Lauren Spierer Update


Jan. 17th, 2014 would have been a very special day for Indiana University attendee Lauren Spierer. It would have marked the young ladies twenty-third birthday.

The story of the disappearance of Lauren Spierer is a gut wrenching one for this blogger.  Lauren Spierer disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 2011 after a night out with friends. I have a really hard time typing the word “friends”.  I have researched hundreds of missing persons cases and this particular case frustrates me to the point of breaking things. The reason being that I believe that at least one of her “friends” are just not telling authorities what all they know.

Now this is the point I would go in-depth to tell you the story of this wonderfully vibrant young girl and the family who loves her. I would go into all the details of what happened the night of her disappearance in hopes the story might be read by someone who’s memory might be jogged. I would give you all the fine details leading up to her disappearance with my analysis on what certain facts may mean.

But this case is not a big mystery. In fact it makes my blood boil more so than usual.

It is especially nightmarish knowing that at least one of these “friends” know exactly what happened to Lauren.

See this isn’t a missing person’s case where we all can debate theories. We know that some of the folks that were with Lauren at the time of her disappearance immediately hired high profile attorneys “lawyered up” and left town. They didn’t stick around long to search for her. They never utilized their social media accounts to help find her to this very day. They just got quiet. One even got defensive to a reporter about how his life was turned upside down by the event while never even mentioning Lauren’s name.

Some friends, huh?

Before I go off on a complete tirade about this case. I find in many cases that we don’t get the entire story about the behaviors of the missing from their loved ones. Most folks do what they can to maintain a positive image of their missing loved one. This case is no different in that aspect. People fear that their loved one will be seen as less than sympathetic if bad behaviors are exposed. Some go to great lengths to hide those behaviors. Some are just unaware they existed.

I don’t want to discuss Lauren’s bad behaviors to upset her loved ones. Quite the contrary. It goes directly to the best piece of information I could give readers to avoid winding up in similar situations themselves.

The night Lauren disappeared she was drinking underage with a fake ID at a bar. She was “partying” with several people she knew. She was by all accounts a “partyer”. Lots of young people are. Especially in your college years. But here is the most important thing to consider if you go out partying.


When you lose that ability and your judgment is blurry… you are MUCH more susceptable to being the victim of a criminal act.

ESPECIALLY, if you are a good looking young vibrant petite blonde. That my friends is a fact worth remembering and if there is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy that is it.

And that is exactly what we have here. A night that was suppose to be a fun night out with new friends partying in college turned into a tragic missing persons case. One in which authorities hands are tied because while they have a good idea who is involved they have no hard evidence to charge anyone in the case with any wrongdoing. The Spierer parents have pursued a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against some.

Recently, an article surfaced by PI Bill Warner trying to connect a number of these cases together including Spierer’s based on the fact that the women were all petite blondes. They are not all directly connected. There is no serial killer on the loose involved in these cases in my opinion. At least not in this case.

The Spieirer’s have done absolutely everything possible to bring home their daughter. They have hired a top PI firm. They have utilized the mainstream media, social media and the internet to keepthesearchalive for Lauren.

Just take a look at this statement issued this past October on the Facebook page started dedicated to finding Lauren.

