Jamison Family Sighting

If you’ve followed my analysis on the “missing” Jamison family of Eufaula, Ok. then you know I believe this family is alive and have disappeared of their own free will. That absolutely no crime in this crazy case has been committed.

From the time I started the blog and sought out information on this disappearance I have went on one helluva roller coaster ride.  First, believing they were victims of a crime. Then ultimately uncovering parts of the truth. That this family was ALIVE and did not want to be “found”.

Since then, I have received comments and correspondence throughout the world from people who have believed my analysis and opinions on the case are correct. To psychics and others who have called me irresponsible for suggesting a voluntary disappearance when the Jamison’s were obvious victims of a crime and disagree with me. 

Tonight I would like to make the public aware that a very credible sighting of the Jamison’s has been phoned to authorities.  A sighting of ALL THREE Jamison family members- ALIVE. 

Just incase I am correct in that this disappearance may be a sensitive one. I will not publish specific details. I will wait to see if its properly investigated and report back anything I can.

I will say this: I have spoken to the person who reported the sighting. I believe based on the location and the specifics… that this sighting and the person who reported it are both genuine. 

Are the Jamison’s alive? I haven’t had a doubt about it for a long time. I’m pretty damn sure they all are and this latest tip if confirmed would prove it. But am I harming their safety by providing the truth here? No one has made the phone call to me and asked me to stop. I have given ample opportunity.

So until then, I will keepthesearchalive for information on this family until a statement is made that they have been “found”.

I decided to combine this mysterious disappearance with the story of missing PA DA Ray Gricar in a book about mysterious disappearances forthcoming. 

In the meantime… should a resolution to this case be made public. Ill have it for you on my blog here.





About keepthesearchalive

Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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45 Responses to Jamison Family Sighting

  1. dafirestar says:

    Mysterious disappearances have always interested me, Ray Gricar’s case is the holy grail of disappearances because of all the ramifications and the very public stature of Mr. Gricar. I believe he is alive and well, reading this blog from Macedonia. To come to this conclusion I had to research a great deal. I looked at all the theories, I read about Ray and especially wanted to understand his personality, his personality is the Why? The Sandusky is most definitely part of the equation. The recent question about Ray’s sexual preference helped with the result. Let me lay out my theory: Ray, is an extremely private person. He has cultivated a certain persona among the people of his district, as human beings, especially private human beings there lives are spent making a character sometimes, often times that character we create and show the world is not at all the person we truly are, Very few know who we truly are, that personal is hidden. The scariest thing for the extremely private Ray Gricar was exposing his true self to the outside world, and protecting the Ray Gricar that he let people see. Most of what he showed was truly him, I believe he was very much a law and order guy and extremely tough on crime. Truthfully our private are our own, and what Ray’s sexual preferences truly were are his business and his business alone, but let’s for a minute think that Ray had a young male lover, and that lover was once a victim of Sandusky, Ray would have had to recuse himself from hearing the case, it would have come out that Ray was bisexual and hid it all these years. That may have been all it took to put this in motion. That’s my theory of why? I’m interested in feedback on my theory.

    • Look Ill tell you this.

      I have had thoughts that because I believe he destroyed his own computer before he disappeared. That he did so to conceal a double life.

      Now I came up with a very similar theory but heres some of the reasons I discarded it.

      Gricar did not appear to take resources with him in the way of money. Therefore hed hafta find some way to make a living or gain employment. Unless he was secretly employed already and had access to resources through the laptop that no one knew about.

      Gricar disappeared possibly with the help of a woman. It was a mysterious woman that was seen with him.

      If the sighting near the Macedonian consulate is correct… which I believe it is. Than Gricar would have needed his passport or id. His old id was locked in a he car. If he had other id… which he would have needed to leave the country… why go to that consulate unless my theory is correct.

      If he was running from misbehavior. I just dont see how he has all the resources to pull it off….
      Unless… my theory is correct.

      That this disappearance is similar to John Stonehouse.

