The “Mysterious Disappearance” of Ray Gricar

By Keepthesearchalive (Brett Faulds)

After seeing recent articles on the disappearance of PA DA Ray Gricar, I decided I would go ahead and release the chapter from my upcoming book on “Mysterious Disappearances” pertaining to him.  Again I want to remind people, I am no conspiracy theorist. I have never interviewed a Bigfoot responsible for a person’s disappearance. I guess the same goes with aliens. I haven’t interviewed a single one that was responsible for a person going missing. If you believe it is far-fetched that man who was DA of Centre County could have possibly been leading some sort of double life. Well then you aren’t going to like this story very much.

My first book will tell you a lot about what happens to people who go missing.  It follows the story beginning to end in a similar way as this chapter does with Ray.  My goal is to cover disappearances where less fortunate people need help. In the Gricar disappearance, I certainly never felt like those connected to the case want help at this point in time from anyone. Weird, huh?  Strangely, two particular people who were in Ray’s life have just moved on. On the anniversary they declined to say much or answer questions about the case to reporters that inquired.

Mysterious Disappearances CHAPTER II:

Still shocked over the last outcome, I knew it was time to move on.  On to the disappearance of PA DA Frank Ray Gricar.

Frank “Ray” Gricar was DA of Centre County Pennsylvania when he went missing on April 15, 2005.  The story of his disappearance re-appeared during the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal that rocked the county in 2011. When I first began to blog about the case it was clear. Most people seemed to think Gricar was a homicide victim. The word on the street was that Gricar was done in by any number of enemies.  There was the possibility he was murdered to cover up a future Sandusky indictment. The possibility a heroin ring busted could have gotten revenge.  Strange rumors about a motorcycle gang killing him. Maybe he was killed for the information on his lap top computer?  There was no shortage of theories pointing to disappearance as the result of a criminal act. But could I uncover evidence to support those theories?

I would be looking at three different scenarios here.  Disappearance as the result of a criminal act. Disappearance as the result of a suicide. A disappearance planned by Gricar of his own doing.

Who was Ray Gricar?  That is first question I had on my mind. What was his behavior like? What kind of person is he? What skeletons if any does he have in his closet? People connected to Gricar who spoke to me said that he was a consummate professional. He was  a ladies man type of figure. He did not do drugs. He did not gamble.  A person who worked with Gricar did blog at length about how he was a very private person. He did knock off work for the day every once in a while. Not one person I spoke to indicated ANY type of inappropriateness in his conduct. He was very proud of his Slovenian heritage. His heritage was a very important thing to him. It certainly did not seem that Gricar was center stage in the Centre County nightlife either. No one reports seeing him out much in social scenes. He had a law school education with a minor in Russian history. No one reports any sign of mental illness or depression. As I looked into whether or not Gricar would be the type of guy to look the other way over certain bad behaviors the answer became a resounding “NO!”  In various press outlets, girlfriend Patty Fornicola reports Ray seemed to be sleeping frequently prior to him disappearing. Sleeping could be a sign of stress. What would Gricar be so stressed over? He was about to retire.

So what do I write on the big white board so far?

***Ray Gricar was a very private man who was the consummate professional at work. He did not have any real bad habits. He didn’t gamble or do drugs. He graduated law school with a minor in Russian history. He was proud of his Slovenian heritage.

Next it’s time to find out what were Gricar’s actions on the day he disappeared.

On the day Gricar disappears, he calls off work. He changes plans he had to go to work to instead stay home. Ok, this is important.  Anyone planning to murder Gricar with premeditation has just been thrown a major curveball. How would they know where Ray Gricar is going to be since he changed his plans??

***Ray Gricar called off work the day he disappeared.

Ray leaves his place of residence in a newer red Mini Cooper.  It is extremely important to note that the Mini is not owned by Gricar. I was abled to determine it was actually owned by Ray’s girlfriend Patricia Fornicola. It was in her name!

