Three Bodies Near Panola Mountain May Be That Of The Jamison Family

By keepthesearchalive

Details have emerged in the case of the missing Jamison family of Eufaula that early Saturday hunters have come across three bodies in the Panola Mountain area.

OSBI have contacted relatives of the Jamison family and forensic teams will be up on the mountain until Monday or Tuesday.

Obviously, this is a shocking turn of events in a similar manner as the McStay case. Many people felt the Jamison’s staged their disappearance- I included.

Personally, if this turns out to be confirmed by forensics as this family I will be devastated and shocked. It will make me wonder why so many people I interviewed in “high” places told me this family were not the victims of a crime. It certainly will cause me to revisit why people spooked me from my pursuit to keepthesearchalive for information on the case.

October marked the four year anniversary of the missing family from Eufaula. Sherilyn, Bobby and daughter Madyson disappeared from Panola mountain with just their white truck with 30k under the seat and the family dog left behind.

20131120_184138 We have learned according to a news article that foul play may not be suspected. Leaving many to wonder. Did the Jamison’s stage their disappearance to commit a murder/suicide pact?



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Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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92 Responses to Three Bodies Near Panola Mountain May Be That Of The Jamison Family

  1. Ford says:

    Their bodies were found yesterday.

  2. still looking says:


    • Ill double check the truck color.

      My head is obviously in a tizzy.

      How do you think im feeling? I spent two years making connections and interviewing folks around this case. Folks directly involved in this case… outlaws in the area.

      I was harassed in chat rooms for trying to keep some light on this case. I was threatened. I was told by people that they were in wp. I was told by a fmr deputy he thought they left of their own free will. I was told by Niki Shenold Madyson was alive but the parents were dead.
      If this is a homicide investigation. Id invite OSBI to read comments here in my blog and especially topix Eufaula missing Jamison thread.

      But how do I feel?

      Sick to my stomach…sad… disgusted… I feel horrible if they were murdered and am sad they may be dead.

    • I would also say that the authorities should especially read the posts from an author(s) who tried to dissuade Niki, myself, and anyone who was interested in helping- in a very public manner- on the topix forum.
      Why would anyone do that?

  3. Soooooooo,… does your bookend? Staged abduction, flees to medico, funnels monies later after declared dead, when discovered they jump off a bridge named after a dignitary?

    BTW have you seen a missing water truck in your area?

    • If forensics determines its the Jamison family. And they determine the causes of death to be homocide- I hope it ends with the person(s) being responsible caught.

      • Do you think three gunshot wounds are suicide? Especially with an additional person seen helping them pack and the time-stamp on the video waaay off? The “ghosts” on the roof? The suddenly found “Indian” corpse in the vassar nearby? The tinfoiled head of the child? The car accident, meds, and disability checks make for a suicide?

        If they got $60 grand for back problems, that wouldn’t even cover the first of surgeries, though others would sit and salivate over it.

        There’s “ghost” stories in tem thar hills!
        ’nuff said

  4. Justthere says:

    There weren’t 3 gunshot wounds… only one speculated, the other 2 skulls had no “bullet holes”.

  5. I’m curious as to why there are no news reports of this gruesome discovery-especially since we live in the macabre era of journalism.

  6. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    I have not been following this case as closely as you. I’m sorry that this has happened, It is why I’m so uncertain about things.

  7. Ilaria says:

    Why this hatred towards those who, in good faith, wanted to carry out research on who is missing? Do you think that because a blog says that they are alive, then the police do not investigate? If by now the police were sure that had left voluntarily, who is to blame for the wrong investigations? Police officers, LE, FBI were ALL sure that they were alive somewhere. Sorry Keep, I don’t speak english and I don’t want be your lawyer, but I’m really glad that for 4 years someone have made efforts for this family ( and I think that everybody hopes, in some way, the bodies are not Jamison’s)

    • Thank you for your kind words.

    • Justthere says:

      I also thought about this on my way to work this morning…. Perhaps, Keep, you were wrong, it happens, I agree with Ilaria though, instead of bashing you and screaming about how wrong you were people should be happy that you cared enough to do so much research. As I’ve said before, we own land about 5 miles from where they disappeared and have traveled by ATV down the road right by where these remains were found, it is hard to believe that someone did not find those remains earlier!!! In the Summer time those hills are CRAWLING with people out riding… it makes me feel bad, in a small way, that perhaps I didn’t pay enough attention, if it is their remains, this could have been solved sooner!! You, Mr. Keep, just keep on doing what you’re doing, I believe that you have good intentions and do not mean anyone any harm!!!! As my Navy son would say, “HOOYAH, Bravo Zulu, Mr. Keep!!!”

