      You arent getting the FULL story.

      Please listen to both Sheriffs explain what they found in there “investigations” during their interviews.

      In addition, people who Ive interviewed left no doubt that the family was involved in it.
      A person who lived with them had convictions related to making the stuff.
      And as for drugs not being found.

      Others have said different.

      • wes stoddard says:

        I’ve been reading all the posts this past few months.. And I hope the family is safe, but I just can’t get over a few events and facts..
        1. People just don’t leave pets with 30k in a car and not come back. They could of let the dog out of the car and left in another car. People treat and care for their pets better than they do to their own family and selves.
        2. The picture of the kid seems a little odd. Not a very happy expression, in fact looks a little distressed like someone else took the picture.
        3. That part OK is a hot spot for missing people in the last decade.
        I hope your book sells.

  142. Will A Choo says:

    If your conclusions are correct, surely you’re putting their lives in danger by posting them all over the internet?

    • This story was told on syndicated television.

      Whether or not my conclusions are correct or not. I wasnt the person who initially told it.

      Dont blame me.

      And while I have written about a sighting…

      I have never and will never reveal certain things that may put them in harms way.

  143. Amanda27 says:

    This whole case has really fasinated me. I watched the ID Disappeared piece and from the very beginning I thought they had just walked away. And I also thought the best friend was acting odd. She never really made eye contact with the camera and when she did it was just a glance up and then back down or around. I don’t think she is involved or even knows what actually happened but I think not even she believes what she was saying (meaning she deep down thinks they walked away). But anyway I was wondering if your book was available yet ? I’m interested in what you have to write about and the people you came in contact with to make you so sure they are alive and don’t want to be found. I mean I believe they walked away but that’s just my gut feeling and I have no proof. You seem positive and I’d like to know what you have discovered (that your willing to share) that makes you so sure.

  144. Brian says:

    Hard to rationalize this family leaving over 30 grand behind.

    • Did you read the whole thing?
      I tried to spell it all out.

      Also while I dont mention specific names of people ive interviewed in some cases. Ive interviewed enough people who have told me this is no homocide case.

  145. another ‘walk away’ case from the Disappeared show was Braydn Fuksa. he was a college kid drove to wyoming and just left his car. nothing. he was probably about 20. he had everything going for him…. why walk away?

  146. Very well written article. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve been casually following this mystery and I’ve read majority of the comments on Topix and various other places, but I’m left with some questions and I’m wondering with your knowledge on the case what your answers would be:

    1. Why did Sherilynn’s best friend Nikki lie about the last time she spoke to Sherilynn?
    2. What’s the theory on Madysons front teeth, I’ve read some places speculating they were knocked out?
    3. The family will theory and Madyson being the sole heir to Bobby Jamison sr estate, is there a motive for Jack Jamison to have got rid of them? and/or why would they run away and want to disappear when their daughter Madyson is in a position to acquire a wealthy estate?
    4. The accident and Bobby Jamison back problems, wouldn’t he require access to a doctor for medication? how is he getting his medication if they are indeed in hiding.
    5. The 30k that was found in the truck, is it true Bobby was hiding it from Sherilynn and only Bobby knew it was in the truck?

    I don’t know why the family members added to the mystery either by not offering a reward or making appeals. I suppose maybe that’s why there is no reward for information that leads to the whereabouts of the Jamison family and perhaps that’s just why there is no reward, the individual(s) may eventually want a taste of that reward money and give up the families location.

    I have several other questions, but these were just the main ones I wondered about. I agree with your overall conclusion – but I think abduction is still a strong possibility.

  147. Pete says:

    Hey, Keep. I have spent the last couple hours reading up on this case after a link I followed from a possible update in the McStay case (http://www.10news.com/news/sources-investigators-looking-into-possibility-remains-of-mcstay-family-found-near-victorville).

    What you have done on this blog is very impressive and I am astounded at your private investigation.

    I understand that you believe the Jamisons are alive and well but you have also stated that is all you can say. I am just curious if you are ever going to reveal your full theory or if not, at least the generally broad idea behind it. Whether it be witness protection or involvement with La Familia or some sort of insanity. Will we ever get to see all the details, mate???

    Keep up the good work!

  148. Marion says:

    With the remains of the Macstay family found, I do think we can place the disappearance of the Jamisons in the same perspective. The cases are too familiar. So called footage of the family crossing the Mexican border. While their remains are found miles and miles away in the opposite direction. My opinion ,when there are children involved, family pets left without food or water and seemingly abandoned without a reason. You can leave the voluntarily disappearance some where in the black box.

    As long as people think they left out of their own free will, no one will really look for them. The same happened to the Macstay family, the wife was dragged through the mud and she may or may not have written hatred mails to her husband, they looked for children passing the Mexican borders, and yet no one heard of them after they vanished, no money was taken from the bank account or their cellphones were ever used again. A lot of darkens surrounded their disappearance, drugs trafficking cartels etc etc. Until we know what happened I think the so called theories of those who think they found the key to any disappearance should be silent For sometimes theories are not more than that, just theories and in the Macstay family well we know now how free willing their disappearance actually was. Think again and the truth may be just like the Macstay and we will hear of them being found in the total opposite as we are told by those with the theories.

    • There is quite a big difference in the two cases.

      The “truth” as you put it- although is quite different than the McStay case.

      No, we will not be hearing much about the Jamison family even in light of the horrible outcome of the McStay case.

      Just wait and see.

      No national attention for the Jamisons will be garnered: Infact I challenge you to have any seasoned national investigative reporter mention the “Jamison” family.

      It wont happen because they -know-. They’ve either used my work to figure it out or figured it out.

      They know that the Jamison disappearance is a “sensitive” one.

      And I will state my reputation on my analysis.

      They too know no crime exists in the Jamison disappearance.

      Im afraid I disagree with you just as I did with Baker.

      Zero chance the Jamisons met the same fate.

      Youre free to believe what you will.

      • Teresa says:

        I was writing my response to Marion right when you were and I agree with every single word you have said. Keep up your awesome work cause I’ve said it before I believe in what your doing and believe it comes from goodness in you and caring for these families.
        And your also a great investigator on this! I believe the Mcstay family was killed by someone who knew them well and did it for financial gain or wanted them dead but that is just a ‘theory’ .

      • Ill say this about the McStay case. It will be interesting to find out if the perps took them from their home only to take them to that spot in the desert then drove their vehicle to the border or made them cross into mexico and cross back then murdered them.
        If you recall the FBI was searching in Mexico then seemed to think (by looking in CA) that they may have doubled back.
        The forensic anthropologists report will be key. It will tell us how long they were there.

        God bless that family. Horrible ending. Lets hope for justice now.

    • Teresa says:

      I hear what your saying but theres lots of differences here. The Jamisons were known drug users and involved with meth and trafficking in some way or another, were as the Mcstays were never connected to any drugs. And actually Joesph Mcstays father Patrick says that money was withdrawn from there bank accounts right before and after they went missing, and he believes it was not done by the Mcstays. And if the police or FBI quit there searches because of other peoples theories then thats on them but I believe sites like these keeps the interest in these stories alive and HELPS to find them IF they SHOULD be found. And I believe choosing to chalk it up to ‘well this family was found dead so the Jamisons must be too’ is a bad theory!!

  149. Teresa says:

    The Mcstay case is a true mystery and I agree we won’t know much till all the pathology and testing they do is complete. Whats so strange is they left there house at 7:47pm the night they went missing,(which family members said was odd cause that was around the kids bedtime) so one would think this is when they were taken from there home but Joesph called an employee of his that he had met with earlier that day at 8:28pm and that was the last contact anyone had with this family. They didn’t disclose what the conversation was about or how long it was. And the surveillance camera from there neighbors that caught the car leaving at 7:47pm never saw it come back that night.

  150. babylon616 says:

    The bodies of the Jamisons were found yesterday 2 miles from where their truck was found.
    34 minutes ago near Oklahoma City, OK ·

    The McStays skeletal remains were discovered Monday in shallow graves in the desert out in Victorville, CA.

  151. JustMe says:

    Two miles north of where they dissapeared… Three bodies one of a young child in a single grave…

  152. JustMe says:

    I still say that there is a couple of serial killers in Oklahoma…
    Operating together..

