Missing Kayelyn Louder

by Keepthesearchalive   (Updated below)


One of the strangest disappearances I have run across in the Fall of 2014 has been that of Kayelyn Louder of Murray, Utah. Kayelyn age 30, went missing from her apartment complex known as the “Willows” around 6pm Sept. 27th, 2014 after some of the most bizarre series of events imaginable.

A former social worker, Louder has been described as a “quirky, compassionate, fun-loving” young women who was “loved by everyone who met her”.  Prior to her disappearance it appeared she was expecting guests as she had cleaned her apartment.

Most disturbing, is that the morning of her disappearance she had called 911 and reported that she thought strangers were inside her apartment “taking things”. I have reviewed the tapes and it sounds to me like she certainly was in some type of distress. (You can review the tapes yourself and more information by viewing the Facebook page: Find Kayelyn Louder.)

While authorities have a video tape of Louder walking out of her apartment in a white tank top with no shoes in a pouring cold rainstorm there are no signs of a crime for them to investigate at this point. In addition to having no shoes on Kayelyn did not have her wallet, car keys or cell phone. Witnesses have come forward to say they saw Kayelyn trying to open locked gates and cars.

One thing I believe for certain: Kayelyn Louder did not simply walk away from her cherished pet pug and all the people who loved her to start anew.

The search for Louder by family and friends has been intensive. In covering these stories, I have never seen a greater effort in the use of flyers, events and social media in any other case. It is a 24/7 effort by people to get information on this young lady out there. It is most certainly a model effort and everyone involved is to be commended.

Let’s hope and pray that this young lady is found safe and please share her information with everyone you know. You can also go to the public Facebook page at: Find Kayelyn Louder- to learn how to help more.

If nothing breaks on the case soon, I will start conducting interviews with people who know her. Citizens of the area tell me there are a number of missing persons cases going on there. One thing is for certain… we need to find this young lady FAST. With no clues as to her disappearance time is of the essence for sure.

Despite recent searches to the area there are no leads that have led to Ms. Louder’s safe return.

 If you have any information on the disappearance of Kayelyn Louder contact Private Investigator Allen Robins at (801) 864-8897 or to report a crime Murray Police at

(801) 840-4000. If you would like to leave an anonymous tip (866) 660-4025.

***UPDATE–  It is with heavy heart that I report that the body of Kayelyn Louder was found in the Jordan River on 12.01.14.  The body was found near a drainage pipe. A creek from nearby her residence does feed into that river. With the last known sighting of Ms. Louder being seen outside in the pouring rain with no shoes and the strange calls to 911 in which authorities describe her as “delusional” we are left to wonder if indeed this is a homicide case, an accidental death case or a suicide. Hopefully, the Medical Examiner’s office will be able to provide her friends and family with some concrete answers. One thing is for certain… Friends family and strangers came together like I have never seen before to find this young lady. The amount of love in her heart that spread like wild fire throughout her community will no doubt be missed. I will continue to update this story as information becomes available. The effort by family and friends co-ordinated by cousin Amy Fugal should really be a model for what should happen to find a missing loved one.  It has been quite extraordinary to follow.

*** UPDATE APRIL 21, 2015

The results of the toxicology reports did not yield the answers this family was desperately seeking. The cause of death was ruled “undetermined” but it appears it is related to the elements and water. Since this young lady was found with no apparent signs of homicide I am left to conclude based on the circumstantial things we know- that she ran into the woods herself and it precipitated and accidental death. I can only speculate based on the police response to a call she made that she was not in her right mind for whatever reason prior to her disappearance. Quite frankly, I knew this was going to be the outcome for months. Whatever caused Kayelyn to act the way she did prior to her disappearance we may never know. Sadly, however this sweet soul met with a tragic end. What makes a person do this? In my experience studying these cases it can be prescription drugs, illegal drugs (which tests came back negative for), synthetic drugs or in some cases an onset of mental illness.

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About keepthesearchalive

Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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10 Responses to Missing Kayelyn Louder

  1. jimsbook says:

    I enjoy your missing people articles, the Ray Gricar disappearance I find to be the most compelling. I realize that your blog covers people that have mysteriously disappeared and have yet to be found but the case of Elisa Lam who was found dead inside the water tank on the roof of a low budget Los Angeles hotel is really fascinating. I tend to dig as deep as possible into these disappearances as a hobby and her case is really crazy. Speaking of crazy after researching your latest subject Kayelyn Louder, there are definitely interesting themes. I feel for the woman as having mental issues have to be a horrible malady to endure but I think much of this disappearance is going to come back to here own internal issues. It doesn’t appear or I should say I couldn’t find out much about her history of mental illness, so she may not have had much of one but I think it’s safe to say she was in the midst of some sort of schizophrenic episode. Even if she hadn’t had issues previously she is definitely in the age group where mental illness can rear it’s ugly head out of no where so no mental history is really necessary to believe that she was paranoid running from people that didn’t exist. Unless you want to put a real bizarre spin to it, and take a look at the roommate who’s words in this story made it obvious that the Louder woman was not right in the head. Assuming she was setting up Ms. Louder, to what end, is there money involved in any way we just don’t know enough about the possibility of an abduction or did was she being chased by internal demons. The discrimination that we’ll see in this case is how the police handle the abduction of a mentally ill person versus the abduction of a sane person. There would be an entirely different pursuit to solve a crime if Ms. Louder was not mentally ill. Or if the appearance of mental illness didn’t exist you would see an entirely different agenda.

    • Thanks jimsbook.
      I wish I had some better health to get my book finished. I’ll take a look at that one.
      I’m both stuck and spooked by the Gricar story. Recently, I’ve had a “Six degrees of Ray Gricar” moment. One of the cases to be prosecuted by Gricar was a stalker with a slew of charges related harassment/stalking. Ironically, this person is a pit orchestra player who I have worked with many times. Eerily, he was convicted in Lancaster County Court years later on similar charges and even was accused in those acts of impersonating LE on the telephone.

      • Now this does not change my opinion on the Gricar story. I do not believe this is a homicide case. I believe it is a “sensitive” disappearance and that Gricar disappeared of his own free will. Why it’s being kept a secret is simply to avoid the embarrassment of having to let others know that a top elected county official was not at all what he seemed to be.

    • Thanks for your comments and kind words.

  2. Thank You for posting this blog Kayelyn is a family friend. Fun, Strong, Intelligent She is a daughter, grand daughter sister and most of all friend to all. She is missed by all and our goal is to get her home safely. She is not the person the press has made her out to be,. She has been abducted and someone knows something!

  3. Astounded says:

    Reminds me of the case of Teleka Patrick. She was a brilliant doctor, but was having problems with mental illness. Unfortunately, Teleka was found dead when she accidentally drowned running into a lake, in the dark off the side of the highway. Regardless of whether Kayelyn has a mental illness, she needs to be found!

  4. nshughes says:

    I think this woman was behaving oddly because she had been subdued in some way by someone having administered her some form of drug.Women will behave like that because of the after effects of drugs like rohypnol.The police should have taken this much more seriously at the time instead of assuming she had taken drugs herself.Who was in her apartment?Were they the same people she was scheduled to meet? I fear she has become the victim of foul play.

  5. I updated the story as of 12/2/14.

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