      • Thanks so much.

        I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words.

        It looks to me at this point like I was wrong.

        It appears now the Jamisons faked their disappearance and didnt want to be found- not because they were being protected… but to hide a murder/suicide pact.

        Very sad, nevertheless.

        I know conspiracy theorist are licking their chops at the last public statement by OSBI. Most are wondering “How can OSBI say publicly no foul play?”

        “Three people dont wind up dead on their own.”

        No they dont but the reason they are saying it is because I believe they think its a murder/suicide investigation with no outside foul play.

        Lets see if im right on that.

  8. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    There is a great divide between “voluntary” and “involuntary” in disappearance cases. The evidence may point in the direction of voluntary and it becomes difficult to determine WHAT voluntary scenario it is. You might be in that situation.

    I have similar problems with some of the evidence in the Gricar case.

    • The outcome of this case looks at this point from my sources that the Jamisons faked their disappearance in a murder/suicide pact and outside foul play is not suspected based on how they found them at the scene.

      There were no “graves”. The remains were together above ground and evidence was gathered to suggest it was not outside foul play.

      • still looking says:


      • Lets wait and see.

        Obviously that person was wrong.

        Maybe you’re right.

        We will hafta wait and see.

        And the “credible” source said they were in a gated community in a town in Texas FYI… it was phoned to authorities. Obviously that person was wrong and so was I.

        The other sighting was from someone in Mexico who saw the Jamisons while they were there BEFORE the disappearance.

        As for what was found to suggest murder/suicide. We’ll hafta wait until they tell us. Maybe they found the .22 pistol. We dont know yet.

      • And the outside source in this case is a news reporter and I did post a link on the article.

  9. Teresa says:

    With the police stating that there was no outside foul play, then it sounds like murder/suicide, especially with Bobby and Sherilyns state of mind. It couldn’t be that they got lost could it? Doesn’t make much sense for that to be the scenario but who knows anymore! Plus someone posted something bout being around the area when the bodies were recovered and knowing a person who did actually recover them and there was evidence of bullet hole or holes in at least one of the skulls. Plus Sherilyns gun was never found and her fam and friends said she always kept it with her or in her vehicle. I wonder if they found it at the scene. They have obviously got some evidence for them to know that no one from the outside of the three of them was involved. So sad and crazy,,,

    • Justthere says:

      The remains were found right off of a road… That area is a very popular area for people riding 4-wheelers, Jeeps, and other ATV’s… there are trails, roads, and most generally people everywhere up there. Them getting lost is a possibility, but getting lost and nobody finding them and helping them is what boggles my mind. I personally know the people who found the skulls and was there at the scene that night, (although there were cops all over the place at the time and you couldn’t move 5 feet without them shining a flashlight in your face) but did not see with my own 2 eyes the remains, I did see pictures. I’ve seen where the truck was, been there, driven through those mountains, and seen where the remains were found… I’m no detective but I don’t think they were lost, or wanted help out…. now the murder/suicide thing, I have NOOOO idea on that one..

  10. fionag31 says:

    Why take the dog if they were planning on suicide?who was helping them load car?why leave that much money in truck if plan was to kill themselves?why the photo of madyson?she doesn’t look happy in it.too many questions left unanswered

  11. fionag31 says:

    Why take the dog if they were planning on suicide?why leave that much money in truck?who helped them load the truck?why the photo of Madyson looking so unhappy?did they both bobby & sherrilyn know they weren’t coming back that day?too many questions left unanswered

  12. They were less than 3 miles from the truck this whole time; can someone explain to me how that is possible? it makes absolutely no sense.

  13. Teresa says:

    I just read an article were sherilyns mother spoke out and she believes they were murdered by some kind of religious cult…. Just sharing the info, not sure on that one but like we’ve all said who knows at this point. What keeps getting me is the little info LE has released is the ‘No foul play’ statement. Just want to know what kind of evidence they found that fast to know that!