***The vehicle Ray leaves in- a red Mini Cooper is not actually “his”.

From the time Gricar leaves his residence until his car is found in Lewisburg, PA. we are left to fill in some major blanks. There is a sighting of Gricar in the shop near where the Mini was parked with a “dark haired woman”. Gricar did not make any emergency calls.  He did not call anyone that would lead authorities to believe he was meeting someone last-minute.

A Former AD would claim to see Ray driving a different car that day.

A source would come forward to me that she believes she saw Gricar with a woman in Lewisburg the day of his disappearance at a hotel.

No source has ever come forward with CREDIBLE evidence they witnessed a crime or knew Gricar was the victim of a homicide. In fact many stories have been disproven.

No calls to 911 in Lewisburg or other nearby cities exist claiming a person witnessing Gricar walking away from the area where the Mini was found or jumping from the near by bridge.

A search of the river yielded no body. In suicide cases you are left with a body. No remains have ever been found in the river that have been unidentified either.

Gricar’s cell phone would be locked in the car where it would be found. It was left there intentionally by someone.  Much later, his laptop computer and subsequently it’s hard drive would both be found in the Susquehanna River close to where the Mini was parked. Reports from LE would confirm that Gricar’s home desktop computer would have searches on it dealing with “frying a laptop hard drive in water”.

*** Ray Gricar’s laptop computer and hard drive were found in Susquehanna River. Searches on his  computer reveal internet searches about destroying that lap top hard drive in “water”.

Since the hard drive was destroyed in a manner consistent with the search results on his computer it is clear he did it himself… he did ask around about how to destroy the hard drive at work. His nephew Tony Gricar was a computer whizz. Why not reach out to him and find out how to do it?

The chance of it being a coincidence that it was destroyed by someone else I would place at hitting a six digit lottery ticket. Think about it. It was destroyed in the EXACT manner of his own search query.

What were the people being interviewed for television programs saying about the story?

One television program I respect the most that deals with missing person’s cases would break out all the stops investigating this case. DATELINE NBC would premier an episode about the Gricar story. They even hired a consultant as CSI Yolanda McClary would be there to discuss her findings. Lester Holt would tell McClary that if Gricar left of his own free will that there would have to have been money moved.  She would agree. But behind the scenes authorities insisted that “There is nothing in Gricar’s financials that point to anything.” But was this statement true? In many cases Law Enforcement does not give the press every single detail to keep with the integrity of the investigation. Did investigators keep this crucial piece of information from the media? McClary would make one more statement. The statement she would make I would agree with 100%. “Whatever happened here. It was very well planned.”

*** No crime scene. Nothing but the faint smell of tobacco in the Mini. No fingerprints or any type of evidence at the scene the Mini was left. 

***A very well planned event.

In reaching out to McClary recently with some of my findings, she would tell me “I couldn’t get away from the thought he vanished on his own.”

The DATELINE special included interviews with girlfriend Patricia Fornicola. In one interview she uses the words “soul mates” to describe her relationship with Ray. She explains that Ray planned to retire and they were going to drive across the country. Would you ever stop looking for answers to your soul mates disappearance?? Patricia did. So did Lara. And rather abruptly too I might add. In order to travel across the country you would need to have a different vehicle and of course money. Lots of money.

Ok well, so what exactly were Gricar’s financials at the time of his disappearance?

Here is where the story takes a turn for the crazy:

Public filings by Gricar’s family lawyer say that Gricar had under $25k in assets at the time he disappeared. Ray Gricar made over $120k a year as a district attorney. To me it seems odd.  Where was all of this guys assets? Surely he had a saving account. He must have had some sort of IRA’s or stocks/bonds. He would have too, right?

“And now the REST OF THE STORY…”

A phrase coined by the great Paul Harvey.

Let’s take a quick look at what we have so far:

***Ray Gricar was a very private man who was the consummate professional at work. He did not have any real bad habits. He didn’t gamble or do drugs. He graduated law school with a minor in Russian history. He was proud of his Slovenian heritage.

