The Maura Murray Update


Fans of this blog should run right over to Crime writer James Renner has done an outstanding job of trying to figure out what happened to Maura Murray.

Murray disappeared mysteriously on Feb. 9th 2004. She was involved in a traffic accident and after telling a bus driver she was “ok”. She was never seen again.

Many people have theorized she was the victim of foul play.

We have donated $250 to Renner’s campaign to put up ads seeking information on her disappearance on it’s anniversary.

Please click on the link to his blog above and watch this mystery unfold and support his work. We will be writing much more about her disappearance but will not impede Mr. Renner’s work on the case unless further details become available.

8/17/14 UPDATE: Recently in the kidnapping of Abigail Hernandez many wondered why the person arrested Nate Kibby 34, was charged off the bat with very low felony charges. Some wrongly speculated that Hernandez was a willing participant. I want to shed some light on the matter.
Authorities do this to gain leverage over a suspect when they need to obtain additional information from the would be perp. In this case, I believe they did this to try to get Kibby who sources tell me is not talking to authorites- to talk. I certainly do not believe Hernandez was the first victim of this person rather his LAST. Could a then 24 yo Kibby have been involved in the disappearance of Maura Murray? Well, Hernandez was abducted from the side of the road. Murray was waiting along the side of the road when she disappeared. Would Murray, who wrecked yet another car and may have been drinking and driving have been vulnerable to a 24 yo kidnapper such as Kibby? Absolutely. More over, would Murray have gotten in a vehicle willingly with Kibby to avoid yet more trouble in her life? I certainly think so. The set of circumstances fit perfectly. Kibby most certainly should be questioned with Murray and other women’s disappearances.
Let’s hope that investigators can get to the bottom of just how many and which women Kibby has victimized. Maybe some families can finally gain some closure on their disappeared loved ones.


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Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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9 Responses to The Maura Murray Update

  1. Jacqueline says:

    After reviewing photo in detail, I believe 110% the woman in the picture is Maura. She may be going by the name Jennifer. Why is she running? Was she sexually abused? Was she part of some crime? She reminds me of the woman in Double Jeopardy only in reverse circumstances. It is hard to pick up and just disappear with a family. With visibility of her missing and possibly being in Canada, she may of skipped to Ireland. I think Renner is going to find her. Her family and parents deserve to know what happened and why. In my own opinion, I believe they read and watch for any thing about them in the news. They obviously know her name so from this point forward, it will be hard to conceal her new identity!

  2. V4TM2013 says:

    Ten years ago, Maura Murray packed her car, lied to professors about a death in the family and left Massachusetts. That night, on a rural road in the northern part of New Hampshire, the 21-year-old nursing student crashed her car.

    Then she vanished, leaving a tormented family, vexed investigators and a case rife with rumor and innuendo. Lead investigators say there hasn’t been a single, credible sighting of her since minutes after her car spun into trees and a snowbank along Route 112 in North Haverhill just before 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 9, 2004.

    The disappearance of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst student is one of the most intriguing among scores of New Hampshire cold cases.

    “No one knows for sure where Maura is or what happened to her,” said Jeffery Strelzin, senior assistant attorney general.

    Fred Murray believes his daughter is dead, the victim of a crime. But he wants to keep her case in the public eye in hopes of finally knowing what really happened that night on the threshold of the White Mountain National Forest.

    “There’s no letting go,” said Murray, a medical technician in Bridgeport, Conn. “My daughter wouldn’t want me to quit on her. She’d want me to keep trying to find out who grabbed her.”

    Her father and some investigators believe she just wanted to get away for a few days. It had been a rough stretch for the standout student who had attended — and quickly left — the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. She had recently resolved a criminal matter involving use of a stolen credit card and caused extensive damage to her father’s car during a late night crash.

    Then there was a mysterious and traumatizing call four days before she disappeared. She was working her security job at UMass-Amherst when the phone rang, and she burst into tears. A supervisor ended up walking her home. The caller — and the subject of the call — remain unknown.

    But two days before she vanished, Maura was in good spirits as she and her father shopped for a used car for her and then went out to dinner.

    Before she left that Monday, she had already called several lodgings, including one in Bartlett, N.H., that her family regularly visited. In her car were directions to Burlington, Vt., said retired state police Lt. John Healy, who has continued to investigate the disappearance.

    Headed east on 112, she lost control of the 1996 Saturn, tagged a tree and spun around so the car was facing west.

    A couple who live within sight of the scene called police. Butch Atwood, a school bus driver who lived nearby, told police he stopped by and asked Murray if she wanted him to call police. She said no. Atwood, who has since died, called anyway and appears to be the last person known to have spoken to Maura.

    A police report says the windshield was cracked on the driver’s side, both air bags deployed and the car was locked. There was a box of wine on the back seat and a strong odor of alcohol.

    Healy, one of many investigators who have volunteered countless hours on the case, thinks Maura was the victim of a “crime of opportunity.”