  153. Justthere says:

    There were skeletal remains found, one appeared to be smaller than the others. It is not known, for certain that these remains belonged to the Jamison’s… Yes, it’s probably them, but I do not believe that enough time has elapsed to confirm 100% that it is them, unless there has been more information found than there was about 4 hours ago. I drove within 100 yards of where the remains were found today.

  154. Marion says:

    I wrote this on November 16: Think again and the truth may be just like the Macstay and we will hear of them being found in the total opposite as we are told by those with the theories.

    And you wrote this in your answer: The “truth” as you put it- although is quite different than the McStay case.
    No, we will not be hearing much about the Jamison family even in light of the horrible outcome of the McStay case.

    I hate to say it but I think I was right, so no they were not alive. But I am glad the ordeal is over and the family may be put to rest and their family can mourn . And now I would like to know how you feel about being wrong. After all you kept telling us they took of and where alive somewhere. Within a day I find myself being right that the Jamisons are dead just like the Mcstays. Even though I rather had it you were right and they were alive……
    But I am sure as a good writer you will find a way in this story..

    • Teresa says:

      You may be right and god forbid its true but I would wait to know for sure its the Jamisons before you play the I told you so card

    • My reply similar as earlier:

      My head is obviously in a tizzy.

      How do you think im feeling? I spent two years making connections and interviewing folks around this case. Folks directly involved in this case… outlaws in the area.

      I was harassed in chat rooms for trying to keep some light on this case. I was threatened. I was told by people that they were in wp. (In hindsight perhaps it was so I would stop asking questions about this case.) I was told by a fmr deputy he thought they left of their own free will. I was told by Niki Shenold Madyson was alive but the parents were dead.
      If this turns into a homicide investigation. Id invite OSBI to read comments here in my blog and especially topix Eufaula missing Jamison thread.

      But how do I feel about possibly being wrong? There is not one good feeling about it. Im literally stunned.

      Im sick to my stomach…sad… disgusted… Id feel horrible if it turns out that they were murdered. And after that Im gonna feel very angry.

  155. Marion says:

    You wrote this on my comment: I’m sick to my stomach…sad… disgusted… Id feel horrible if it turns out that they were murdered. And after that I’m gonna feel very angry.

    And you know what this is how I feel within days two family’s are found in a grave and what really makes me sick to my stomach is that the children were murdered as well. 2 little boys and a little girl, who’s future has been taken away.
    I had this gut feeling that both family’s were dead and I just wondered why people kept telling us they were alive, those who kept telling you the Jamisons where a live some where in Mexico. Was it foul play by them, did they knew more or was it their not knowing what happened that they made up such story’s and fed you this to keep you away from asking more questions.

    I no way I meant to shun you or tried to make a fool out of you. It is good people keep asking questions where others move on with their lives. But I just kept thinking about the pets of both family’s. Dogs who were not fed or had access to water, where proper taken care of. That kept bugging me and as it was known both family’s were animal lovers this made me believe they would not be found alive.
    I just hope that now in both cases people do wake up and investigate this, for you must be a heartless monster to kill children and walk away.

    Maybe you will find some answers in your own notes, who knows if you came to close it must be in there… Do check again.

  156. I was a friend of Sherilyn’s and I tried to read your thread today and had to just shut it off finally.. It made me sick- all the speculations and assumptions.. You with your smug “they’re alive and in hiding” BS! These were REAL PEOPLE! This was a FAMILY! You go right on and write your book that obviously no one will buy because YOU WERE WRONG!!! I will pray for you because you probably WILL get angry. You were wrong.

    • I was -wrong-. Oh you are going to try to get satisfaction from pointing that out now? I might be wrong. But I heard I was wrong when they found the Native American remains. Lets let the DNA confirm it then you can insult me. Now let me tell you something about your “friend”. Her and her husband were involved with meth on a “daily” basis according to a Sheriff statement and according to people I’ve interviewed. Did you do anything as her friend to help her and her family out????? If this does turn out to be a murder/suicide what will you say then? They were real people. They were real people involved in LOTS of bad stuff. I decided to research this case when I saw the picture of Madyson. Angry? Im damn angry. Im angry people duped me into believing something that wasn’t true because obviously they didn’t want me to continue to talk about this case or find out the truth. Outside of the Find the Jamison FB page this blog kept this story alive whether you liked what I had to say or not. 60k viewed it. Hundreds went over to the FIND THE JAMISON fb page. If it turns out to be the Jamisons I hope they leave it to OSBI and I hope if it is a homicide case that they look closely at the topix Eufaula forum thread and comments from readers here.

      • Typical critical thinking skills. If the sheriff knew of daily meth use, then why was no one ever arrested? Naturally, since he’s been elected sheriff, he must be smarter than the rest, right? (Lol! recruited from the Army rangers)

        You are no mister unless you are somewhat filled with estrogen. Your response is that of an angry up-in-your-face pantywaist that gets mad because a commenter didn’t stop her “friend” from doing what the sheriff said they were doing.Either that or one of those pot-bellied male gossips that have a finger to point at any and everyone and a potent potable to go ala carte.

        You were “duped” but typical run of the mill “meth heads” are much smarter and could never be “duped.” Never “duped” by a loose spirit running amuck. Never “duped” by Indian lore.

        If you really want to investigate, then find out where they vacationed in their time-shares. Where in Mexico were they seen? How many calls from Mexico did relatives receive?

        From what I’ve read, it was like the Last Supper: 12 FBI agents, 3 OSBI agents, and One child-Two adults.

      • RLC says:


        This message is for “Keep”:
        (I think I actually first contacted you in May 2012)

        No matter what they learn about the remains that were just found, your blog has REALLY helped keep the Jamisons’ disappearance in the public eye – which is EXTREMELY important!
        My understanding is that both the McStay family and the unidentified family in OK were found by civilians who just happened upon them, not as a result of any law enforcement agency or other type of private search/investigation, BUT, there are numerous people who ARE found bc their face and story were widely known!!!

        I am not yet 50 years old and in my lifetime I have had several friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances “go missing”. Some of those people have been found – and for most of those who were found there was at least some level of public exposure and involvement.
        Some were found dead (like, my younger brother, Hakeem/Seth Carney; my husband’s boss’s wife, Jennifer Ewing; a college boyfriend’s best friend, Chris McCandless; and a high school friend, Mark M, found in N. Thailand) and some were found alive (a childhood friend who disappeared in 1980 and was found, working in Canada in 2006 – it turned out to be a parental abduction situation; a distant cousin from NJ, Tim Carney, was found to be alive in Illinois) and some, well, we just don’t know where they are or what happened to them (like, a Japanese colleague who disappeared from a day cruise while vacationing in S.E. Asia; a friend of my brother-in-law’s, Maura Murray, up in NH; and a former colleague of my husband’s, John Calvert & his wife, Liz, who disappeared in SC).
        There is one thing that I have learned from all of this: it is so VERY IMPORTANT to keep the names and faces and stories of Missing People in the eye and mind of the public!!! I can not stress this enough!!!

        SO, THANK YOU “KEEP”, for investigating and for getting people thinking and talking about Missing People!!!
        You are doing a great service, no matter what ANYBODY says!!!


      • Your welcome and thank you for your kind words.
        This case may not necessarily have the ending we are jumping to conclusions on.
        Its either going to be a homocide case or a murder/ suicide case if it is them.

        It would be a horrible outcome either way.

      • Backslapping own self? Feb 1st the missing Carney person is mentioned.
        Blue truck? You spent 10 months “investigating” this non-disappearance but fail to recall the color of their truck? You only have three cases to “investigate,” two of which aren’t located near this family which you seem to have garnered total confidence in the area via your domestic intelligence skills gained as an actor? Are you one of those government actors the conspiracy theorists are so ripped about? Or, perhaps just another terror stalker that utilizes burglary, extortion, and stalking to gain “intelligence.””

        Watching searches, One would know who knows who and who is filled with bullsh@t.

        You, two, probably investigated troop Zzzzzzzz…………

      • It would be easy to delete you.

        But I’ll let you keep going.

        Spirits? Indian lore? No. Neither those bigfoot or aliens have anything to do with people going missing.

        Only -people- have something to do with people going missing.

        I kindly explained and corrected the color of the truck.

      • IT would be ez to delete me; I’d just come back you think? Change gravatar, get a new moniker, change the way I write…

        But t, you won’t delete me! Y? Because your expertise is in domestic intelligence-dependent upon others to report back to U.

      • Lisa says:

        wow, you are nuts.