***Ray Gricar called off work the day he disappeared.

***The vehicle Ray leaves in a red Mini Cooper is not actually “his”.

*** Ray Gricar’s laptop computer and hard drive were found in Susquehanna River. Searches on his desktop computer reveal internet searches about destroying that lap top hard drive in “water”.

*** No crime scene. Nothing but the faint smell of tobacco in the Mini. No fingerprints or any type of evidence at the scene the Mini was left.

***A very well planned event.

***Ray Gricar had under $25k in assets the time he disappeared.

Not one single thing I have uncovered at this point suggests a homicide.

No suicide notes. No body in the river. Nothing here suggests suicide except perhaps his moods/behavior of being sleepy and seemingly “stressed out”.

On the other hand, it sure does look like a planned event by Gricar.

The digging didn’t end there. I kept digging. Maybe too deep.

***A source provided me with a copy of a document filed to a PA agency in 2014 with secretive language in regards to the Gricar case. The language in the document makes it clear it was not meant for public scrutiny and reveals that the only assets Gricar owned  was a joint bank account with his daughter that had just over 1k in it.

*** At a time shortly after Ray’s disappearance. Both Patricia and Lara were polygraphed by the US SECRET SERVICE. They passed on the question of: Do you know the whereabouts of Ray Gricar? (Yes, the Secret Service.) 

***Family spokesperson Tony Gricar’s twitter handle has followers who speak Slovenian. He dealt in Etruscan Art at the time I researched him. After contacting him that account disappeared! He also has admitted to me via computer message that he knows people in the foreign intelligence field.  He claims that I know 5% of the effort to find Ray. As of 2017, he moved from Ohio to Lancaster, PA to start up a computer business called Green Pro Marketing. 

***I interviewed a former defense contractor from Lancaster County who attended a FBI seminar in the late 1990’s which talked about Central PA being a very popular location for foreign intelligence agents. Specifically, Lancaster county. Suburban towns in most counties in Central PA would be a days drive from places like Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York. Communications by these agents may have been via computer but information is usually only exchanged in person to avoid getting caught.

***Gricar did travel in the past to what is the former Yugoslavia.

***Gricar’s brother Roy was found to have committed suicide by bridge jump in Ohio. Roy did work at a military base and I learned had several military clearances. Ray told others he wasn’t sure his brother really did commit suicide. Could Ray have been afraid it would be his end? Is there a connection between Roy’s suicide and Ray’s disappearance? 

*** A retired police sketch artist believes he saw Ray and a women in another state eating at coffee shop.(This sighting is just miles from the Macedonia foreign consulate.) Gricar was eligible for Slovenia citizenship. Both Macedonia and Slovenia are parts of what used to be Yugoslavia.

***The campaign to find Ray abruptly seemed to end. It was very odd to many that two nearby county prosecutors Ted McKnight and Bob Buehner spoke out vehemently about this case. They were highly critical of the investigation which to them seemed lacking any substance. Everyone has seemingly moved on. Even those two.  No more interviews from the two closest to him. A story about this by the New York Daily News garnered many “NO COMMENTS”. 

***Former Police Chief Shawn Weaver: “There is about a zero chance of a homicide in Lewisburg on that day”.

***There is no internet or facebook light that exists as of 6/2017 in this case to find answers.

***The FBI missing poster which can be found on there site mentioned aliases. Those aliases are his past wives maiden names. He used those names on financial records during his time with them instead of “Gricar”. 

***A panel was convened by Stacy Parks Miller to find answers.  It adjourned with no public statement. Just a recommendation to move this investigation from local authorities in Bellefonte to the Pennsylvania State Police in Holidaysburg, PA.

*** An officer I spoke to that knew Gricar and worked with him is now with the PSP in Holidaysburg. He has heard many conspiracy theories and crazy stories. He is not sure what to believe but was pleased I phone in tips I receive in the off chance one of them pans out. “You just never know. It might be the one in a million shot. To be honest though, I don’t even know who here is in charge of the investigation at this point. His behavior in the week prior to his disappearance was very different. He was a very very private man.”