To the person responsible, there are many things I don’t know about you.  The one thing I know without a doubt is that you are the definition of evil.  Time does not heal all.  With each passing day living with the loss of Lauren is more difficult.   Maybe that’s what fuels your silence.  Maybe what happened to Lauren on June 3, 2011 was not enough.  You revel in the pain and suffering you continue to inflict on our family and those who loved Lauren.  I have to believe your day of reckoning  will come.  You cannot possibly think we will ever give up.  We never will…
To anyone who has information about Lauren’s disappearance, you CAN send an anonymous tip to the post office box.   If you are ready to help us by sharing what you know, I implore you to do so by calling the tipline, by sending a private message via Facebook, by sending an email or by calling the private investigator. 
Someone knows what happened.  Lauren did not make herself disappear.   Charlene Spierer
Find Lauren PO Box 1226 Bloomington, IN 47402… Tips 812.339.4477 Beau Dietl & Associates 800.777.9366″
So what can we possibly do on Lauren’s birthday to help bring her home?
We have decided that we are not going to sit back and allow the “quiet ones” to continue to get away with trying to erase the memories of what happened in Bloomington that night. That is what they have done. They have tried to erase memories from their brains and social media accounts of their relationship with Lauren and have hidden behind high profile attorneys. I guess in hopes that they will be able to continue on with their lives in some normal fashion.
We are going to simply remind them of Lauren’s disappearance. For as long as it takes.
You see…let me write this to you directly. Corey, I believe it has become easier for you in the short term.
But I know every time you drink and party the memories creep back to haunt you. Oh you might be far from college now. You might think time will heal this for you. You might have even figured out a way to justify the whole thing in your head. But what are you going to do some day when you get older and have a child (perhaps a daughter)? The wisdom you gain about life as you mature will only make your secret haunt you worse. You are religious person. Do the right thing. Don’t let this secret corrode what is left of your soul. Lauren Spierer was living breathing beautiful young person. Try as you may to forget her. We don’t plan on letting you.
I wonder since it seems you’re trying to distance yourself far from the situation if you even know that you’ve been given a golden ticket to clear your conscience? Do you even know about the PO Box?
Whatever happened to Lauren that night it is time for someone to leave a tip. Its gone on for far too long now. For those who knew the people involved but are afraid to say anything. Don’t be. It’s time for you to come forward as well.
Please… if you have any information in this case please write or call: Find Lauren PO Box 1226 Bloomington, IN 47402… Tips 812.339.4477 Beau Dietl & Associates 800.777.9366
Personal comments to the author:

About keepthesearchalive

Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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22 Responses to Lauren Spierer Update

  1. Wasn’t it said with her heart condition combined with the drugs & drink may have caused her accidental death?

    • That is a theory that surfaced on internet but there is absolutely no foundation to it. If Lauren Spierer died of some type of accidental death we would -know- where she is. This is a missing persons case. Lauren wouldn’t have been able to conceal herself!

    • And here is just a little more of my thought on that:

      My analysis on that theory.

      If she went out and partied and then died in the company of others from an accidental death. There would be absolutely no need to conceal her body. It could be EASILY proven she died accidently beyond any shadow of a doubt, right?
      The only reason you conceal her from others is to hide something else.

      I sure hope the young person that did this owns up. It really is time to man up.

      I’ll tell you this too. I think someone knows something besides the person directly involved. They are covering up the details for whatever reason.

      Its a tragic situation on both ends. The persons who know what happened to her are burdened with that information.

      The Spierer family is tortured with not knowing what happened to Lauren.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a person with knowledge of what happened to Lauren came forward to stop to the continuation of this horribleness?

      If you are reading this and you are afraid. There is no need to be anymore. You can be protected! I promise!

      • Could the person(s) be convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter for supplying her a class A drug that lead to her death? It seems if she died at the hands of the person(s) then it was most likely an overdose/her heart condition and they probably panicked not really known what would happen to them if they contacted LE /or someone was drugging her all night to take advantage of her which could be the ‘something else’ to conceal the body. Didn’t she also fall bang her head on the concrete a few times? perhaps he was slipping her something else and the whole combination sounds deadly. To me the person not directly involved helped ******* and the others remove the body by means of transport. This is interesting: – if the analyse is genuine. What do you think? I’m not sure how else they would have removed the body other than a third party who wasn’t present when Lauren died. I agree and I think it’s only a matter of time before the burden gets too much for one of them and they bring the truth to light.

      • I did edit your comment to protect you legally, Natasha

      • The main problem there is to my knowledge have no evidence in the case to prosecute anyone on any criminal charges. We are in a “missing persons” limbo.

        I just don’t buy accidental. The lawyers consulted in the case certainly have the intellect to know an accidental death could have been easily proved in the early stages. Why drag their clients names on in a cloud of mystery? They would have advised them to come forward.
        The only reason to conceal or defend knowledge at this point in time is done to specifically to hide a criminal act.

      • I think there are a number of different scenarios that could have occured. Especially because she appeared to be “bombed”.
        She was not out with her boyfriend, right?
        She was out with others.

        She certainly didn’t disappear of her own free will.