      • dafirestar says:

        What is your theory on why he left? Actually my theory is based on your info. What changed my mind to the tie in with the Sandusky case was the police questioning the ADA
        about Ray ‘s sexual preference. Also I wonder why as you also wondered why the ADA mentioned it unless he was basically letting the public know something that was previously not known, that Ray was in fact gay. I see no other reason to bring it up. I really don’t think a guy goes through what he did without major motivation. Simple desire to live a different way isn’t enough, public humiliation because of an inadvertent relationship with somebody that would likely be involved in Sandusky trial. Strange how he didn’t prosecute based on evidence in 2001, making the only logical lover if that were the case………Sandusky himself. I don’t believe he was wrapped up in pedophilia that to me would be unlikely.

      • My theory deals with espionage/intelligence.
        I believe due to his background and the fact he spoke fluent Russian that you couldn’t find a better candidate.

        I dont think at this point that there is anything that proves he had a hidden sexual side.
        Sure early on im sure every possibility was examined.

        But the C I A redactions in Deadspin’s FOIA requests for info on the Gricar disappearance make me believe they know the answers to this mystery and no one else is allowed.

        And it might be a case where he isn’t OURS.

        Thats why I compare this disappearance with that of John Stonehouse.

      • Im not going to say it isnt possible. I just haven’t seen evidence of it yet.

      • Truth says:

        Keep, you proceed under the false assumption that Gricar destroyed his own computer. Just because he expressed an interest in wiping off his work laptop of any personal information does not mean he would chuck it in a river.

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        “Truth,” the police said he did; there is nothing unusual about doing, however. Wanting to get rid of confidential/personal data is NOT unusual.

        What isn’t known is if it was tied to his disappearance.

      • Nope not false.

        I see a 0% percent of anyone BUT Gricar destroying that computer.

        Just too much points to him doing it. Unless the brunette who may have helped him out did it.
        But HE wanted to destroy it. Asked people about it. Ordered software to remove info… and here is the stake in the chest of this bit of analysis.

        Gricar searched on another computer how to fry the drive in water.


        Cause he knew right where hed have his final meeting. In Lewisbury by water.

        THIS WAS PLANNED in advance but alas…as some of these mysterious disappearances go. The execution of the plan doesnt appear to have gone perfect.

        I believe he figured out that by wiping the drive off with that software… LE would have the technology to recover some data.

        That is why he looked up the specific keywords he did destroyed it before his trip overseas IMO.

        What do you think he had to double back to the court house to get before going back to set it all into motion?

      • Ansel says:

        TRUTH, do you recall the police offering evidence that Gricar tossed the laptop and hard drive in the Susquehanna? To my knowledge the police have never proven much about the Lewisburg scene other than the fact that someone left the Mini Cooper in the antique shop parking lot with Gricar’s cell phone and a water bottle containing his DNA locked inside.

    • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

      Everything that I’ve been able to find out a Ray Gricar was that he liked women. Between 2000 and 2005, he was married to one women, asked another to marry him, and was living with a third. 🙂 Sloane indicated that he wasn’t gay.

      Even assuming that he was bisexual and one of the victims was his lover, it would have to predate all the known victims. Sandusky’s earliest known victims were under 18 in 1998.

      I am very skeptical that Gricar was gay or bisexual.

      • Truth says:

        For once I 100% agree with JJ on this point.

      • Ansel says:

        One of the few points JJ has gotten right. Gay men have been known to marry for cover. I have never heard of a gay man who had a 22 year marriage, dated multiple women following the divorce, married a second time, divorced, dated again followed rather quickly by moving in with a 3rd woman. This is clearly a man who not only was attracted to women but liked being in a committed relationship with one woman.

        A gay or bi-sexual man wouldn’t have needed cover after a 22 year marriage. He could easily have played once burned, twice shy.

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        I would not agree with your “committed relationship with one woman,” comment. There were sufficient questions raised in Gricar’s 1986 background check to indicate that he might have a something beyond a platonic relationship with a woman during his first marriage. It doesn’t prove it, but it is a possibility.

      • Ansel says:

        Only JJ could so miss a point. Dafirestarter’s theory has Gricar’s homosexuality or at the least bi-sexuality as a premise. My post said Mr. Gricar’s life showed a pattern of being in committed relationships with women, which is the truth. He went from a long term marriage to dating with the purpose of finding a new wife to marrying again to a quick turn around to a live in girl friend following marriage 2. There’s evidence for that pattern which is contrary to a homosexual or bisexual life.