  14. Marion says:

    Please I hope you do not think I am bashing you, the thing is I read parts of your blog again Knowing you wrote down what was told to you by people involved and because of that you made up your mind as well, gathering the evidence given to you. That is how a policeman works as well. Create a profile out of evidence presented.
    Bashing you is like killing the messenger but not the one who created the message in the first place.

    So after reading your blog again those questions came to mind again as well,just like the first time I read it. We are both of an age we have read or heard of suicide pacts before and this story to me does not add up. Why do you not wish for your child to have a proper burial, drag her into this, dye her hair let her ware cloths that do not fit. Taken in mind they took her out of the school she was in, does make me think they had plans of leaving.

    And this Phil Cross said that all three body’s were in one grave.
    Never heard of that before. Did they pack a shovel in their truck while packing? Is that shovel found or did they dig the grave with their own hands and after killing them selves closed it for it was said they did not wanted to be found. And deer hunters just discovered the area for the fist time as well .Maybe deer hunters took the Jamisons for a deer and shot one by accident and not being willing to take the heat shot the rest as well. Those kind of accidents do happen in the dark hear a noise think it is a deer and shoot. Some people hunt outside the hunting season and have no scruples what so ever. They found body’s in one grave, did they found the satchel, the weapon they killed each other with, the shovel to dig the grave??

    Was Bobby capable of walking that far. It is said they were found about three miles from their car and three miles is far for a six year old to walk as well. I thought Bobby had back problems and could not walk to far, so how do you decide to kill your self after walking that far, while you normally cannot and meanwhile drag your six year old with you who probably wined about being tired wanted a drink or what ever.. Just trying to imagine the scene..
    They got lost decided to dig a grave and just dropped dead. I do hope someone in the right mind will investigate this unless they want to close it off as a murder suicide and go on to the next case having enough of the mystery I am sure we will hear of it, specially with the other family’s death as well they too were found in shallow graves, People never disappear without someone knowing what happened. And if you want to end your life most of them leave a note to relatives to explain their actions rational or not.

    • Not at all. I appreciate your comments and contribution. Thanks.

    • Teresa says:

      Maybe they did leave a note with them in case they were found…how would the police be able to say no foul play yet? they wouldn’t be able to rule out murder in one day, or that they died from exposure or animal attack. They had to have some kind of evidence that makes them know there was no outside foul play in this. Maybe they are just saying that for the time being; wanting the killer or killers to think there not looking for them but I don’t believe that is the case. And if it was murder/suicide I think they would have walked out so far so they wouldn’t be found. They maybe didn’t want people to know what they did and thats why things are set up the way they are. Maybe if they were into drugs thats what was in the brown satchel. And they hid it, buried it, or maybe even gave it to the man in the video that was helping them pact and making the trips back and forth between car and house.They wouldn’t want police and family to find drugs in there house. They would know people would go looking for them. Just a thought. I don’t pretend to know and don’t want to offend anyone or family. But I read some of sherilyns journal entries and just a few days before they disappeared she wrote ‘God please give us a conformation about our business transation. We now put our lives in your hands christ.’ And the spray painting she did the day they were up there on that mountain and went missing said ‘Jesus Christ will save us.’ She also stated in her journal she would never want Madyson to go into foster care or someplace if something happened to her and Bobby. She and Bobby may have believed they were better off someplace else.

      • Teresa says:

        And I read that when they say the word ‘grave’ that could very well be four years of leaves, dirt, debris, etc. It said the hunters didn’t stumble upon a deep depression in the terrain and decided to dig. I don’t believe it was a buried grave. But again, I could be wrong.

  15. Marion says:

    She also stated in her journal she would never want Madyson to go into foster care or someplace if something happened to her and Bobby. She and Bobby may have believed they were better off someplace else.

    That does not mean you are planning to kill your self. But it sure makes you question about her state of mind.
    And of what I read about the foster care in your country I would not want my child in there as well.
    My son is autistic so that would be a horror movie in my mind.
    It is possible she was scared about something or someone. If you pray to God and write give us confirmation about our business transaction, does that say drugs or was it meant for the land they wanted to buy. Or were they waiting for a sign God agreed on what they were planning to do. And just packed up letting people think they were going on a camping trip .
    Take so much cash with you may look like they planned to go along with the business plan. Something did go wrong. Why plan business transaction and decide to kill your self and your siblings as well.