        And there is at least one person who was with Lauren that night who cant seem to remember the waning moments he was with her or how he even got a black eye. Verrrry troublesome.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    The individuals responsible for her death are all cowards including roommates of all of the primary persons of interest. They all believe their alibis are solid, but are they? Will someone step forward and break their silence? Will someone remember seeing Lauren in a vehicle? Will someone remember seeing Lauren outside of CVS? Will her roommate that was in town tell what she knows? Cell phone records may indicate these individuals were not in their beds sleeping as implied or stated. Polygraphs should be given to all persons of interest as no one has voluntarily taken one by an authorized FBI or law enforcement agency. This entire event will haunt all involved for the rest of their lives, regardless of outcome of the civil suit. No amount of money can erase a guilty conscience or bring Lauren back. God’s law will supercede Man’s law in the end!

  3. V4TM2013 says:

    If the trio will submit to a polygraphy administered by the FBI and turn over all cell phone records from June 2-4, then no one would question them if the results came back “no deception” and revealed their alibies were solid. The only cell phone location which was definitive was Lauren’s which was left in Kilroy’s Bar and why the boyfriend didn’t pick up her items left in the bar is still a mystery. There has never been any mention of camera’s in Kilroy’s, but many have been curious why no photos released as this is the easiest way to jog a person’s memory is to see a photo of Person of Interest. This case will set a precedence going forward, but has brought a greater awareness to be responsible for friends who drink and see that they make it home safely!

  4. projectdetriotexpose says:

    I wrote on dedication video which LesterManio and Gabriel end the drug war Rivera made comments lestermanio demanding huge amount money knew where Lauren is and Gabe responds and try bribe lestermanio no followup comments .I made my comments and ? Them I notice comment became disable later and for some reason as of today 25 JAN 14 at 13:00 . video is gone why ?? Video has Asian theme when u start it. its Lauren and her sister speaking .Lauren wearing project Detroit shirt and video about alternative ways on car and try promote safe green environment vehicle. Someone explain why on YouTube all Lauren videos and dedication comments r disable I will find out who all involve justice for spierer

  5. projectdetriotexpose says:

    Why did 10 person of interest lawyered up so quick? did any use them use phones day after disappearance?? How would hadar t. Roommate say random she wasn’t there ? What happen to all cameras even at Corey rossman attorney place? Dad of Lauren showed pic of Lauren but that pic has pink shoes! Why not show a pic of Lauren without shoes camera did get that? Is there any pics or camera shows Lauren condition

  6. The Communicator says:

    Spierer’s Family File for Documents to be Sealed & Destroyed 30 Days After Termination of Case – Comments to News Article
    Steve Pardee · Top Commenter
    Really? Now they want privacy? The Spierer’s could not have waged a more public attack on the people they hold responsible for their daughter’s disappearance. And now that they appear to be succeeding in getting a couple of them on the stand to under oath recount the events of the evening, they want the info sealed?

    I suspect they are concerned that if it becomes a matter of record that their daughter was drinking, drugging, and who knows what else with these guys, from early evening until 4am. It might make it difficult to find the same public support, that these guys are guilty of her fate, that they so successfully lobbied for in the beginning.
    Reply · 9 · Like

    · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:30pm

    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    Ummm, you evidently don’t get that there is an ongoing criminal investigation. There will be CRIMINAL charges, a trial, and sentencing. Of course the evidence will be kept secret. Those guilty of taking and hiding Lauren have committed a horrible crime. This family suffered a parents’ worst nightmare. Yes, they went public in an effort to find their much loved daughter. They want answers. Their daughter did not make herself disappear!!!
    Reply · 4 · Like

    · Yesterday at 4:06pm.
    Steve Pardee · Top Commenter
    Ann Davis – You don’t get that this is a civil trial. Nothing about this trial will result in criminal charges being brought against the two individuals that will take the stand. No evidence will come forth that implicates them in a criminal act because they did nothing of a criminal nature. They are being sued for not taking responsibility for getting her home safe. It’s all civil. Nothing criminal.

    No one will ever be tried in criminal court for her disappearance because there will never be evidence found pointing to anyone.

    And if you are one those that thinks a couple drunk and high 20 year olds somehow killed her or witnessed her death and disposed of her body so well that 1000 of man hours of searching by 100’s of people never turned up a shred of an idea what happened to her, you are too far gone to see reason.

    Whoever snatched her off the street at 4am has gotten away with it. It’s a real shame and I feel for her parents. But suing the guys she partied with for not taking care of her will not result in answers as to what happened to her and who is responsible for what happened to her.