  157. Teresa says:

    Amen RLC…blows my mind how people act when theres been devastating news bout these two families..its so sad..but I’m glad there’s people out there like you and Keeps that truly care.

    • RLC says:

      Right back at ya’ Teresa!
      I think most people out here have only been reading and posting out of concern – especially “KEEP”

  158. mike says:

    I guess you better start re writing that book you were way off here . If they did leave that mountain like you said it was by force and they were killed brought back and dumped or they were just killed or suicide on that mountain not living some great life or on the run

    Have you ever met people who are on meth? how far could they have went with little cash a kid and addiction where there brain does not function at all normal

  159. Marion says:

    I was wondering, Keep. you mention murder suicide and there is a mentioning of the remains being found about 2 miles from where they disappeared. Did nobody look in that direction? And if one killed the others .For as far as I know someone who commits suicide does not bury him or herself. And there for had to be laying in plain sight. And they are now found near a campsite, why where they not found before. Is it not the normal way of creating a circle search from out the area where someone disappears from, than it must have been seen that a fresh grave had been dug it must be something you do not miss. Just wondering for it seems to me people have been sent the wrong way or being lead away from the family.
    More questions now than before I ques or just different questions that start with why.

  160. Notafan says:

    I read your little blog few months ago. You sure sounds like you know what you are talking about, however you are right up there with psychics and mediums the likes of sylvia brown. You are either very bad at this or as i believe you just write fiction to sensationalize a news story for your own monetary gain. But to say you have facts that they left on their own and did not want to be found was shameful did you consider how your made up scenario hurt those that love them and never stopped looking for them. As far as what has been said about Niki, Sherilyn’s close friend, she is only one who cared and kept calling law enforcement and holding yearly memorials too keep story in media. Shame shame you need to pair up with psychic and do reality show call it dumb and dumber!!! so if the remains found three miles from truck is them and i believe will be, then what about all that proof you say you have that is so dangerous. What is dangerous is someone with a few bits of info and makes up wild story. There is reason fire money not drugs, from his dad settlement. Reason his mom quickly went to court to get hands on money same reason she was seen digging up their yard looking for other half….why no reward cause only one who cared truly cared about the family, her friend has spent what little money she had and could raise to keep looking best she could do, not near enough for a reward like the 32,000 dollars that someone else could have but didn’t……i just am shaking my head how by the Comments below you got so many to buy into you ideas. How is ending if the news of the remains found so close to truck and on the mountain going to do to that book you have been promoting!! Everyone had right to believe and think as they will but to say what you have said implying it to be true and profiting from it is just shameful and lose all credibility sir. Tisk tisk!!

    • Never made a dime. Not one dime. Lets get that straight.

      The Disappeared folks made money off this story as they showed it around the world and in several reruns and it was one of their highest hit stories on the web.

      Please see other comments as I’ve addressed those.

      And I will continue to keepthesearchalive for information on the story.

  161. keepthesearchalive says:
    November 17, 2013 at 12:01 am
    I – the author- do not believe they are dead or victims of any crime.

    You alleged all along that these people deliberately misled everyone by staging their own disappearance, you just KNEW that they were alive and criticized anyone who didn’t agree with you. Have you changed your opinion now? Or do you still believe they died of natural causes unrelated to any crime out there?

    Oh, and it’s “with all DUE respect”, not “do respect.”

  162. My comments are awaiting moderation. I guess that means they won’t appear here because they do not support the “author’s” opinions, viewpoints or theories on the case. No surprise there. It makes me wonder if there was an agenda for wanting people to think the Jamison’s were alive.

    • No Michele. No agenda. Thanks for your comments.

      Ive approved every comment that didn’t involve cursing. Lots of people disagreed with my opinion in the past… did you read ALL the comments from others? Plenty of people thought the Jamison’s were murdered. Including me at the beginning. The fact is we don’t know yet.

      Again, please read my earlier responses.

      I am very sad and devasted that this could be the Jamisons. I have many questions and so many seem to be getting joy out of screaming “you were wrong” right now. Wow. Kinda sad.
      Especially since I was one of the people- like it or not- agree or disagree with me- that KEPT THE STORY ALIVE.

      Now quite frankly, I’m not going to take much more of it.

  163. Dstro says:

    McStays, now probably the Jameson’s. So much for them leaving on there own.

  164. Please except my sincere apology for putting off any commenters here. I was wrong! There…I said it.

    I’m just glad they were able to locate the the couple and the child and that it did indeed turn out to be a murder/suicide. Almost like Romeo and Juliet…except for the child. The virtual tenacity to trek through rough terrain with back problems like the man had says alot about the toughness of the gene pool. The enduring love the woman had-despite flip-flopping thoughts-is more than anyone person could hope to aspire to become. And, to love one child more than the other to take that child to the grave with them says alot about their family values.

    You, Keeps, are a master intelligence gatherer worthy of national attention garnered upon you and yours.

  165. That’s a good ending to your book: They were up their on the mountain and decided to hike across the forest for a preplanned suicide pack-leaving there worldly posessions to the four winds.

    Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket. Then you’d only have to re-write the last chapter.

    • Not sure how its going to end.

      • rae says:

        I like you train of thought.However,if a family was trying to disappear,I’d think they would color childs hair without anyone knowing-like immediately before or after.And if they were in Witness Protection,I have a hard time believing they would stage any disapearance that would call attention onto themselves.And with the bodies now found 2.7 miles from the truck,we know that at some point a traumatic event occured.1-Murder/suicide.Possible but they need’nt have even left the truck and walk 2.7 miles to take their life as it was in such a remote location.And clearly their disturbing behavior prior to disappearance proves they werent thinking logically-why wouldn’t they have killed their beloved dog.Afterall they would have killed their beloved child. 2-Perhaps only one of them intended for them to die.This would make sense why they left dog,money etc in truck.They call realtor for directions.Only they insist on going themselves because either Sherilynn or Bobby knew they were going to kill others/himself.They knew once missing theyd have an idea where to look because realtor knew they were going to look at land.The money/etc did end up with intended parties.

      • Its going to be interesting to hear the forensic report from OSBI. Thats for sure!

      • @rae
        It is possible that to die on the mountain wasn’t the plan of the day. One scenario might be, since she was bi-polar and he had back problems, that they took off walking, leaving the dog in the truck because chasing it down would be too much. Perhaps the cell phones were left too since signals may be difficult to get in some areas. The wallet-perhaps it was always left out because of the back problems making sitting on it uncomfortable.

        If they had any meds on them, it could be that as the walk got more painful, the releif came by taking another pain pill until the journey could continue. This may also explain some of the “spirits” on the roof as some meds will cause hallucinations, not to mention morons that like to “spook” people they think they are superior than (some think anyone involved in an auto accident and is injured is a scammer and they like to be the doctor and tell the patient what they can take when in fact they’d like to be the one taking their meds). Perhaps he ODed on the side of the mountain and the other two froze to death.

        As far as the “cult” factor-SE Oklahoma is no worse than any other region. It’s just they keep saying that over and over again and hope it will stick in everyone’s minds so there’s a direction to point when everything else is collapsing elsewhere. It’s thick “cult-like mimicking” in the city, too. Because of these professional investigators, some have to flee the state to get anything done that may require pain medication afterwards. I, personally, almost died in another state because of swelling in the throat. The “cults” want to make sure the dental records are available for death identification if you don’t give the proper “leads.”

  166. Hailey says:

    Does anyone else think its weird that both the jamisons and the Mcstays have been found after 4 years of being missing? I am not saying they are connected… its just really weird. Maybe god has a 4 year response time

  167. Teresa says:

    Thinkerbelle i’m starting to think there might be some loose screws in your head. I never ever have claimed to be a investigator or that I know all the answers..have you actually gone through and read all these posts?!? And I don’t think police or anyone else is going to go arresting people and throwing them in jail based on what people think happened on a blog. People can’t stand the unknown and the mystery and its nice to read other peoples thoughts and theories but YOU don’t have to read it! If you don’t like it don’t get on here and read and harass the people that do! Plus I can never quite fully understand your posts since only 50% of them actually make sense. I don’t know the person who writes this blog nor do I INVESTIGATE…Don’t know where you came up with that b.s. Last time I can waste any amount of effort to make you realize what an idiot you sound like. Thanks! Just a message from a gal! Don’t hate!

  168. Marion says:

    I took some notes of your blog that caught my eye.