Ray Gricar, I believe was leading a double life. His long time assistant mentioned his life of privacy in her blog as well. It goes along with what I know to be true about his behavior. While interests from plenty of people have been generated since the PSU scandal about Gricar’s disappearance. I allege Gricar’s disappearance had nothing at all to do with the goings on at PSU. NO TIES TO THE SANDUSKY SITUATION EXIST. I believe if they had we would know about it by now. Furthermore, if the Sandusky situation had never made national attention I believe the story of Ray Gricar would have disappeared all together.

I have looked at this and interviewed people from both sides of the coin. From the side Gricar was murdered to cover up exposing Jerry Sandusky’s behavior. To the side he may have actually been involved in some pedophilia ring I hear went on at PSU. No one has said anything nor could my research connect him to the goings on or enabling of bad behavior in ANY way. I can’t stress this enough.  People who have spoken to me off the record tell me Gricar was “upset” at that time about the Sandusky claims. However, after interviewing the accuser at the time he could not file charges. (I was told he put Sandusky and the accuser in the same conference room then left the room to observe their behavior. The accuser’s behavior while left alone with Sandusky did not coincide with one who was a victim, I was told.) Likewise, to date… no one has come forward to say Gricar was involved in ANY wrongdoings there. We interviewed one former child prostitute who claims to have been brought to Central, PA from Philadelphia by a guy named Ed Savitz. He had no knowledge of Ray Gricar.

I do not believe it is possible Gricar was murdered to conceal evidence on that laptop computer as others suggest. It would have been impossible for any criminal to know that whatever incriminating information Gricar may have had about them- that it was SOLELY on that computer. I instead point to the fact that Gricar searched his home computer to find ways to “destroy a laptop hard drive” as proof that no one else besides Ray Gricar threw both the hard drive and the computer in that river in the manner it was found. Leaving his phone behind left no way for him to be tracked.

I believe enough circumstantial evidence exists to suggest Gricar staged his entire disappearance that day.

He had the whole thing premeditated right down to the very date. Gricar had the professional background to be a perfect foreign intelligence agent. He would have had connections through his brother to have obtained secrets from Wright-Patterson AFB.  He had in the recent past travelled overseas… a trip noted on the FBI file about him. That the “mysterious” – woman Gricar was seen with was actually his handler who drove him out of Centre County. That if one WAS a foreign intelligence agent one could never retire peacefully here. That Gricar himself who by all accounts was retiring from his DA gig- simply HAD to travel back overseas where his final destination was “SLOVENIA”.  It was time to run quickly before he was found out. He simply staged the entire event and was picked up by the “mysterious woman”. He left that mini which was in his girlfriend’s name unscathed for a final gift then chucked the computer and HD in the drink and headed for a foreign consulate. I believe the retired police sketch artist who came forward to say he was certain he saw Gricar in a location that just happened to be miles from the Macedonia consulate- was absolutely correct. And from that consulate Gricar arranged travel back overseas to his final destination of Slovenia to “retire”. I believe the FBI file that was acquired by Deadspin supports this too. (I liken it to the disappearance of John Stonehouse.)

And I believe all the secrecy about the disappearance of an elected official who’s disappearance was left for a local police detective to solve instead of the FBI or the State Police stemmed from the fact that other law enforcement agencies knew this is was not a homicide case at some point shortly after the investigation started. That is why I believe the claim he was “murdered and placed in a mine shaft” was so quickly disproven. It’s why the case was handed from a panel back to the PSP without one public comment about what that “panel” had found.