    “She got into the wrong car. She went to the wrong house,” Healy said last week. “One minute she’s there, 10 minutes later she’s not.”

    “In Maura’s case, we’re one step away from thinking alien abduction, it happened so fast,” Healy said.

    Theories abound that Maura fled, possibly to Canada.

    Strelzin said it’s unlikely — but not impossible — that the young woman had gone off to start a new life, but he and Healy agree that kind of disappearing takes careful planning, help and resources.

    Her father doesn’t believe it.

    “I don’t think she’d put us through this,” he said. “She would have called me. I can’t imagine her not calling. We were close, you know?”

    Murray is frustrated and angry, convinced New Hampshire state police didn’t call in the FBI 10 years ago and still won’t for fear of exposing their own foibles.

    “She was out there helpless,” her father said. “Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No one to ask for help. I think some local dirt bag grabbed her.”

    He fought in vain all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to get the investigation’s records.

    “If I saw the case records, I would know what I have to chase myself,” Murray said. “You get frustrated and it gnaws at you. You can’t get rid of it.”

    • I plan on doing a post this week debating the theories in this case. I’ll be very candid. This is a story that while looking into I had a very strong opinion she was a victim.
      A girl disappearing after a car wreck- that alone screams that of a crime of opportunity may have taken place.

      But when you dig real deep… and realize she lied about where she was going to some and just didn’t tell others… There are many circumstances that point to a possible walk away. IE: Disappearance of JUDITH BELLOW

      Or did wrecking the second car break the straw on the camels back mentally and she ran deep into the woods and succumbed to the cold?

      The facts in the case are a reason it has never been solved. They point to at least three reasons one “disappears”.

      The private investigator in this case who recently mentions he’s close to thinking aliens abducted her is not funny.

      We here at keepthesearchalive can tell you that not one missing person case involves aliens.
      No aliens in the history of mp cases have ever been interviewed or prosecuted for wrongdoing- EVER.
      Same goes for bigfoot.

      WE donated money for crime writer James Renner’s campaign to put ads in newspapers on the recent 10th anniversary seeking information on Maura’s disappearance.

      Some suggested we should have used it to correct our often lousy grammar.

      Needless to say we will never be perfect. But we will be working full time to provide readers with information and an open forum to comment on these disappearances.

      For every person who has written to us about the missing Jamison family… (BTW its now February. Ummm why haven’t we had confirmation the bones found in November ’13 are theirs? The McStay family was identified in short order.) To those who have labelled us conspiracy theorists for our Ray Gricar story. (Every single story we’ve brought you. Relatives or friends have commented to me directly except the Gricar case. Not one person ever directly involved in thst has ever contacted us to thank us for the publicity or curse us out or set the record straight.)

      We will continue to bring you information about these mysterious disappearances found nowhere else.

      After a “thank you” from the mother of a missing girl we’ve written about… we are more motivated than ever to keep digging no matter if danger exists or not.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Sometimes it is not in what we choose to say, but what we don’t say for reasons only known to the person articulating their point. After spending some time looking at the details of Maura’s disappearance and reading the latest interview with Fred Meyer, I want to ask. Has Fred offered to willingly take a polygraph leaving no doubt that he was not involved in her disappearance. There are just a few oddities in hus behavior after Maura disappeared and he is adamant that she is dead. Just makes several wonder based upon his comments after Maura disappeared and actions leading up to her disappearance.

  4. marcy lily says:

    Oh dear NO ! That is not Maura . Not even a heavier older Maura . Maura had a very tiny fine nose. This woman does not .
    I know the Renner site claims Maura is alive but why did she have a cloth clogging her tail pipe , refuse help and leave everything in her car …. This woman did not have to be kidnapped to die . She could have been hit by a vehicle and her body moved , gone into to woods and died from exposure / suicide .

    • I do agree. Its certainly a possibility!

      • nshughes says:

        If she had run into the woods police search dogs would have found her.There were no tracks either side of the road leading nowhere(there was deep snow)Like most cases on Discovery disappeared.most of the females are abducted from the side of the road and it only takes seconds.Maura may have entered a passing car because it was bitterly cold and dark or she may have been abducted but this case is no different from the rest.Someone thought he could get away with it and has I’m afraid.The person who made her cry and upset after that phone call,Why on earth did he/she not come forward? Every one watching TV knows about that phone call.Do they have Something to hide?it only adds to the mystery.

      • You are right about all three things.
        Thanks for your interest. I’ll be updating this entire blog after Thanksgiving.