    I examined the Jamisons load a brown satchel into that truck on their trip up to Panola Mountain. This satchel was not found in the locked abandoned truck. What could have been in that satchel? As I examined the video further and the Jamison parents make well over a dozen trips back and forth to their truck carrying nothing.

    Now that the body’s are found maybe they can look for that brown satchel as well.
    I rather think if you are planning on a murder suicide pact why pack all this stuff in your car. Go through all that, if your state of mind is that bad. Just do it in your own home.

    One thing is for sure on the four year anniversary of the Jamison disappearance. The Jamisons did not commit murder suicide on that mountain. They were never found up there despite a search involving 300 people and drones. They appear to have left that mountain and what happened after that is where the mystery REALLY begins.
    The appearance of one last mysterious photo of Madyson in clothes that did not fit her with dyed hair.

    If you are going to kill yourself why dye the hair of your child an put her in cloths that do not fit or barely fit. And over 300 people and drones could not find them and now they are found just after another family is found. Just a coincidence or is it more than that.

    They “do not want to be found” I was told.

    Says who, And why found now in an area that is so popular. Where they there from the start or did they all of a sudden surface, because someone thought it was a good idea after the Macstays were found???

    So we are to believe the Jamisons in a murder suicide situation…. locked the dog, cell phones, jackets and personal belongings in a vehicle that also just happened to contain 30k to go commit murder/suicide? I didn’t buy it when Beauchamp said it. I don’t buy it when Brooks says it either. Pretty much by that theory is laughable given the FACTS. I mean come on. Do you think they honestly would have emptied their pockets and left the dog to be found alive if they did that?!?!?

    I always wondered if they staged their own disappearance and walked of that mountain, why not take the money and cloths, and did they have a car parked to take them on their trip of no return.
    Their irrational behavior drugs they say, hm how about poison? Both saw the same things after all? Ghosts that itself must have been a weird drug trip for two people to see the same thing. Even those who took LSD in the sixty’s had their own experiences according to their moods but never saw the same things. Unless they made it up
    Take all that food with you when you plan to die, strange and mysterious it was when they where still missing and even more strange now they are found.

    Why because the officials cannot say that it is the jamisons for they need DNA proof but they can tell us it is a possible murder suicide pack. strange word choice then.,from those who also told us they did not wanted to be found… I think something fishy is going on, and okay do call me paranoid or what ever.

    • Marion Im going to post a photo of what a reporter in the area had to say about it. And Im talking abut one of the top investigative reporters in the area who did a story on the Jamisons.
      I think its important to see what he wrote on his twitter feed about this.

    • And the story I have posted says specifically “OSBI says no foul play is involved.”

      I don’t know. Im working to give you the latest but the remains are at the medical examiners office and Im told they had called in a forensic anthropologist.

      All I can say is the entire story is crazy and I really believed they staged their disappearance and were all alive. It very well could turn out to they staged their disappearance to commit suicide or it could wind up yet another turn. We could find out it was murder. Im gonna hold tight. Its all up to OSBI as Latimer is not involved and James has not returned calls from the media on the case.
      But Marion it is all odd. And if you want to get right down to it I might have to apologize to the previous Sheriffs for bashing their murder/suicide theories.

    • I posted the picture of the comments from the reporter on the bottom of the post “Three Bodies…” That is where I will continue updating this story until it ends in which case I will end the main blog on this story.

    • “In that kind of area”.

  169. No. I said they disappeared of their own free will and didnt want to be found- I did think they were alive and am personally devastated. But the entire crux of my analysis was that they disappeared of their own free will. Lets see what OSBI says. It could be they staged their disappearance to commit suicide in an area or it could be murder. Lets see.

    Stopped people from what?
    It appears the Jamison’s may have been on that mountain the whole time. Youre just sour.

    The book will be written when the story ends whether you like it or not.

    • megamel99 says:

      My question is, if the remains are definitely the Jamison family’s (not sure if it has been officially said yet, I think at least the parents were identified) were all of the bodies buried? Because I’m having trouble with the idea that one of the family members killed the others and themselves if they were all buried.

      • megamel99 says:

        Never mind. I just realized I was getting them confused with the McStay family. Sorry!

      • No problem. Your not the only one. The McStay remains were found in “graves”, sadly in the Mojave Desert.

        The three skeletal remains found in Oklahoma were found together above the ground and have not yet been positively identified.

        We’re all waiting to find out answers.

      • megamel99 says:

        I had a total brain fart on that one. I’ve read a lot about both families since they disappeared. Silly mistake I made.

        This is all so very sad. I hope we get more answers.

      • dessalucca says:

        Are there any updates? Have the bodies been identified? Hard to believe that the bodies were found in the area of their vehicle and all the searches did not locate them.

  170. And if you dont like my blog move along.

  171. None of the missing posters denoted the hair being dyed although it was. That was my point there.

  172. This has been a terrific read. It enchanted me, which
    is very rare.

  173. JustMe says:

    Did i read somewhere the Jamisons cell phone pinged off a bristow tower… If so what day and at what time…. Bristow is a long way from the Panola mountain…. Just saying…

    • JustMe says:

      Found the info…. Someone checked the cell phones voimail from Bristow Oklahoma on the 13 of October. The Jamisons left for the mountain on the 8th of October… Someone explain this to me….

  174. Why did u not publish what I put up for it is the truth I’m hurt for this kinda info could help no mudslinging just the facts you can email me privately. thanks

  175. Was it because I ended a sentence with a preposition?….something about the truth slithering out?

    If I’ve been banned, then I thank you and I’ll exit the medicine show-stage left.

  176. friendofthefamily says:

    Does anyone have gps coordinates for where they were found?

  177. You can’t respond to me privately. I deleted that mailbox a long time ago. Also, Lucy is dead because I put a partition in my computer. You may be able to hack my mother’s computer and my father’s computer to try to force me into your conspiracy cult, but, you can’t convince me it is my duty to do the work that police officers should be doing.

    Leakage: blue truck instead of white demonstrates your connection to the now defunct hokie meter that likes to chase storms and catch people when they are under a lot of stress so they can “hep” people out.
    Stabbed and car stolen? Did that really happen?

    Some of your commenter are looking to blame the ‘relator’ since 101 minutes were spent talking to her prior to their untimely disappearance.

    You deleted my theory that he may have OD’d on pain meds and the hallucinations may be part of the meds. Why? Is that so hard to believe even though several in the area was busted for meth? did they find meth in their home? Also, from what I’ve read, any connection to that drug occurred in OKC because that’s where he was hospitalized. So, why bash a friend of theirs?

    Forcing people into civilian spy rings now is much more difficult since the child is dead; cults are the last thread to hang onto.

    Isn’t it ironic that the forensic building now sits on top of what used to be the Autoban?

    You people can quit breaking and entering, leaving hairs, decapitated rabbits, large bones, harassing calls and foreing objects to let the civilian “spies” know they are being watched if they don’t produce leads for you and lawdawg. It’s criminal–in other states. this is why the hokie meter is defunct.

  178. Deborah Gates says:

    Has a positive identification been made yet on any of the bodies?

  179. Deborah Gates says:

    Have any of the bodies been positively identified yet? I cannot believe it might take years. No one seems in a rush I’m this case.

  180. Little “birdies” fly south for the winter…more leakage.

  181. Me and my wife lost a set of twins in Choctaw so we found a place in the country,figured nice quiet area on the lake sandy bass bay number two so everyone is like who are you and who do you know.we were like we just found a place in the paper so we are here after seven years of harassment and dhs and the school and the sheriffs dept not arresting felons with guns shooting outside your 15year old daughters window at night time.and they’re like he’s asleep now and leave not one thing like what’s a grown man doing outside her window while she’s changeling clothes a det takes a gun while he’s drunk while the person he’s fighting goes to jail she just gives the gun back to his mother he’s a felon drunk on drugs with a gun.they did nothing when he busted my 9 year old sons mouth open did nothing after they burned our home down.and we were threatened to make dissapear like the jamisons.I never met the jamisons but one of my kids went to school with the little girl.I finally me star did a little cleanup for her.makes me sick of what some people are allowed to do .started to think this is not america no more.to this day we are being harassed and stalked .by some connected to those people.we are not druggies just parents raising our family.they burnt our life down took everything from us.and the law even knows they did it .I have all types of law family I respect the law just not none in their click.how come its all friends and family that are law council and everything else running that area.always the elected ones for their reasons.there is a lot that is going on in the buddy buddy system it used to be good but now its for bad used to be if a neighbor had problems all the neibors come running to help now they just stand around and then call the fire dept and such till your home is almost completely burned down.then after they all start asking was your guns in there .smiling a lot needs done around here complete makeover start fresh. My prayers to the jamisons god brings you strength and thanks to keep for what you are doing.