I do not believe his loved ones were aware of his “secret life”. I suspect that’s why he seemed tired about something just prior to his disappearance. He knew it was coming to the time he was going to have to leave friends and loved ones behind. An awfully stressful deal. How would you feel if you had to leave loved ones behind without telling them why? Could you imagine the pain he would feel and the stress he would have endured prior to fleeing?   If Ray did leave of his own accord at some point down the road would he let that secret slip to the people he loved after the investigation died off? Why not polygraph Lara, Patty and Tony NOW. At this moment in time in 2017? Doesn’t that seem like a no brainer for investigators? It sure would seem so. The problem there is that the investigation into this elected officials disappearance has been dead for years. I am absolutely confident that this is NOT a mystery to some people.  And after all these years, I believe many of the players you have seen on television and newspaper articles on this case know.  And they are very pissed off and hurt that Ray did that to them. That’s why the light on this case has been turned off many many moons ago.

****In 2011, around 80 pictures of former UDBA agents with retired and current SOVA agents appeared on the web from a picnic they had all attended. (UDBA and SOVA are both the names for the Slovenia Intelligence program. UDBA being the former name of it. SOVA the current name of it.) We have tried to view these pictures in an attempt to see if perhaps Gricar attended. We have only been able to find one existing picture (of an ex agent named Zvonko Hrastar who’s wife ironically happened to be a prosecutor.) others have been removed from the internet.

There is even more to this story. Details that would leave any person speechless.

Details that I would only share with a professional writer/reporter




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Stage Actor for 20+ years. Investigative blogger... and an expert in domestic intelligence. I enjoy using all of those experiences to help find the missing. I apologize to the grammar police.
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27 Responses to The “Mysterious Disappearance” of Ray Gricar

  1. J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

    Where can I order a copy? 🙂

    • I’ll post the link for the book in its entirety when it hits the presses. Little did I ever think about all the editing and important things that you need to have a successful book. It’s taken a year longer on the first one than I thought. The goal is to continue on this journey full-time. There are plenty of people who need honest to goodness help in getting the story of their missing loved one out to the public. In this story, I dont feel like our help is really needed.

    • It will make it’s way out soon. (Finally.)
      What did you think of the recent articles published about the case?

      • J. J. in Phila (the real one) says:

        Some of the details were off, and most of the folks speaking thought it was suicide.

        I was very distrubed that, according to CNN, there was no forensic audit.

      • What bothers me about the forensic audit of his financials is that someone in LE told several different media folks that there was “nothing in the financials to indicate his whereabouts”. I know information on homicide cases is withheld to the public. Either this is a piece of information they wanted to withhold OR people were intentionally mislead. Mr. Gricar clearly appeared to have oddities in his financials for a very long time dating back to his marriage. Now I can say with absolute certainty he was NOT on drugs. He was not a big gambler. This is the reason I discounted suicide in the end. He had assets SOMEWHERE making the kind of money he made. I think that alone shows intent to disappear. The big question for me was WHY? Why were his financials arranged in such a way that “Ray Gricar” owned nothing and had almost no cash in the bank. We know he made over $100k a year. And the cash that was in the bank was in a joint account.
        Going back to the recent articles. Notice most are done by authors who have not covered the Gricar case before. I’ve engaged some them privately. The census I got was that they felt like they hit brick walls when it came to the story. Some didn’t even get the details of it right. Others could not get comments from the people closest to Gricar.
        If there is a serious investigation by the PSP in this case. (Which I question the validity of.) It certainly doesn’t seem like they ever intend to break out the polygraph to find out what people know NOW. Sure we have the two people closest to him polygraphed back then. But what about NOW? Gricar was a prosecutor. He knows the intricate workings of investigations. He surely would have known his loved ones would be polygraphed then. Why is it PF and LG seemingly moved on with there lives and do not want to comment much or start their own personal campaigns to find him? I really suspect they know at this point time. The real tell tale sign of what happened here clearly lies in the financials. Unless people believe it is purely a coincidence a guy making that kind of dough doesn’t seem to own a thing or have money in a bank account of his own. I don’t. Obviously there was a plan here. Personally, I think Reddit was right for moving this story to the most dangerous mysteries to solve. I don’t believe the man is deceased. I think he did exactly what he told Patty in the DATELINE interview. He wanted to retire before he got old.