    Not to long ago we had a father who was found hanged from a tree. people kept looking frantically for his two sons, Who had been with him prior to his death they were found in a drainage pipe not to far from where they found him. He had written to the mother of his children and parents of the class mates about his attentions.As a father he did not agree on visitation rights given to him after the divorce.
    But he did not dig a grave for him self or his children this and more of these story’s we had here.
    A husband killing his wife and children because he had a date with another woman and forgot to tell his wife about it and his new love he was still married and so had to get rid of them. He did bury them.For he needed the weekend to be with his polish girlfriend. Panicked he was and still dug a grave to get them out of the way and sight.

    Do not look in America for it happened in my home country which is the Netherlands and it father who hung him self and killed his two boys happened this summer around June of this year.
    Most write a note but not all of them mostly in a death of a wife or child a family member is part of it most of the time the other parent. But when all three die and be found in the same grave I scratch my head and keep on wondering about it.

    • Teresa says:

      That was the strangest part to me too about the business transaction. Was that her term for there murder/suicide pack? Or something completely else that may be related to there death. I agree it doesn’t mean she decided death was best for them. Its just with them thinking they all three were being attacked by demon and spirits,and everything else going on leading up to this makes me think at least one of them had this suicide thing in mind. I think if it was murder/suicide it would have been planned out in advance to some extent IF thats what happened.
      And I totally agree with you about our foster system. Horrible the stories I’ve heard. I don’t have kids but I agree if I were you that would be the last place I would want my son. And I’m sorry to hear your son has to face autism but I do know children who are autistic usually have brilliant and creative minds so I’m sure your son is very special. And what a sad story about that just never know what someones will do. One thing I think we can all agree on is Sherilyn and Bobby obviously loved Madyson very much. And if it turns out to be she was murdered by her parents then in there messed up minds its what they thought was best for her. Not that I condone that in any way, shape or form. But mental problems or drug addiction is an awful disease and can make good people do awful, unthinkable things.

      • Teresa says:

        Marion, where have you been able to review the video survelliance tape? I saw it for a few seconds on a tv show but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. If you do know a site or something were you can view it please let me know..I’m interested in seeing more then just a second of it! I’ve had to go off of what people say is in the video. thanks

  16. Marion says:

    No, I had no chance in reviewing the video tape I copied a part of the blog of keep, in which was written he [KEEP??? ] he had watched the footage of the surveillance tape in were was seen the satchel was taken to the car. I am sorry I was not more clear on that.But it may be posted somewhere like you tube Or ask keep about it since he put it in his blog.He may know where to find it if it is on the internet at all.
    I just googled on missing family Jamison. And came across this one
    In which sherylinn states in her journal that bobby had turned into a monster and she wished Madyson not in foster care and him in prison for attempted murder and her mother dead. it can be heard around 4.41.
    Looking at it again I still think it is strange buying a metal container to live in there on the land to be bought.
    Thinking Bobby could not walk that far either one used the car to take the body’s to their resting place and decided to join them at the end it could be a murder suicide but if it was a pact I am not sure of. But seeing sherylinn lift her husband is not something I can picture, if she was that troubled would she be able to do this, is what I wonder about..

    reading her writing from a you tube still frame.
    We need confirmation today on our business transaction. Jesus nobody knows madyson like you, if stidham is where she needs to be, I ask for favor of mr Banfield. Lord we hand our lives into your hands, you know what is truly in our hearts and dreams. Bode Jesus with the power of the holy spirit to guide us with confirmation.

    She is indeed desperate was she always god fearing, or just lately it is not in the right mind painting this all over the place like the metal container. Also hearing she spray painted a car on the sight where their car was found.It looks like she wanted an answer from God and if you have a business plan like you buy land or property you do not ask GOD for an answer and yet leaving things in the car as if they would return to it makes no sense either.If it was suicide and murder maybe it was not a pact but the action of one
    And taking your time to spray paint an abandoned car means they have been camping there for more than a few hours.
    As is said that Bobby had a phone with GPS with him the person spoke quite some time with him and then it is said that the sheriff says he believes they were high on drugs meth. Bobby had been looking for schools for madysson in the days before they disapeared. Why do that if you have plans to leave for good….

