Missing McStay Update

by Keepthesearchalive

Investigators in San Bernardino County California have called in a forensic anthropologist to assist in the recovery of four bodies. Early reports are that the bodies could be that of all four missing McStay family members.

The McStay case earned national attention in 2010 when the family vanished from their home in California.

Investigators believed closed circuit security footage showed this family voluntarily crossing the border into Mexico. The FBI tried to track their movements unsuccessfully.

Could this family have crossed the border to be made to do something unwillingly and then came back into the US where they met a violent end?

Only the worst of the worst would kill children that’s for damn sure.

One author Rick Baker, who wrote a book “No Goodbyes”  had the opinion that Summer may have killed Joseph McStay and ran off with the children Gianni and Joseph Jr. Baker has removed his book from Amazon and has offered refunds. Baker contacted me in regards to the missing Jamison family almost two years ago. At the time I saw no link in the two cases and my opinion was that because the McStay family computer had searches about “passports for children” “Mexico” amongst the last things in there web browser searches combined with the footage which appears to show them crossing the border- that they left voluntarily to avoid a perceived or real danger on their part. Baker did raise awareness for the story and kept it going long after mainstream media with his open blog on the story. I felt the Jamison’s staged their own disappearance.

One thing I can tell you for sure: The fact that authorities brought in a forensic anthropologist tells me that the bodies were there longer than a year.

It will be key to see what an analysis of the remains will reveal but sources tell me an electric cord was used to bound one of the corpses leading this to go forward as a homicide investigation.

On Friday, November 7th 2014 Charles Merritt, a business associate of Mr. McStay was arrested and charged with the homicide of the McStay Family. Investigators allege the homicide took place in the McStay home and that blunt force trauma was the cause of death in every instance. No motive has been made public at this point but stay tuned for all the trial details here.


About keepthesearchalive

Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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12 Responses to Missing McStay Update

  1. Perhaps this family’s murder (s) is a hacker that likes to hang out at coffee houses?

  2. hailey says:

    what investigators need to do (if possible) is check out surveillance footage the night their vehicle turned up near the Mexican border. If its someone they knew (as most people think) couldn’t that person(s) possibly be seen in ANY those surveillance videos in or around the parking lot?
    From what I’ve read, there are several cameras around the mall where the vehicle was found… can they not find the video when their damned truck pulled into the parking lot… and when that someone got out of the truck??!?!?!?! Just baffles my mind that there is no harder evidence when it comes to any footage. I feel like they were too focused on the border crossing, that they failed to focus more on finding video of when the truck appeared in or around this area.

  3. Chel says:

    Keep, I was wondering what your thoughts were about Joey’s business partner allegations that Joey thought Summer had been poisoning him and that he had been ill for a year up to his disappearance. The Dr could not figure out what was wrong with him. He then goes on to say he doesn’t think Summer had anything to do with their disappearance but she did not like people hanging around Joey.

    • My first thoughts about this case and they are opinion:

      The poisoning- not sure of.

      But here goes:

      They owed money to bad associates who forced them to cross border and bring back contraband to “square up”. After being forced to “do the deal”. They were all murdered.

    • And in addition… those symptoms of sickness COULD have been from the result of other things he was putting into his body.

  4. Chel says:

    Thanks Keep. So you think that was them on the video? Why take the wife and kids who do not have passports? I think he never made it home from the business lunch. Someone they knew drove the van to the House and told Summer that Joey needed help and took off with them and the kids. Did someone see him come home earlier that day? I am also interested if he always backed into the driveway or was it done so the neighbors camera could not see who was getting in the van. Hope the family finds justice. It is just such a sad case.

    • Its devastating. It very well could be that that van was backed in to conceal the view.

      I just can’t help but think with my knowledge of criminals only the worst of the worst kill children. Gang members, hired hands and even professional hitman generally have a hard time killing A child more or less two.

      That’s AMERICAN criminals I’m referring to.

      Now being their vehicle was found so close to the Mexican border… it would not surprise me at all if some sort of Mexican gang was involved because they have no issues killing children. Mexican gangs have no issues killing anyone. That goes for clergy, children, authorities- anyone.

  5. nshughes says:

    Nothing with this case made sense right from the beginning and if nothing makes sense,then you suspect foul play.The killer certainly fooled the police for years.I’ve always thought that the killer parked that car on the border to throw everyone off the scent and it worked.If the bodies had not been found by sheer accident the police would still be treating the case as missing persons.I’m glad someone has been arrested and charged with their murders.Those two little innocent kids must have experienced sheer terror before being brutally murdered,it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • I agree. Horrible. It sounded like a “hit” to me. With the FBI footage of what appeared to be them. My thought was they were forced to cross the border and bring back drugs to settle a debt then murdered.
      I still wonder how one person could do this. I also wonder why now police think they were killed in there home. A crime scene was not found there. Mr. McStay was a big guy. How could one person load him into that Suv? Still many questions that remain unanswered here.

  6. Hailey says:

    @keep, Do you think is was Merritt?

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