  182. Jacqueline says:

    First and foremost, I want to say to the family and friends God bless you all during this difficult time. Upon hearing the news early on Sunday that three sets of remains were found, I was filled with mixed emotions. There have been several images and seauence of events leading up to the day they vanished without a trace. Two images in full detail cannot be explained. The first is Bobby prominently carrying a briefcase from his house and placing in the truck. The second is the photo of Madyson with her hair dyed by the rock on the mountain. Was the briefcase ever found in the truck or where the remains were found? Madyson is scared, cold and not smiling when that photo was taken. When I first looked at this photo, I pointed out several images within the photo not realizing these were loved ones initially. I had mentioned that I thought the entire Family had crossed over to the Other Side on the Find the Jamison’s page. It was not perceived favorably, so I kept my opinions to myself. Sherilynn was depressed and suffered from being bi-polar and was grieving the death of her sister. Couple this with perceived danger of a drug cartel and you get paranoia.the hardest part of this story is how an innocent child of 6 could be murdered. Bobby was on all kinds of meds from a car accident and every one cannot believe he could walk more than two miles in a mountainous areas crossing into a gated area. Driving distance from the top of the mountsin is 28 miles. Why not leave Madyson at his Mom’s house which leads me to believe they never wanted to be found. What was their motive – perceived danger? While uncommon, it makes perfect sense! It may take awhile to be able to 100% identify the remains, but I believe the remains are the Jamison family.

    Thank You Brett for writing your blog and investigating cases that are closed. There are many cases that you do not blog on that you have helped on and provided assistance. These are not easy to review, investigate or solve. It is equally difficult to find a missing person’s remains and once in awhile you get a break. This family may one day have closure, but may never know why….

  183. I’d have to say that bobby being 6’3″ tall and her 5’7″ plus the little girl at her age and the missing baby teeth. it will be a easy I’d on the remains.then the investigation and the mudslinging plus all the peeps trying to say that they left on own free will.why would so many say and persuade that ,I have linked a lot of peeps together in blogs as well .plus when clicks get clicked and placed together one would come to a better understanding that peeps with vacation home out there and connects to locals all the way to Texas and okc that says a cartel that a lot of peeps have gotten stupid and spoke during this whole matter and told on themselves so ya a lot of peeps in high places shall fall .and they should not only being stupid but most of all that Lil girl that had been removed bbed of her life with her mom and dad.you all know its evil .you all owe me my wife and six kids for burning our home and future ,and we had know part of our nonsense whatever it is and was,but you go out and have fun ,for the lord and the laws of man are after you and I. Can’t wait for you filthy rich sobs will pay in this life as. Well as the next.lord have no mercy for u.I now know by u burned my home down cause u know I’m smart enough to piece it all together.you owe them and us as well.but for us just knowing that you all will be stripped of everything and all you get is state clothes plus three hots and a cot.and oh yeah we are native american Indians as well as u know so let’s just start something even bigger t.b.

    • Anthony,

      I will say that I think there is a lot of evil out there for sure. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about evil in that area.
      Its really hard for me to comment further until we hear the details of the final forensic reports. If you watched Nancy Grace tonight. She talked of these being cult murders. We don’t even know for sure it is murder or that it is the Jamison family.
      As far as people saying they moved on: I took it to mean something completely different. I personally thought after interviewing a dozen or so people in that area and people connected to the case that they faked their disappearance and did not want to be found.
      Now in the end we may have foul play leading to their deaths. We may also have what the Washington Post too is calling “no foul play suspected”. Another words, possibly a murder suicide situation. Exactly one of the theories of the original Sheriff in the case. It might also be possible they got lost and succumbed to the elements. We just don’t have all the facts yet.

      I believed they had more than one reason to skip town. I also believed the diary entries clearly showed they had some sort of “plan”.

      Now as I researched this case I was spooked by certain posters in chat rooms. I really didn’t know what to make of it but I did notice that others who looked for this family all seemed to be deterred or bullied. I didn’t feel like it was your normal everyday troll. Maybe it just was a clever one. Or maybe if this goes to a murder investigation… it might have some significance.

      Im sorry for your loss there.

      • Marion says:

        I too read a very vile comment on one of the chat rooms you were once in Keep and this one is very vile and evil in posting things I will not name the person but his or her suggestions were beyond normal [it can be found on the last page by the way] writing this for one:
        Jack and Jill (and Jillian) went up the hill
        To fetch a pail of water.
        Jack fell down and broke his crown,
        And Jill came tumbling after.
        Is that an internet troll, he or she does write more like this and appears to have an insight or is fed nonsense like the rest and believes every word of it.

        And if a family chooses to leave on their own free will as it was said by officials, looking like they wanted to make sure no one would look for them in the first place. Than why harass those who want to know the truth. In the same chat room someone saying oh well they will be found by hunters, months before they were found. It does strike odd to me.
        It is a very scary case and I for one do not buy the story of murder suicide, never did and never will. Just like I never believed the story that they were in witness protection or left voluntarily.
        There are to many loose ends on this story. And I think it is odd it is the officials who kept sending strange story’s and idea’s around, For years they said they left on their own free will or committed murder suicide, they were only found one day and this was what they said right away even without a proper investigation they sold us they same BS..

  184. Trish S. says:

    Hi there, new to commenting but have been following this and the McStay case. I don’t mean to be rude to grieving family and friends, but i’m just wondering if anyone else wonders if the recent remains found in both these cases could be staged by LE. I mean, it’s really curious that remains were found one right after the other by only a few weeks in cases that went unsolved for so long. Even if LE “confirms” the remains, how would the public ever know whether or not it’s really the truth or just a way to finally put an end to the searching of people who would be in danger if found alive. Just sayin’…

    • megamel99 says:

      I dunno, Trish. Seems like it would be a waste of time and too big a risk if someone were to find out and blow the whistle. When you think of all the people who are missing that LE could stage scenes with bodies for, it just doesn’t add up.

      Also, why do you think they would be in danger if they were found alive?

      • dessalucca says:

        I do not understand why the bodies have not been identified yet. LE had originally said the family was definitely in Mexico. The McStay family’s remains were identified very quickly. There is something very strange going on with the investigation.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • dessalucca says:

        I meant to comment on the blog. I will resubmit,

        Sent from my iPhone


  185. It was clear to me – after watching the disappeared program – that these were two meth heads that got lost in the wilderness and died. Seems like now that the bones have been found I was right. Soo much of what has been played up is nothing. Storage container homes are becoming popular in parts of Hawaii and can be quite nice. Neighbors trapped my cats and I made them very afraid of me so they would leave us alone. I get what she did with the spray paint message about witches. It meant nothing. What I want you to know is that my heart breaks for that little girl. Her parents were drug abusing nuts and we failed her. Her school clearly knew something was wrong and yet allowed her to be pulled out of the system. Unacceptable. Bobby’s mother lived with them for 4 months because the child’s own mother was unable to care for her and yet left without alerting child services to any problems……….? Unacceptable. If that sweet child looked terrified in her last photo on the mountain she had good reason to be. She was a small child in the hands of maniacs and they ended her up dead. What child wouldn”t be afraid of that ? Nuff with the drama already. See this story for what it is and tell the truth. There is no mystery here. This is a story of 2 crazy people who had no business having custody of a 6 year old child. Give it up already.

    • Well Im not gonna tell you that you’re wrong.

      There was an issue with the school. I could not confirm but heard rumors about child services.

      Lets wait and see what the forensics say and then write the final chapter. It sounds like to me though that as heartless and brazen your comments may seem to some that you knew them. What you are saying about the drug use is accurate. Both Sheriffs said so. But I still get emails from sluethers who don’t think they did drugs at all.LOL
      I don’t know if Ill buy the “they got lost in the woods” scenario. Id buy murder/suicide while Im sure MANY MANY will NOT. I thought they faked their disappearance and did not want to be found. That part I may have gotten right… but I surely thought they got off the mountain alive.
      I’m sick for that little girl too. I plan on “giving it up” when we know from the ME’s office there that its the Jamison’s and what happened to them.