    Even if friends and family claim they were not on meth. It think the sheriff in that footage was a bit smug about it all looking back at the tape, to casual as if it happened daily that people get missing under his watch.
    It looks like some one created or even fabricated a story even if it was waved away by the close friends and family. I saw the place and it looked like a woodland area so I agree not easy to find some one but 330 people have been looking and people who get lost keep on walking and wonder of for miles. Here they use the ripple effect for search party’s if a child or person is lost somewhere. I think that is done in America as well, for lost people never walk in a straight line.
    So why did they not find them if they were above ground, one body I can understand but three and a search after about ten days missing they must have smelled something.. If the sheriff thought of them as dead you use special trained sniffer dogs to find them. And using the three mile radius it is rather strange the dogs came up empty unless the family was not there at first but taken there later after the search maybe even years later placed there. Idea’s and speculations enough I just hope we hear what has come out of it.
    But I wonder if you go for a walk why not take your phone with GPS with you????

    • Teresa says:

      Thats right it was in Keeps blog about the brown satchel, thanks! Gosh there’s so many good points here. Some things point to me like suicide/murder, then other things still bother me so much like why leave your dog locked in the car. Did they think someone would find it sooner? Surely like you said if one of them was able to kill there own daughter and they intended to let the dog die why not kill it instead of making it suffer for days…another thing that I think about is the fact that they climbed up by the rock where Madyson’s strange picture was taken, walk back down to there car, put the cell phone back into the car with whatever else they might of had on them, then go walk down somewhere else another 2.7 miles. ( on the other side of the mountain, so they say.) But I do know as far as Madyson’s hair being dyed, Sherilyn used to be a hairdresser and dyed Madysons hair blonde all the time. But it looked like it was dyed very recently before the pic so why do that if it doesn’t matter anyways? unless you wanted people to believe you had faked a disappearance. But you would think maybe they would have left a little bit more of a trail to make people believe they ran off. Your points really make me think though…

    • I wonder too. I hope we get answers soon!

  17. Marion says:

    Reading back my own post I think I created a messy. reply a bit muddled up, sorry for that.
    But I agree on what you said and I just thought that most people keep their phone in their pocket or in your hand if you take a walk into an area you do not know to well or not at all. So you do not put that in your car and say lets go for a walk. You do not take your money with you but do take the water, so the idea of getting lost after the walk I do not buy that.

    And being scared of being found when you have plans to end it, just shut down your phone will help too. The dog was locked in the car so perhaps they intended to leave the place and between that thought and getting into the car to leave something did happen..
    Madysson looked scared on the last picture is said by people who knew them. Why and who took the picture, perhaps her mother acted strange and did that make the child scared, but still taking the photo was also a strange action unless you wanted a memento..

    I just keep thinking of the search party and the dogs used, why did they not find them and how many miles in radius did they look for the lost family. That is my biggest question now.
    I do know people who stage their own disappearance act normal in the days before they leave, but in this case officials branded them drug addicts while friends said they were not on drugs.
    Before they were found it was like they were lost or left on their own free will or even committed murder/ suicide and that story has not changed in all these years as if they wanna be right, no matter what.

    Like the macstays, they find information on the computer about entering mexico with children. People are shown a footage of a family entering mexico and for years it is said they took of as well but were found in the opposite direction. Sometimes you get wrong information and are lead in the wrong direction. Instead of keeping an open mind, I think this case should be investigated by people who are not biased

  18. JustMe says:

    Notice anything about the cell phone dates ??????

  19. JustMe says:

    The Jamisons went up the mountain on the 8th of October. Confirmed by the picture of Madyson found on the cell phone in the truck, also by the person down the mountain. They suposedly never made it out of the mountains. On the 13th of October someone dials the Jamisons voicemail from the Bristow area….. What is everyones thoughts on this……

    • I was aware of this and quite frankly thought it added to the laundry list of things that made me think they walked away of their own free will.
      Could investigators have checked the voicemail to see what was on it around that time?

      • JustMe says:

        The truck was not found until the 17th of October…. The voicemail was checked, per phone records, several times i might add…. I would say that someone wanted people to think they just walked away. Once again it goes back to who was the last known person to see them alive. Basic investigating. I would be looking at the third adult on the home security footage….

    • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

      A few things that might not be related:

      1. A wrong number?

      2. Someone looking for them?

    • My thoughts: pick up the trash in front of your home; be careful where you go grocery shopping.