        Only JJ could ignore that point and offer non-evidence of infidelity as if that had anything to do with the discussion. It’s just another way to smear Gricar without evidence to back it up. It’s just gossip.

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        It shows NOTHING about “being in a committed relationship with one woman.” It may show that he liked being in a heterosexual relationship, but nothing more. The possibility of being involved in heterosexual affair during that time would strengthen that argument.

        Using your logic, you could make almost the same statement about former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, who was married for several years to two different women. We have seen that long term heterosexual relationship do not preclude different types of sexual behavior, especially in Centre County.

        After 2001, there was no political reason for him to be in, or appear to be in, a heterosexual relationship. He wasn’t planning to run again, for anything, or even practice law. Yet, after his second divorce he proposed to, and was rejected by, one woman, then moved in with a second, in the space of 2-3 years. That does not exactly scream that he wanted to take RuPaul to the prom. 🙂

      • Ansel says:

        LOL JJ you were so focused on getting in that dig at Gricar you didn’t realize your final paragraph above was exactly my point. By the way where in among all the very moral, loyal, full of integrity, honest, upstanding, etc. stuff in that background check do you see the idea that Gricar cheated on his wife?

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        Ansel, your answer could explain why Jim McGreevey and Jerry Sandusky liked adult women. The problem is, neither did. 🙂

        That said, if Gricar was gay, there was little incentive to cover it up after 2001. He could have shown up to the office wearing make up, and it would not make a difference.

        Try page 68, the “close personal associate.” Also note that, while an associate in Cleveland referred to Gricar as a “good family man,” no one in Centre County did.

        BTW, any number “loyal Americans” do have affairs. I’ve known of a few, like FDR, Eisenhower, JFK. I would say they were “loyal Americans.” Wouldn’t you?

      • This is why I tossed the whole JS mess to the side.

        I explored the possibility. But no facts substantiated that kind of activity.

        Now im aware some people have branded me a conspiracy theorist.

        Im not saying ANY conspiracy exists.

        Im saying: “The disappearance of Ray Gricar appears to be one of his own making. It also appears to fall under the minute category of “sensitive” disappearances. I believe its very similar to John Stonehouse. And I believe Gricar had the professional credentials and ability to speak fluent Russian to be a prime candidate for a secret position overseas. IF he hadnt been doing it for whoever up until then.”

      • Ansel says:

        Gricar would have to have been an idiot to ask a lover/former lover to provide a reference for the background check. A close personal associate providing such a reference hardly hints at something beyond a platonic relationship simply because the pronoun “she” is attached to it.

        OTOH, maybe if the reference had been provided by a male and labeled close personal associate, dafirestarter could use that as fodder for the gay or bisexual theory.

        Just kidding there, dafirestarter.

        JJ this doesn’t even hint at infidelity unless you think Gricar is a moron.

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        Actually, if you want to convince people that you are not hiding anything, you give them the thing that could be used against you. If the people in question are the FBI, you tell them those things, because, they will find out.

        Ever hear of guy named Paul Tibbets? He flew the Enola Gay when it bombed Hiroshima. He was a great pilot, but he had to pass the background check to get the position.

        The colonel, Lansdale, doing interviewing asked him a personal question, if he had ever been arrested. Lansdale knew the answer, even though there was no record. 12 years before, as a teenager, Tibbets was arrested for being in the back seat of family car with a girl. A local judge, a family friend hushed it up without a record. Still Lansdale knew.

        The question was a test to see how honest Tibbets was. He passed.

        I’ve looked at the wording used, and the timing. The “close personal friend” compliments Gricar on his appearance; the others don’t, though Petito does in an interview. She also call him “discreet,” something the others do not.

        The time is also interesting. Gricar moved out of State College in 1981. Five years later, they are still close.

  2. Ansel says:

    If you want the Tibbets comparison to work, you’d need Gricar’s recommendation to come from Former Lover or Current Lover. This offers nothing but a recommendation from someone who knew him well. And since the pronoun is she, it can’t be related to dafirestarter’s theory that Ray Gricar was homo or bi-sexual, leading to a voluntary disappearance.

    • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

      You better go back and look at the time frame, again, and the comments. I don’t talk about the grooming of women that I know well, and am not in a romantic relationship with. You’ll note that none of the others commented on his physical appearance.