    • And thank you btw. For everything.

  2. Ole Dateline. Lester Holt is awesome but I’m a big Josh Mankiewicz fan.
    In the show on Gricar one person suggests something to the tune of that he wanted to retire before he was old? If you have a chance go and look up the old show and listen to the person’s statements surrounding the case.

  3. Peg says:

    Terrific read! (And I agree with your conclusion). Looking forward to the book.

  4. jimsbook says:

    You’ve done an admirable job. I think you may have something. Let’s play devils advocate and your entirely right about all except one item. The one item being he wasn’t an agent for a foreign government or our government, he was simply a DA. How would that change your conclusion about his disappearance? I’m curious as to your thoughts if absolutely everything you thought were true except the fact he wasn’t a secret agent. Would you even care to speculate? Does it get to ugly? Your conclusion does an admirable job of protecting Gricar’s integrity a great deal. Why is that so important? And is your conclusion focused on a conclusion that protects Gricar. It explains a great deal of the circumstances away, even attempting to explain his reason for not prosecuting Sandusky. How accurate and reliable was your information “I was told the accuser and Sandusky were put in the same room to interact”. Without that, and finding it an extremely odd way to decide on Sandusky’s guilt or innocence. Especially knowing what we do in regards to what he witnessed/heard…… Sandusky’s interactions and apologies to the mother of the young man he had obviously molested and then in essence closing the case. Sure would like to here from that mother or those involved with the results of Gricar’s investigation and it’s thoroughness in regards to Sandusky. Knowing what I know about Gricar I find it incredulous that he chose not to prosecute Sandusky or at the very least expand the investigation on Sandusky. Would be interested in your thoughts, because I do think you have a great deal nailed down.

    • The short answer: It would have to be something ugly. Why on earth would he his financials appear to have been that of a person who was ready to “disappear” at a moments notice for YEARS! Dating back to his marriage! He didn’t just suddenly move things. It certainly appears to me he had it set up for awhile. The only reason you do that is if you are involved in something that would require you to flee in a hurry. So I think yes. It would hafta be bad!
      But I would challenge ANYONE to find a statement from someone saying Ray was involved in ANY crime more or less a dreadfully ugly one. No one in LE has uncovered any. Its been ten years. Not one single victim of the worst of the crimes has ever come forward to say they knew him. Not one single criminal at all has ever come forward to say he ever did ANYTHING wrong. Criminals get caught sooner or later and when they do they exchange information for a deal. No one in 10 years has come forward to say: “Ray Gricar was doing X,Y,Z”. Nobody. Now you put that with people who say he was just a good professional guy. He didn’t smoke. He didn’t even engage in legal bad behaviors. No drugs. His coworkers and friends all say… like I said “a consummate professional”. They also say he was very private. If he was engaged in bad behaviors that had to do with Jerry at this point in time we would have heard about it. If he was involved directly with Jerry we would have absolutely known. The problem is there is no “bad” behaviors anyone could tell me existed with him.
      As far as the foreign agent scenario.
      We are talking about a guy who has travelled overseas. Had his country’s flag. A guy who’s professional and educational background would certainly qualify him- Russian history!! A guy who remained relatively under the radar in the social scene. A very private individual. A man with a locally powerful position with a computer issued to him that would have had access to a lot of information as it relates to criminal justice. If he was dually sworn in as a secret back up federal prosecutor (something I could not confirm) he would have access to much more information. His brother worked on a military base and had several clearances before his “suicide”. You throw in the location where Ray lived. You throw in the guy did go on day trips alone and not tell people where he was going. You fast forward to the staged event. Jim, I know a bit about the Intelligence field. As shockingly I found out- it seems Tony Gricar does too. These all just can’t be coincidences. And what I find many people to overlook is the fact he himself ALTERED his plans that day. He called off of work. You add that up with a staged scene and sightings of him with a woman. (One of the nuances of the intelligence field is something called a “handler”. They can be used in a number of ways. If he met a woman and was having a secret relationship and simply moved somewhere else. I think we would know it. The case is too high profile. Someone would have recognized him. It certainly fits that male foreign intell agents have female handlers. They are especially useful for travel purposes. (This adds to why this woman has never come forward. She would not if she was and plus she’d be back overseas.)
      Another words, for me and my knowledge of the intelligence community all of those facts put together make it less of a conspiracy theory and more of a conspiracy reality.