    And as i said, they have been the epitome of trying those boys in the court of public opinion so I totally believe their desire to put a gag on this now, is they now this CIVIL trial is going to paint their daughter in a very bad light.

    Reply · 7 · Like

    · Yesterday at 4:25pm.
    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    Steve Pardee “The court document reads: “The parallel civil matter involves similar witnesses and evidence as the open criminal investigation,” which is why the information should be sealed.”
    PS You are awful to blame the victim. There is nothing this young girl could have done to deserve death and disappearance. Well, she shouldn’t have trusted her companions, that’s for sure. They watched her sick for hours and got her no medical help. You have no clue what her actions were or happened to her, or at least I assume you don’t. But if you do know what happened please notify the Bloomington Police Department.

    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 4:41pm.
    Kathy Rosenberg · Top Commenter
    Steve Pardee Nevertheless, even in a civil trial, there is the potential for evidence coming to light which could be used in the ongoing investigation.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 6:35pm.
    David Shuee · Top Commenter · Vinncennes University
    Ann Davis ,

    Ms Speirer was in over her head. But we do not absolve a drunk driver just because they victim when they hit a tree. Speer knew she was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Drugs are -strongly- suspected! The common senerios floating around Bloomington are: OD, Drug deal gone bad, or Speer being used as payment for a drug debt. Either way the people invovled have alot more to be scared than a law suit or the cops. They are dealing with people who make bodies disapear for a living.
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    · Yesterday at 6:48pm.
    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    David Shuee Lauren Spierer did not know she was with the “wrong crowd”. These were friends and friends of friends. She was in her own apartment building after a visit to Kilroys, safe, until one of the two defendants carried, dragged her out to his apartment building from where she never returned. She was there about two hours of time unaccounted for and unexplained. Yet you blame her? She did not make herself disappear. You are so cavalier with your opinions, not stopping to think about whom your words hurt or how valid they are
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    · 23 hours ago.
    Chad Bozell · Noblesville, Indiana
    I guess I am confused Ann Davis, if this evidence is so important, then why do the Spierer’s want it destroyed 30 days after the outcome of this trial. There is not rhyme or reason why this evidence should be blocked. I think this evidence may show that Lauren was not everything that she is being made out to be and may shine her in a negative light. It is a shame that could happen, but facts are facts and it may show that these boys did absolutely nothing wrong.

    Reply · Like

    · 12 hours ago.
    Rich Beedle · Top Commenter
    Ann Davis “You have no clue what her actions were or happened to her, or at least I assume you don’t.”
    How do you know her friends did what you said? The parents surely got the bills for her drinking,.. why didn’t they stop her?
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    · 12 hours ago. ..
    Chris Hahn · Top Commenter · Stanford University
    Ok I’m no lawyer, but what kind of info could be in the suit that the parents want kept secret?
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Follow Post · Yesterday at 1:49pm

    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    Evidence that law enforcement is closely guarding because the criminal case is building.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 4:09pm.
    Steve Pardee · Top Commenter
    Ann Davis – Did you miss this “The request also asks that all material deemed confidential be destroyed within 30 days of final termination of the case.” This says it all. They want no one to know what is said and they want everything that comes out in this trial destroyed within 30 days of end of trial. So they know darn well nothing will come from this trial that will result in criminal prosecution. So I would say that kills your theory dead!
    Reply · 1 · Like

    · Yesterday at 4:44pm.
    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    Steve Pardee You seem to have an unnatural stake in this story and a twisted view of a kidnapper who left absolutely no trace, when there is security video all over and witnesses who saw Lauren with companions.
    From June 24 2011 presser w/law enforcement in the Herald Times:
    “11:30 a.m. In a press conference, when asked if Spierer’s friends hold the key to her disappearance, Qualters answers, “Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they don’t contact us.” He calls it perplexing, curious, disturbing and unfortunate.” Yet he did not warn, has never warned of kidnapper.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 5:17pm.View 4 more.Add a Reply ..
    Angela Brasher Tomcak · Manager, Revenue Cycle at St Vincent’s Health
    Steve what if this was your child? Would you not want the same thing. Someone knows something and they need to speak up and help this family it’s the right thing to do
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Follow Post · Yesterday at 6:29pm