      While it does not relate to dafirestarter’s claim, it DOES relate to yours. You claimed, as evidence, that Gricar was “clearly a man who not only was attracted to women but liked being in a committed relationship with one woman.” It is not, even if you wanted to claim that was evidence of Gricar being in a relationship with one woman at a time. You decided to bring that point up, so you are getting counter examples.

      The evidence is fairly strong that Gricar had heterosexual desires, but not that he would limit those to one woman. I would note, in addition to Buelner’s recommendation to check motels within a 20 mile radius to see if he checked in with a woman. If there was no possibility of Gricar doing that, why would Buehler suggest it?

  3. Ansel says:

    I have no idea who Buelner is, but if you mean Bob Buehner, his overriding theory is that district attorneys anger a lot of people in the course of their careers and that Gricar was probably murdered because of his job. When he suggested looking at motel registrations, it was just one item in a list of suggestions. He thought there were things police hadn’t done, and that was one of them. No indication he favored that as a theory. It was part of a checklist. Maybe you don’t understand that investigators check out possibilities they don’t necessarily believe in every time they investigate a case. Someone reported seeing someone who may or may not have been Gricar inside the antique shop and said the man may or may not have been in the company of a woman. That was pretty shaky but Buehner was correct in suggesting it be checked out since other shaky sightings reported Gricar in Lewisbug the following day.

    None of that indicates Buehner thought Gricar was having an affair. And his gf’s reactions Friday night say he hadn’t been AWOL before this. His absence without explanation was out of character. That’s why she called the cops.

    • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

      Ansel, Buehner wrote:

      “This scenario begs the obvious question: where did Ray spend Friday night? I do not believe that Ray would, if he were staying in a nearby hotel/motel with a female, register in his own name. This is because he was already in a serious relationship with Patty Fornicola and did not return home to her in Bellefonte on April 15, 2005.

      It is my understanding that there is a pretty clear description of the female seen in Ray’s presence on Saturday, April 16, 2005.”

      He didn’t say “Ray would never check into a motel with another woman.” Checking in with a woman and not registering under his own name doesn’t exactly sound like they were planning an evening of playing Trivial Pursuit.

  4. HeathenWayz says:

    Absolute bullshit. How come the kid looked so distressed in the photograph. The 32k in the car, the gun. The dog left to die. Don’t add up. You theory is totally wrong. They met with a mishap.

  5. chicagomindy says:

    Just as a sidenote: Gricar coulda been siphoning cash off to the side. He didnt leave much behind in his bank accounts and he was known to be thrifty. He didn’t havea mortgage. So where did all his money GO?! Hmmmmm. With him….

    • And again that mini he drove was said to have actually been in his girlfriend’s name.

    • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

      The police have said that there were no unaccounted for money transactions in the prior 2.5 years, except for about $16,000 in cash that was taken out over time. It would work out to $125 per week, so it is not a lot. Any “siphoning” would have had to have occurred prior to that.

      They did an audit of his office account when he disappeared, and there was nothing amiss.

      That said, although he was divorced in 2001, he had been grossing more than $100 k per year since 1998 or 1999. It does seem low for someone making that much.

      • Gricar was getting paid by Sandusky to not prosecute. That accounts for the money he would need to leave the country, and the reason he chose to leave. Gricar, by all accounts a proud law and order type, but pride is a “bitch”, he couldn’t face the public if it was alleged he had any part in taking money to protect a monster like Sandusky.

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        There is, to date, zero evidence that Gricar was paid off by anyone. His lifestyle did not show anything that would indicate wealth beyond his salary. There was not any unexplained funds in his accounts.

  6. Ansel says:

    Nothing like spreading unsubstantiated, undocumented rumors as if they were fact, James. If this is your theory, please make that clear to readers. If you have documented proof which I doubt you do please produce it. To this point there is no evidence Gricar did anything any other prosecutor wouldn’t do, and that is look at a close call case and decide it wasn’t ready for prosecution.

    • I agree wholeheartedly.

      And the same goes with the other angle of the PSU theory.

      Not one person to date has come forward with details, accusations or evidence of ANY of that kind or any kind of wrongdoing on Gricar’s part.
      No warrants. Hes never been under investigation publicly.