      • I didn’t know them personally and think we will never know exactly how they ended up lost but if there was a murder/ suicide it was the result of a desperate situation and not a pre-planned event. I am sure of that. I do believe that they went up the mountain to look for land to buy. I also think they needed to clear out their house ( with the Feds sniffing around ) and needed a safe place to hide stuff. The mountain gave them that and explains why no drugs were found in the truck or the house. It will be interesting to see if the missing brown bag/ box is found with them or if they hid it and then realized they were lost. I love a good mystery but this story has always felt like a pretty straight forward tragedy to me.

  186. Chel says:

    This is just so sad. So if murder/suicide was the cause, how? Could Bobby have walked those three miles? Was Sherilynn having an episode when Madyson’s picture was being taken? Was there a fight between Bobby and Sherilyn and that is why the truck stopped where is was? She was mad and got out? Did Bobby follow her and she shot him? She certainly could not have dragged him that far. The cadaver dogs picked up their scent at the water tower but not the direction they were found?

  187. @dessalucca

    They may have stated they were seen in Mexico as a ruse to go there for another reason. Perhaps at that time these false statements were made they were planning on reeling in the zetas but hoped to capture more than a few wild horses.

    In Oklahoma, private citizens are thrown on the firing line so others may capitalize off the biggest “catch of the day.” It is for this reason no law enforcement is ever provided and why so many claim to be “investigators.” Often they will threaten friends and family members to try and force them into participating in these fake “investigations.” They’d prefer to brag about the people they know in “high places” than what they know.

    Typically, they just seize their assets but leave the drugs and the bad elements out there so they can start another round of whodunnit. It’s like a training center for those interested in playing mafia that will exceed any organized crime in any other state. It works for them because they have a double dipper retirements plus the funds scammed of the victims of these criminals. too many military bases and their own need to feel in power. Everyone else lives with the rumors of these bad azzes or in fear of their “investigators-which essentially never produce anything.”

  188. Kellye says:

    Anything new on the identification of the remains found?

    • As of 12/3/13 there has been no word.

      • Marion says:

        According to the fb page FIND THE JAMISONS, the remains of the child did not have her teeth and the adults only a few, a bit strange isn’t. Should read the fb page about what is said there.

      • Ski1227 says:

        I saw that. I don’t get how whoever is operating the page can just call up the medical examiner and get that kind of information…

      • I agree. To my knowledge no reports have been made public from that office and OSBI has not released any new statements on this case.

      • Marion says:

        I agree and as far as I know a medical examiner does not give information other than to close relatives. So how she could say these things I do not know, it just struck me as odd.

      • megamel99 says:

        I can’t speak for this specific case and I don’t know if the info on that FB page is accurate or not. However, I can tell you that I have communicated through email quite a bit with the ADA assigned to my best friend’s homicide case. (Just to clarify, my friend was the victim, not attacker). She can’t tell me everything, obviously. They save a lot for the trial. However I don’t think I’ve been told much less than his parents, if anything.

  189. dessalucca says:

    What is on the FB page?

  190. @gaprofessor
    Making statements about the Mexican Mafia is par for the course in Oklahoma since they never want to arrest them but instead take their ponies. They prefer to let them run the state because they need them to protect the military bases since they’ve been unable to train a legitimate police force and typically hire off the base-like the Army cadet sheriff popping his bubble gum.

    However, the universities take up the slack with their “research.” They were studying the Mexican mafia years ago-sometime partaking of the goods to see if they were marketable. LYep! Marketing research.

    The media is expected to do the law enforcement In Oklahoma. This is why the conspiracy blogs are so popular. What they do is highly illegal so they spread the jeer….to another state. No licensing is required to be a “investigator” so anyone can claim they are investigating something instead of saying they are rummaging through people’s trash, breaking and entering, threatening, hacking, cyberstalking, physical stalking and threatening friends and especially relatives.

    It is for this very reason the ran a lot of their phoniess through a grocery store from the very town the phone was last called for.

    If you puke for a year after a major disaster, then you know what these “investigators” are really up to-it’s all for charity and good deeds-like a night in shining armour.

    • Sorry, LE never looked for this family after 90 days.
      Now people like yourself can hate all you want.
      I came in way after no one but Niki Shenold was left to take up the cause of finding these folks.

      I can take all the criticism you can dish. But my intentions are much nobler than yours.

      I wanted to find out what happened to Madyson.

      You apparently dont care.

      You wanna play games.

      Good luck on that. Have fun.

      • babylon616 says:

        Still NO positive ID on this family? How bizarre. It shouldn’t take this long.

        If meth was involved, maybe one of the parents was delusional & paranoid & they died on their Mecca through the woods? What were temperatures like when they disappeared and the days to follow?

        I’m not trying to be insensitive, but I know that some people get very delusional after being up on that drug for several days without sleep.

        Their actions were bizarre as was the thought process of wanting to move into the woods in metal shipping containers.
        That screams out irrational thoughts & paranoia.

    • Sorry, LE never looked for this family after 90 days.
      Now people like yourself can hate all you want.
      I came in way after no one but Niki Shenold was left to take up the cause of finding these folks.

      I can take all the criticism you can dish. But my intentions are much nobler than yours.

      I wanted to find out what happened to Madyson.

      You apparently dont care.

      You wanna play games.

      Good luck on that. Have fun.

      Keeps! My man! It wasn’t criticisms intended towards you. Wow! Mea Culpa….
      “If the shoe fits, wear it.” an old adage when foot in mouth turns out to be the medicine needed to move forward.

  191. babylon616 says:

    The more I think about it, it sounds like the father &/or mother were on meth & paranoid. Bleaching the child’s hair, wanting to move into metal containers, etc.
    Maybe they were paranoid that someone was out to get them & fled?
    Maybe they left the truck behind because they thought they could run away & hide in the woods easier?
    I recall reading that they kept going back & forth to their truck without loading any baggage or anything into it?

    I don’t suspect foul play. I suspect they died in the woods due to the environment.
    “October 2009 was the coldest October on record in the state of Oklahoma (map).
    October 2009 was the 6th wettest October on record in the state of Oklahoma, and the 7th wettest October on record for Texas (map).”

  192. There was no mention of any drugs other than that used for chronic pain since the man had back problems. It’s potent and has a street value that causes others to make the pain sufferer think he/she isn’t worthy of the medication and therefore it should be handed over to the more righteous sufferer. Some may even do some genetic research to be able to tell who is more tolerant of pain and who isn’t.

    I spoke with a surgeon following a near death experience which involved a lot of pain-normally- and he told me some people need more pain medication than others; some build up a tolerance. I had been a really sick child and didn’t feel the pain as much as another.

    The hallucinations described b y seeing gheists are often symptoms of the medication or a change in medication. Some who have never experienced chronic pain, cancer, or something similar are prone to mock the afflicted when they do not know what they are going through. It is for this reason morphine now comes in patches. It makes the more deserving work harder to relieve there pain.

  193. sammy2013 says:

    keep i was thinking it was a hoax also ie. ballon boy,but somthing went wrong but now iam going back over timeline: You seem to have great kwowledge of characters involved. do you know what state the(out of state sellers /owners live?) or what number bobby called? thier described as out of state private private party sellers. did you talk to brandi d? is she related to tim and andy dorr or peggy? the neighbor bobby talked to the night before, do you know his name? did he talk them the day they went missing? Bobby searched ebay vflier and a website cclgtx ( turned of on 10-5-09 iam jcurious how he came to know about that propert since it was described as a private seller

    • First off… I did delete a last name in your comments out of respect for that person.

      The realtor is still personally devastated that it appears they have been found. Her friends have conveyed that to me. I have found in my conversations with her that she is a very decent and caring person who unfortunately is involved in the story. If this case does go forward as a homicide case at some point… people will point fingers and accuse others and I am sure the realtor had nothing to do with it.

      As for the other name you mention… no I haven’t. Ive looked into some of the people the Jamisons called. Including one person the Jamison’s wrote down who insists he never communicated with them in any form.

      • sammy2013 says:

        no problem you can delete the enire message iwas just trying to pin down a timeline i dont think any names mentioned where invloved! thanks

      • No- its a good point to re-look at the time line of events and who exactly we know they spoke to before they disappeared.
        Just wanted to spare some people some aggrivation by weirdos.