    • carriejel says:

      You can check voicemail on your cellphone from a landline or from someone else’s cellphone… I’m not sure how that would show up on the cellphone bill though. So if they had their voicemail set up without a password, then anyone could check their voicemail. I do know that USCellular works very sketchily from that area… I don’t think that AT&T works there at all, but don’t know for sure.

  20. Some people do access voicemail by accident…on a continual basis, though. I spent 1 1/2 hours in the Sprint office after I first moved into my area because that was happening. I’ve even had it happen on my landline where they access the messages and play back later to make me think I’ve forgotten something.

    Typically these people will drive by and toss objects out so you get the message what they are after-funds to continue their investigation, er, I mean research.

    • Who would access it after they went missing?

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        A friend or relative who was concerned that they hadn’t been heard from? I would assume that they might be looking for a message like, “Meet me at ___.”

        A wrong number?

        This was suggested on a website, and it is possible. The dog stepped on the phone and hit the right button.

      • my guess: the same people that were accessing it prior to them going missing.

        Most people don’t check that. Perhaps they didn’t know it was being accessed.

  21. still looking says:


  22. Yes, but you haven’t stated where the carrier of the phone was from. Did you check the realtor’s phone call log to see if they matched? If that phone had been hacked, then the call times would vary perhaps.Did she have a phone? What about a friend or family member that may have called?
    Did anyone have a reason to kill them? Money still there, meds there…what else?
    The only question I’d have would be about the photo taken of the little girl.(Check to see what other photos were taken because often the media fires off scripts in their own head and only shows what hysteria they plan to promote) Here’s why: During the Anthony trial missing children got alot of publicity. Perhaps someone-even her parents-decided to cash in on the hysteria and hatched a plan. When no reward was offered, then there’d be no need to run the skit much longer.
    I would think anyone doing that type of activity would have already chased the money (money left behind and any monies due to death, insurance, etc.)and tried to figure out how far they could push themselves on the benefactor.
    From what I’ve read, they’ve decided to go the route of cults, aliens, crackheads, and some mysterious kingpin that will make for a drama on which they can promote their hard earned research and investigations. It will never be solved if it was in fact a murder.
    As her friend, there’s little you can do. It’s up to the family members now and if the state says no foul play then that puts the ball in their court to pay for the investigation. It’s not because they may have once used drugs are were currrently using drugs…they don’t really investigate murders or drug cartels but instead rely on the media and so-called private investigators to threaten and extort on their behalf.

    I’m sorry for you loss.

    • And, unless you’ve actually seen the phone reports in person, be skeptical what you read. The information I found was pasted from a Websleuths site and may not be true. Also, remember their truck sat for a week…one week for which a “suspect” would have to re-enter their home. Note (from what I’ve read) that the time stamp on the video was Aug and they were missing in Oct.

      Many people out there doing whatever it takes to promote themselves.

      What were they like before they started taking medication?

  23. Stephie says:

    It seemed pretty obvious from the start that they went into the woods and lost their way. Kept trying to find their way out and got more and more lost. I happens. It got dark and they kept trying to find their way out and could not. They died. The way their vehicle was left with nothing stolen, etc.. showed they just left and got lost. If only someone had known to look for them sooner.
    If anyone had taken them, that person(s) would have searched the truck, taken things, let the dog loose (maybe) etc…. They didn’t intend to go far or they’d have taken their phone and jackets. We have only 50 acres. If it was not fenced with houses around it …. I am amazed how quickly I get disoriented walking. You can walk into the woods in a straight line and never think you are losing your way. It is amazing….. don’t try it in a remote area.

    • Im not sure it was “obvious” they did leave their personal items and cell phone in the truck which had been pulled over headed down the mountain.
      Wouldn’t you take a cell phone hiking?
      Would most people leave the cell in a car rather than take it.

      You could be right.

      Im interested to hear the forensic results.