      • dafirestar says:

        What is your point Angel, I was purposing a theory. Who are we protecting. Gricar is either dead, or the perpetrator of a crime. My theory is for the purposes of discussion, isn’t that why your on this site yourself? To discuss the various possibilities. I made that clear in my post. Any theory on what happened to Ray, other than the theory that he went for an afternoon drive to Harrisburg and he was Murdered by someone would disparage his character. I haven’t read your theory Angel, but if it was anything other than, he was murdered, you to would be making disparaging claims about his character. I don’t make a practice of speaking bad about others if it’s either unsubstantiated or substantiated for that matter, but you couldn’t have a real discussion about theories on the whereabouts of parties who have mysteriously disappeared without talking negatively about the subject. Any theory other than they were murdered means your indicting some party in a serious crime which in turn questions there character. Angel are you a friend of Ray’s or just someone who goes on forums and question the integrity of the various commentators, or are you part of some government agency monitoring the internet forums protecting the character of citizens. Does this increase my income taxes.

      • As I have pointed out… some disappearances are of a sensitive nature.

        I dont believe Gricar was murdered.

        I believe Gricar disappeared of his own will a la John Stonehouse.

        As for wrongdoing. Many think this had to do with Sandusky/PSU or a ring of pedophiles. Connecting Gricars disappearance to any of those disparages Gricar’s character in that to this day no one has come forward as a witness to any type of behavior like that.

        It is all coincidental.

        Gricar’s disappearance IMO had to do with espionage. A laundry list of facts point to it. Ive pointed out a number of things that elude to it. Just his background alone left me to suspect it.

        The poster Truth… that poster’s comments led me to a number of things I didnt know.

        Personally, I could care less whos side he was on and I’m not going to risk my neck finding out.

        No websites dedicated to finding a missing DA.

        That just wouldn’t happen.

        If it all were “legit” and LE thought this guy was murdered there would be a reward for info and at the very least a site or FB page. No matter the time.

        And the FBI was never in charge.

        Why? Because they already figured it out and couldn’t tell.

      • I see what you’re responding to now. Sorry.

      • Love the last few sentences. Lol

  7. “Tonight I would like to make the public aware that a very credible sighting of the Jamison’s has been phoned to authorities. A sighting of ALL THREE Jamison family members- ALIVE.
    I will say this: I have spoken to the person who reported the sighting. I believe based on the location and the specifics… that this sighting and the person who reported it are both genuine. ”

    Was it one of your friends? Have you been gathering “intelligence” down at the Havanna Inn?

  8. To psychics and others who have called me irresponsible for suggesting a voluntary disappearance when the Jamison’s were obvious victims of a crime and disagree with me.

    One psychic site-aprillwood’s well-read woman-has altered her comments, clipped and pasted from other forums and spotlighted Luckiestmom’s visions of this family. As it turns out, luckiestmom, the woman’s best friend and her were friends, too.

    She saw her in an orange jumpsuit (like those seen in jailhouse photos). She also says she went down the rabbit hole. Says Lucy is dead. Who is Lucy?

    Lawdog’s been putting people in prison for 30 years! Does he know?

  9. I understand if you don’t reply immediately. everyone has to sleep sometime. I usually stay up late on the night before trash pickup so I don’t have to see my rubbage displayed on the back of someone’s windshield.

  10. I’d like to no who this tipper was cause me my wife and six children had our home burned down out their and was told that we was going to dissapear like the jamisons,we are not druggies but for some strange reason the people out their will harass and force you to move by mental and physical abuse,I got attacked by many out their even my children got hurt physically by people out their and for some strange reason those people are being backed by the sheriffs dept the local dhs and the school district they help in the harassment .I never met the jamisons but one of my kids went to school with the little girl after they were missing I did get to meet the g- ma I even told her bout the threats to us I’m not dillusional nor paranoid. like I said I always thought of fail play I’d check into the mud slingers and the one that said they seen them alive and well .its hell at sandy bass bay 1,2,3,4 I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to live out there.

  11. Sad to see the remains identified as the Jamison family.
    Shockingly, no signs of foul play suggest they got lost in the woods and succumbed to the elements.
    My prayers go out to all. It’s devastating news.

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