  194. Jennifer says:

    Keep: I want to both thank you and curse you. I thank you for the hard work and dedication to this story. I (like many others here) ended up on this site after watching Disappeared on ID. I don’t know why I keep watching that program because I always expect a nice, tidy conclusion and they never end that way so I have to search the internet to find out if there was ever a resolution. So, Google brought me here and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading what is clearly a product of some hard work on your part. I have to curse you, however, because I have now spent the better part of a day in reading this and have gotten literally nothing else accomplished! I’m kidding, of course. It disturbs me that there are people here who seem to take great joy in insulting you and saying you were wrong. Unfortunately the internet is full of trolls who will say things anonymously that they would never say to your face. I look forward to reading more of your work, don’t let the trolls prevent you from continuing to write!

    • Thanks so much for your kindness.

      Ive spent a lot of time exploring other disappearances that sadly- for one reason or other couldn’t write about. In one, Jose Baez was the attorney for a client who’s travel partner disappeared. While we did extensive interviews. I really didn’t want to lose my house or this blog over others legal maneuvering and decided to move on. Another words, I wouldn’t have had the resources to battle litigation that may have come from telling the story accurately and with updates and what the behavior of the said players in it- are up to now.

      That’s said. To date we still have no confirmation of a DNA match on the Jamison family with the bones found. All we have is that press release I’ve posted. With modern DNA technology don’t you find it interesting we still do not know for sure?

      The disappearance of Kortne Stouffer is a possibility because it’s close to home. But what I have learned there doesn’t bode well for her being found. A “key player” in the case died in a police chase in an unrelated matter.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m not in law enforcement, but suffice it to say I’ve definitely “lived”. In my experience I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the finest of human behavior, and in turn I’ve also seen the worst of human depravity – sometimes from the same person. What I’ve learned is that rarely is a person all good or all bad, they’re usually a little of each. The same with situations – it’s never black and white. When most people hear someone spouting off about government conspiracies and cover-ups, that person is usually labelled a crackpot and his ideas are automatically discounted as the ravings of a lunatic. Most of the time they are, but on a very rare occasion there’s some truth there. Once in a while there are bad cops, and every so often there is a cover-up.

        That being said, somebody knows the results of those DNA tests and whether or not those bodies recovered are the Jamison family or not. We (the public) are not being given that information. Odds are good that those in charge are withholding that information in order to protect the integrity of an ongoing investigation, but there’s always that tiniest iota of a chance that there are more nefarious motives. It is that tiny chance that gives us as American Citizens not only the right, but the responsibility to demand answers and accountability because unchecked corruption will only grow and eventually destroy our free society.

        So, keep asking. They probably won’t tell you anything new (on any of these cases for that matter), but these people need to know that someone is going to keep asking even if only to keep them from becoming apathetic.

      • UPDATE: The results of Madyson Jamison’s DNA test to the bones found are complete. The results are not currently being released to the public

        In addition a govt website used to track missing person cases called NameUs has updated the file with a picture of what Madyson would look like now. The updated picture was made in Feb ’14. Well after the remains were found.

      • Well the results are in. Let’s hope we get some word soon.

    • Darn you people dont anyone take me serious .me my wife and six kids was threatened to make dissapear like the Jamison’s excact words.since we got out of their after they burned our home down we have been threatened harassed and even my fifteen year old daughter got beet bad by a mayors family and friend.and they still have not been arrested or anything they all came to our home we was renting drunk and our witness filled out a statement saying they was bragging how high they were in a store.so we have been forced out of two towns since then.this makes me sick how can so many types of authority figures keep these types of people free to keep causeing harm.forget me but my kids have gone through way to much.no I’m not a druggie my wife is not one either maybe that’s the problem we arent in with that kinda crap.we live a lot on faith.id also like to know why I keep hearing that this case won’t be solved until they solve the federal building bombing.these kinda folks are gonna keep up all their evil crap until the u.n. places us under their laws and we will not be a free nation anymore.what do you gain when you loose your souls.

  195. justme says:

    I had read somewhere that the Jamisons invited church members to go with them on the mountain and they declined for some reason. If that is the case i would think that rules out a planned event..


    • justme says:

      I have read the post about the DNA results…. If it not her then why not just say so… Sounds more like to me, they do not want the positive ID of Madyson to go public just yet..

      • I agree. Although reporter Phil Cross told me not to be suprised if we don’t hear anything because of that “area” ever again.

        Wouldn’t you think if this disappearance was due to a criminal act that they would be questioning people? Not one single person that has spoken to me has relayed to me that LE is investigating this or asking anyone questions.

        It just seems to get weirder and weirder.

        And if they thought she was deceased… why make that aged progressed picture of her posted in February of this year?

        Just more weirdness to this case.

      • justme says:

        I was informed today that the DNA report is not complete…. The Namus report means that the DNA has been collected but not yet identified one way or the other….as of today…It also seems to me they may already have a suspect, just tying up loose ends.

      • I have confirmed from a reporter there the ME’s office has not released the report.

        As for a suspect. No LE official will go on record saying this is a homocide case.

        Other media outlets initially reported “no foul play suspected”.

        I appreciate your contributions. I hope all the loose ends are tied up before my final book draft is completed and goes to print in June. I have been waiting, following and inquiring patiently to be able to bring an end to this bizarre case.

      • RLC says:

        This truly is a bizarre happening and mystery, but my thoughts always return to the heart of the situation – that beautiful little girl who ended up…well, who knows at this point, but there seems to be a very good chance that it’s not good. I looked at that age-progression picture and it made me cry. Wherever she is, I hope that Madyson is at peace – her parents too.

        Thanks again for keeping this story alive and in the public eye,
        And Keep, good luck finishing your book and do let us know when it becomes available to the Public!

        Take Care,

  197. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s going to be awhile before anything is known, if ever….god bless all of the families waiting for their answers!

    • Thanks Jennifer!

      The tests were actually sent to Texas because that apparently is where the DNA was on file.

      According to reporter Phil Cross- You are right. We may never know.

      Thanks for posting!

      • dessalucca says:

        I still cannot believe there is no identification on the bodies.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • You and me both. It’s definitely a very strange set of circumstances.

      • dessalucca says:

        I hate to keep comparing it to the McStay case, but those bodies were identified very quickly. There are relatives of the deceased family for comparison. And how were the bodies not discovered for years when they were only three miles from their truck?Something is not right. Thank you for the updates . Sent from my iPhone


  198. I will not be posting nasty comments.

    The Jamison family’s remains were found two miles from their vehicle and identified after approximately 8 months.
    Law Enforcement and some friends of the family all are saying they got lost in the woods and perished in the elements. No signs of foul play were found around the remains.

    Of course I agree with these findings.

    I said all along I thought they were not murdered. I was right. I also said I believed based on persons who claimed to have seen them and their past history that they left of their own accord and did not want to be found. Sadly, I was wrong there. Personally, as I said I’m very sad. But I wouldn’t change the way I kept the dialogue going at a time when it was at a stand still. You can choose to boycott the book. But I reveal interviews with many people who were involved in this story as it twisted and turned to it’s conclusion. Some thought the same as I. Others still to this day believe they were murdered.

    At the bottom of every story, I had information to contact authorities if you saw them. I also had the “Find the Jamisons” facebook page mentioned there. As you will find out, there were people who came forward claiming to have seen them alive and did contact authorities based on reading my blog.

    It is not the only story in the book. There are other stories. Some still needing a conclusion. Im not Sherlock Holmes nor am I trying to be. And to date, I haven’t earned a dime despite the amount if resources I put in to all this.
    I’m sorry if Niki Shenold and I had a falling out.
    I didn’t want to be sent on fruitless wild goose chases anymore. I certainly didnt like the fact psychics were being used over trained investigators.
    And Im sure everyone she used who said they were deceased and sent maps are all saying “I told you so” now.
    The fact remains they didn’t find them either.
    It was hunters.

    Now I am sure many people want “justice” here. Really though, there is no conspiracy. No cover up. Just a family that must have decided to lock up their vehicle with the dog inside… go for a walk in the dense woods…got lost and perished looking for a spot to buy land and put a shipping container to live.

  199. There's says:

    Well even though it was a sad outcome (I would have loved to find out they were actually still alive) it’s somewhat comfort I’m sure to the family and friends and people like you who put so much hard work and dedication to this story, to now know the ending. You were very unbiased to the people you encountered and your opinions along the way. I was always, like many others, curious about this case and ever since I first heard the story I could never let it go. You helped keep things alive along the way through your blog and I really looked to it when I couldn’t get the mystery of it all out of my head. I agreed so often with you too cause you would actually make sense out of it all, whether they were right or wrong opinions, you let it be known they were just that; your opinion. And you too had changing of opinions along the journey to uncover the truth as things unfolded. I commend all the work you’ve done and look forward to reading the book!!