  24. Tic toc tick toc! Wow maybe it will take years to hear the results!

  25. Drift9 says:

    FTJ website mentioned that their remains have to be sent to Texas for DNA matching

  26. Jacqueline says:

    This entire mystery is book worthy due to all of those involved and bizarre facts that have surfaced over the years. The photo of Madyson Jamson may hold some more information than meets the eye. When was this photo taken and were their additional photos taken coupled together? Will the clothes match that she was wearing along with what looks like may be a diaper under her pants? When did Sherilynn put highlights in her hair as these look only days old? This photo of Madyson is the only one that looks like she is being forced to take a picture when she is freezing cold and scared. Looks as though some one is holding a gun as she is not her normal bubbly smiling self. They were up on the mountain two days in a row and a neighbor visited with them the day before they went up their the last time asking about water, electric and power. He also saw them drive up the day they presumably disappeared. The real estate lady confirmed they were going to look at the property by GPS coordinates and did not require a showing. She is the only one to continually called to get regular updates on this case. When the three bodies were found, she wondered how they coukd be so close and not Fou d after all of these years. Just like most of us following this case. Had a large search firm actually searched. At a minimum, a three to five mile radius would of been searched.

    In the episode of Disappearance where they profiled the Jamison’s disappearance. There is the video tape showing the many trips to the truck where specific items are visible and others found in the truck are not. As far as dare, I do not give much thought to the date being wrong on this video as they did not seem to have the knack for detail such as this. The briefcase and satchel are two items of concern. The briefcase is still unaccounted for to this day. There was a couple close to the Jamison’s who was over at their house several times prior to their disappearance.

    Did they know that the Jamison’s were getting ready to go on the run? There were enough signs, checklists, child services complaints and a major sweep of drug busts coming down in the area which meant there were snitches. This family was in deep going back several generations. This was not a secret despite what family says. Thus family had more assets than disability income allowed. Did someone close to their circle double cross them knowing where they would be on that day? It would only take one in the inner circle to claim snitches and the upper echelon would be waiting for them in an isolated area. When the truck was found, most of their personal items were found inside, but did Bobby trick them by placing $32k under the seat in a bag instead of in locked briefcase. There has been rumblings about the satchel which more than likely contained Meth which was far more valuable than $32k dolllars. Was this confiscated by a Deputy and part of evidence? If someone was waiting on too of the mountain, this satchel woukd of been confiscated along with briefcase and a few other items. Maybe, the $$ was not found nor needed due to content of satchel. There are compelling arguments for walking away and for murder!

    From the very beginning, I felt this family was murdered execution style due to drug involvement because of Madyson. Who could shoot an innocent child in the head? Now, with all of the infirmation, the Meducal Examiner’s Report should answer thus question. This is a tragedy on all levels. A few days earlier, the McStay family who was also on the run, but didn’t make it very far was found in the dessert in a shallow grave executed! There was no mention of a gun at the crime scene, but there must be some evidence to prompt a Deputy to say Murder-Suucide pact. It may take an anthropologist years, but DNA is readily available as both have living children.

    Justice in these cases are hard to prosecute without evidence and eye witnesses. The family can only hope that the remains found can clearly show a cause of death and explanation of what happened to the Jamison family. God Bless their Family & Friends!

  27. Jacqueline says:

    What is the Medical Examiner waiting on to release information confirming the identities? The remains of three bodies fitting the Jamison’s description were found three months ago by hunters. The longer this lingers, the more convinced I am that they do not want to release cause of death or do not have proof. The hunters who found the remains made statements know what they saw and won’t ever forget during their lifetime. Let’s hope they release information by the end of January.

  28. justme says:

    I read somewhere that the Jamisons invited some from the church to go up the mountain with them. For some reason they declined. If that is the case i would think a planned event can be ruled out….

  29. nshughes says:

    Why were the bodies not discovered during the extensive aerial search and ground search with tracker dogs.1.9 miles is a long way to walk in dense undergrowth.Did they argue on the way back,the car was parked in a funny way yet they locked it.Her gun was never found,Was there blunt trauma or bullet wounds on the remains.Did they die of exposure and whose decision was it to start walking and to where and to what purpose?I fear we’ll never know because of lack of facts and evidence.

    • Thanks for your questions.
      Leaves had fallen in thar area and since they hadn’t been reported missing for several days… the explanation I have been given is that they were mostly likely covered up. Metal detectors were used and the Forensic Recovery team did not find bullets or the missing handgun. Given the past history of drug use that the Sheriff told the public about (I verified that to be true.) and the fact the remains contained no trauma. It was the conclusion of State investigators that the Jamison family walked in the woods expecting to return shortly only to get lost in the dense mountain terrain and succumb to the night time elements.

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