    Steve Pardee · Top Commenter
    Of course I would want to know. But this civil suit will do nothing to tell them what happened because these guys don’t know what happened. You are giving too much credit to a bunch of young dumb kids for what would have to be pulling off the perfect crime. And then, when faced with intense pressure, not one of them cutting a deal and ratting out the others.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 6:32pm.
    Kathy Rosenberg · Top Commenter
    Steve Pardee How do you know that “these guys don’t know what happened”?
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Yesterday at 6:39pm.
    Janet Youngpeter SchwarzSteve Pardee has clearly investigated this whole case to the very end. He has sworn affidavits and polygraphs. That’s why.
    Reply · 4 · Like

    · Yesterday at 7:05pm.View 2 more.Add a Reply…
    Ann Davis · Top Commenter
    It is amazing how anyone could possibly blame this young girl for her own demise and disappearance, or exonerate her companions who were with her for hours with some twisted logic,; they knew she was sick (she’s on video and witnessed unable to stand, talk, and falling injuring her head and eye).
    She was twenty; her companions were older; she was tiny, they were grown men.
    Yes, there is a civil case. Looks like the two defendants kept her hours way beyond the sick point. Why? What happened? What did they do to contribute to her condition?
    Then there’s the actual criminal case: someone HID Lauren. it’s been two and a half years of no answers. “Perfect crime”? Jibberish! There’s no such thing. Nobody is getting away with blaming the victim for this horror. Somebody is going to rot in jail.
    Yes, RAT someone out. WHO could possibly deserve protection after such a scenario?
    Reply · 2 · Like

    · Follow Post · 14 hours ago
    Add a Reply… ..
    Skip Littell · Top Commenter · Indianapolis, Indiana
    they don’t mind publicly harrassing and defaming the boys that made (probably) bad choices but they don’t want anything bad said about their daughter to be public. tough! Princess did not deserve whatever happened to her but I am tired of her parents bashing the state, bloomington, IU, the police, the kids that were with her that night and anyone else they can think of. If they want privacy, stop the lawsuits and stop having weekly press conferences with carefully staged sad faces.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · Follow Post · 11 hours ago ..
    Skip Littell · Top Commenter · Indianapolis, Indiana
    this is what will come out in a civil trial: “because of an ongoing criminal investigation and on the advice of my attorney I repectfully invoke my fifth ammendment rights and refer the families involved to the authorities investigating the disappearance”. there, trial will take 1 day.
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    · Follow Post · 11 hours ago

    Janet Youngpeter SchwarzPlease tell me you don’t have a daughter.
    Reply · 3 · Like

    · 11 hours ago.
    Lu Plonski · FollowFollowing · Top Commenter
    Please know Steve Pardee is not an attorney.. and obviously has no other hobbies other than trying to upset a family that is desperately searching for answers and their daughters remains. How in the world can anyone possibly tell them they shouldn’t be allowed answers.. and their daughter’s remains? Let’s do try to act like we have a compassionate heart.. they do deserve answers, no matter what the answers are

  7. projectdetriotexpose says:

    Out of all people knew Lauren not one try help Lauren get to her apartment plus why is Jesse Wolff not showing support and why did he lawyered up makes no sense wasn’t he home watching TV u would think bf would have angers to Lauren friends and ask question I don’t get Zach Oates how does winner of fight and friend of Lauren allow Corey rossman go to his place and have Lauren no one has ever stated Lauren condition I notice in civil suite states Lauren condition so why can’t law show Lauren in survelliance instead we get father and mother showing pic of Lauren in shoes I understand concept of what she was possible wearing but error is Lauren wearing shoes and what does Corey attorney male attorney hiding and know

    • I would caution people again from commenting with names.
      You have several good points. I’ll throw in another. Why are people connected to this case changing there “last” names on social media accounts?

  8. projectdetriotexpose says:

    I found video I talk about why is my comment removed and why r the comment disable 2 all comments r gone this is video
    In Loving Memory of Lauren Spierer – YouTube
    ► 5:37► 5:37
    Jul 22, 2011 – Uploaded by ljdhughes

    • projectdetriotexpose says:

      I thought video was remove in fact I didn’t look hard enough to refind this video that is video I spoke about in earlier comments

  9. projectdetriotexpose says:

    Corey rossman if u ever r a man tell all of us the truth what really happen. I understand why u r scared

  10. projectdetriotexpose says:

    Keep the search alive who are people connected to this case changing there “last” names on social media accounts?

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