  5. Schrott7 says:

    I’m not and never have been anywhere near as well-versed or engrossed in Maura Murray’s disappearance as I am/was with the Jamisons, Charles Allen or (especially) the Mcstays, whose disappearance and subsequent murder investigation I’ve followed religiously for four and a half years now. But I am deeply intrigued and troubled by it. I’ve read through a number of websites and blogs including James Renner’s and most of Websleuth’s threads (as of a year or two ago anyway). I’ve really always leaned towards the exposure theory in this case. I really feel, as “keep” put it, this is a scenario of a straw (the second car wreck) breaking the camel’s back. She was a drunk college girl still reeling from a previous car wreck and whatever issues with previous/current boyfriends and maybe weird/inappropriate relationships with coaches and whatever else. -My facts could be a little off. I want to make this comment, but I should say I haven’t refreshed myself on this case in a year at least- I feel like she probably just wanted to disappear and get away, more than anything else, from her parent’s (father’s), boyfriend’s and teacher’s watchful eyes for a little while. After excelling at so much for so long she probably felt, to some degree, like her world was collapsing around her and it was only going to get worse as more of her perceived transgressions became apparent. I can totally relate to that thought process. And you’re in your first (I assume in her case) couple years/several experiences drinking? What a perfect escape. I had a couple college experiences not all that unlike hers where facing my girlfriend/professors and/or/especially parents was literally the worst thing imaginable! As a 20yr old junior I once faced having to call and tell my parents I had just been arrested for my second DUI, even as they were still unaware I’d been expelled from the dorms a week earlier. Maura’s second car wreck must’ve set the poor girl off into a sheer panic. Already unstable, it must’ve been a torrent of scared and guilty emotions, exacerbated by the alcohol. Her, from what I’ve gathered, overprotective possibly domineering to an extent, but very loving (I believe) father, who had obviously forgiven her after the last car crash, was ready to help her search for and purchase a new car and now this. And of course as a result, he and others would soon find out about her lies to her instructors, her drinking and driving, maybe her promiscuity, and whatever else, -probably some stuff we don’t know about. I really doubt she killed herself, intentionally. If I had to guess, I’d say she somehow in probably an alcohol + adrenaline induced panic managed to put herself into a circumstance (maybe involving exposure, maybe drowning, possibly after fleeing the area with somebody) where someone of her youth/health/intelligence would only arrive in or succumb to in that state. I gotta agree with what Mr. Murray has said (paraphrasing) “She wouldn’t put us through this”. I mean, unless she’s really truly been living in an isolated wilderness all these years, Maura’s been confronted via the media by all the attention and emotion of those desperate to find her. I feel like you’d have to be some extraordinary degree of bitter, hateful, ashamed or possibly fearful to ignore all that for so long to not reach out at all to anyone. Or sociopathic. But, in my opinion, even if THAT were the case, barring some extreme plastic surgery, there’s just no way someone this publicized wouldn’t have been spotted, reported, and positively identified by someone within a year. For the record, I’m almost as certain as I could be that her father had nothing to do with her disappearance, directly anyway. I honestly don’t remember what exactly convinced me the late bus driver was nothing but a concerned witness, but I’m basically certain of it so (I’m satisfied at least) that there must’ve been a good reason. I’m also near 100% confident the pic of that lady I’ve seen floating around isn’t her. If that woman looked anything an aged Maura Murray beyond that one single photo, I think we’d have seen and heard a lot more about it than that one single photo. Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, the actual original reason for my comment was to bring up the supposed phone call Maura made AFTER her disappearance. It may very well have been discredited or discounted for some reason years ago, but I do remember being extremely intrigued when I first heard of it, I think on ID’s “Disappeared”. I don’t recall, I think it was received by her boyfriend (?). All he heard was heavy breathing and/or crying I think. That’s what really bothers me about Maura’s case. It probably supports the exposure or drunken panicked freak situation theory more than anything else, but who knows. I’m wondering why I’ve heard literally nothing else about it outside of that show. Again, I feel fairly strongly that this girl put herself in an ultimately fatal totally freak situation entirely due to her state of mind, but there are enough tantalizing facts to investigate a willful disappearance or even foul play. I have some trouble with the foul play theory. I know, of course I know it’s happened, but I just imagine the degree of coincidence someone sick enough was cruising a road that deserted at the exact same moment a girl this intelligent and physically-capable wound up in such a (her most ever perhaps) compromised situation. What are the odds?? Maybe she did plan on leaving for a WHILE. Maybe she did have someone else with her in another vehicle. That’s what the dogs pointed to right? IIRC, they followed her scent just a little ways and then, poof, it was gone. I don’t know. Again, the overall point of my post is to ask about that phone call I’m only pretty sure I saw on the “Disappeared” episode a few years back, but any corrections or feedback anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Wow, what I expected to be a couple sentences turned into this… I really ought to have had my facts straight. All that, as we’re required to say on Websleuths, was just my opinion and I will certainly be reacquainting myself with the details of this case contributing again here or anywhere. Lastly, if anyone happens to trudge through this rambling who hasn’t heard of Charlie Allen “Neo Babson Maximus”, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a somewhat similar, very intriguing disappearance story that I’ve long felt deserves more attention -and not just because I went to school with the kid (never knew him). There is bipolar involved, but at the end of the day it’s another extremely bright, athletic, Mass college student vanishing in conspicuous circumstances. I might be the only one but I think there’s a legit fighting chance he’s still alive, more so, IMO, even than Maura Murray. I really need to know what happened in both cases though.

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