  200. robertstacks says:

    Couple things on this case; some things I agree with you on, some I don’t; but really good article and good job on gathering all the information on it
    Anyway, some of the things I’m wondering your opinions on:
    What do you make of the fact that the money was in the car? In other words, someone confronted them, why did that person leave the dog alive in the vehicle, not take the money, etc.? Why was the car locked with the keys in it, why would would their coats have been left in the car, why was that large amount of money left in the car assuming it was foul play?

    Is there any url with the video of the security footage of them going back and forth to their truck? I would really like to see this video to see their behavior that I keep reading to be really odd.

    In reading the OSBI link you posted, it mentions the area being rugged and mountainous and hard to get to.. Could it be possible that they went either hiking, left the tiny dog since in my experience extremely tiny dogs can be more of a hassle if you are hiking, or in tall brush.. then maybe got disoriented, lost, and possibly fell to their death down the side of this “rugged, mountainous” region where OSBI says they were found?

    I still can’t find a good explanation for why their keys were locked in their car, why their coats were in the vehicle, why they left the dog, why their phones were in the car, why a large sum of money was untouched, etc.
    Some of those facts could point to them coming into contact with somebody; and they lock their keys in the car along with their money and dog as they quickly leave..
    or it could be that they are high and not rationally thinking; locked their keys in their car, left without proper clothing, trek 3 miles from their car?

    If it was somebody that killed them; why didn’t they take the money (the fact that the car is locked wouldn’t be a deterrent at a secluded area like that.. anyone could kill them, return to the car, break the window and it would still be days before the vehicle was found.

    There’s a lot of things that really don’t make sense here; if it was murder, what was the motive? It obviously wouldn’t have been a gun shot death, since I believe the cause of death would have been able to be determined rather easy if there was broken bones from a bullet..

    How did they not find them during the first massive search if they were within 3 miles of where their truck was found.

    Here’s where I differ with you on two points.
    *I don’t think its that out of the ordinary that the family asked for the gps cordinates and wanted to find it themselves.. I could see it being like an adventure to them; and that would fit with why they would take this trip to check out the property on their own, rather than just checking out pictures or videos from the owner.
    *The fact that the picture of the girl was on the camera, locked in the car with the dog, makes it seem that nothing out of the ordinary happened the day prior to that point. There was $30,000 in that car besides. One thing about this that I keep thinking about; if it was somebody else taking a picture and the girl being uncomfortable in the picture(I think the picture could go either way as to her being uncomfortable or just a badly timed photo) – but I don’t think it is plausible for these reasons: if the person had contact with them before and he took that picture; well then their would either be finger prints on the camera, or the camera would show signs of someone wiping clean the camera, both of which would have led the investigation in that direction; either announcing that this was for sure a homicide because they see that the camera had prints wiped clean. So yeah, I don’t find it plausible that that picture was taking by someone other than the family.

    • Their remains were found and identified. As you surmised LE believes they got list and disoriented and succumb to the elements. There was a rain storm and if they got wet with no jackets they would have perished overnight. It was fall and I believe they weren’t found because they may have tried covering up in the underbrush with leaves.

      • Teresa says:

        Well its definitely a sad outcome. I as well as everyone else who’s followed the case wishes that they in fact were alive and hiding out. But I commend you for your hard work and dedication to this case. Your site was my go-to when I couldn’t get it off my mind and needed someplace to read and respond to different theories about this case. I don’t care who was wrong or right, what matters is it was kept alive and now people finally have some answers. I definitely look forward to reading your book cause I have also been following the Gricar case as well. I’m a mystery buff but it drives me insane when there’s so many questions left unanswered as in most mystery cases! Its always relieving to read your blog on these cases that haunt me. Thanks again Keep and please continue doing what your doing cause there’s a lot of us out there who appreciate it!

    • Mandy says:

      I am not sure what really went down. But I assume IF there was foul play, who is to say they didn’t have a larger sum of money? We assume just because $30k was in the car that someone would take it, but not if they had a large sum on them as well. No one would know if that were the case and they were murdered. So the killer(s) take off with the money on them, not knowing there is more in the car. I have always believed that they probably had more money than what was in the car, if it comes down to foul play.

      I can’t wrap my mind around them walking for 3 miles while leaving their dog in the car. Even if they HAD gotten lost, it would have taken at least a bit to really get lost, and if they were planning on walking for a while (for more than 10 minutes), they would have cracked the window for the dog and probably brought a cell phone. The picture on the cell phone shows they do carry it around, so why the sudden change when trekking off in dangerous terrain with a 6 year old CHILD?!

      Another explanation for irresponsibility and no foul play is definitely being high on drugs that day. However, that doesn’t explain why there was no signs of paraphernalia in their car or with the bodies.

      • When the legalities of my Gricar story get ironed out and my book comes out. I do talk about specifically what others told me about what was in the truck that may have never made it to the evidence locker and seemingly disappeared before the Sheriff arrived.
        I also talk about a lot of false information people gave me. For whatever reason. To be a troll or whatever.
        If they had gone for a walk like suspected- they may not have brought the dog because of the thick terrain. As for leaving the phones and jackets in the car without cracking a window. Maybe they figured they wouldn’t be gone long. As far as them being “high on drugs”… their past history would suggest it was likely. That is one part of this that was consistent throughout talking to people.

      • Mandy says:

        I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and really appreciate all that you have done to help us try and figure out what was going on! I look forward to your book coming out. 🙂

      • Thanks so much Mandy. I have been working on other stories for much of the year that I have not yet blogged about.
        *Robyn Gardner
        *Kortne Stouffer
        But much of my time has been spent working on the book. It’s been a very difficult project to finish because I want to print certain documents I acquired in the disappearance of Ray Gricar that were not meant to be public knowledge. Obviously, it would be a heart breaking deal to spend all the time writing a book only to be sued or have it removed for “National Security” reasons so I am being very vigilant. The book is not a theory book but is meant to give people who follow these stories a better picture of what causes people to disappear mysteriously. It also takes time to celebrate the people who go out to search for the missing.

  201. Arc Light says:

    1. Why would anyone leave a remote area for another remote area to commit suicide? They wouldn’t.
    2. Was this family a victim of a wild animal attack? No.
    3. Was this family murdered by a yet to be identified perpetrator? No.
    4. Was this family a victim of predation by something other than humans or a known apex predator? High probability…

    Sometimes the mere simple facts of a case can lead us to a conclusion, far outside our comfort zone…

    • I… as others… believe now that the remains were found and identified… that they simply got lost in the woods, got rained on… perhaps used the fall leaves or underbrush in the heavy rains for cover and subsequently perished in the elements after darkness set in.

      I appreciate your comments but nothing found at the site of their remains suggest otherwise.

  202. MG says:

    What is the point of “speculating” if everyone has already agreed with one another and certainly no one is going to debate with you and they are all here to agree with you. What is the point of your writing a book. It seems as if you already have solved the case all by yourself. I really do not agree with your findings and I do not even KNOW you to stake any claim on what YOU are saying. I just don’t care anymore. Since all of you are so convinced that they are in “witness protection”…it’s all a bunch of dung any way. I do not care what kind of following you have gathered for yourself…but you do not have any conclusive evidence that they are alive and why bother to “write some e-book” do as you wish, but count on this one not investing in this. Everyone is a liar or knows not a thing and it makes me ill to read all of these idiot drivel conclusions. t is truly pathetic how stupid this country has become in the last 20 years and really, all of you should be truly ashamed of yourselves. This is just disgusting and this “blog” has convinced me that Americans are about as DUMB as you think and dumb as you are. Truly pathetic. Get help. ALL of you. Shameful. Especially you the wanna be writer sorry excuse of a “detective”. Believe in your own tales of idiocy. Total damn idiots. ALL of you.

    • Ok MG,
      If you wouldn’t have stopped reading you may have made it to the part where the case was solved.
      They got lost in the woods and died.
      Their remains were all identified in July of this year.
      Im sorry you were so upset that you decided to call people names.

      • Anthony Davidson says:

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  203. Fermin says:

    It’s very simple to find out any matter on net as compared to books, as I found this
    paragraph at this site.

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