      I just have to take murder off the board completely.

      As for suicide. It’s a long shot. He had no mental illness. He was almost to retirement. He wasn’t doing drugs.

      Now think of it this way- if you are a secret agent. And you’re just coming to retirement… are you really going to hang out in a REALLY bad situation where you can see the writing on the wall that a humongous scandal may be on the horizon putting your decisions and face on the cover of every newspaper in the state? Not to mention you just indicted people in a large heroin bust. Hmmm… food for thought.

      • jimsbook says:

        I’ve always written my comments as dafirestar, it just so happens jimsbook is the name on here now and it’s not at all to deceive in any way. I have to say you have actually brought up such strong points for Gricar being an government agent of some kind I’m really quite impressed. I have always had a hard time getting around the Sandusky issue and the fact he didn’t prosecute him back around 2000. Pedophiles are from my understanding chronic, by that I mean they don’t stop and can’t be fixed, he had to know that Sandusky would go on destroying lives until prosecution. You make a great point that his plan to leave most likely pre dated this incident as I’m in total agreement it was well planned for many years. I don’t think financially it’s as big a deal if your correct in the fact he was some kind of agent, he would have assistance and a large nest egg waiting for him so the money part wouldn’t have to be thought out. I guess I just couldn’t get around the fact that this law and order prosecutor who seemed to have the evidence wouldn’t have buried Sandusky. To me it appeared suspicious, then the timing of him leaving was on schedule with Sandusky facing trial. Remember the Sandusky trial only went the way it did, is because with all that evidence he still couldn’t face the fact he was a sick man. By denying any guilt this left a great deal of possible information off the table. The way I saw it Gricar left just prior to the possibility of the Sansusky trial and possible dirt being exposed. Either way Ray Gricar is an
        an “Ice Man” to be able to conduct himself in such a way towards those that loved him, I mean his girl and his daughter. Quite a price to pay for love of country, whichever country that may be.

    • And thanks for the comment, Jim.
      After I responded, I got a note REDDIT has listed this as one of “America’s most dangerous mysteries to solve.”
      For the reasons I mention, I agree. At the point in time I interviewed the former defense contractor from Lancaster who talked to me… I was pretty frightened about it being a very good possibility. After, I was even more certain it was a reality and I went from frightened to petrified.

    • Third reply Jim. Sorry.
      Just to nail this down. Do you think if Gricar was a “secret agent” that he would want to draw attention to himself even more than he had with that big drug bust by blowing the lid off the Sandusky investigation? If he indicted Sandusky, sweet baby Jesus EVERY newspaper reporter and television newsperson would have been in his face for a VERY long time. Could you imagine the pressure he’d be under? I’m sure he did. I’m sure it was one of the factors that made him decide to disappear when he did. He really wasn’t going to be useful in a “secret agent” scenario that much longer anyway, right? He was retiring and wouldn’t have access to any secrets anymore anyway. Now seeing one of the largest scandals in PA history on the horizon- don’t you think it would have helped precipitate his disappearance when it did?

  5. Jack Henry says:

    My take on this case is from a different angle as I feel a crime was committed even though it was not uncovered in your book. Faking your own Death so family members can claim death benefits and meticulously planning disappearing in advance like the Pink Panthers is the perfect OUT. But is it….if there was a bounty for $1 million dollars advertised with posters, there would be some one come forward and say “I know HIM and he lives HERE”! It was always puzzling why the FBI did not get involved in this case and there is only one conclusion. At the time, no crime had been committed and there is no crime in walking away. Due to his position, millions of dollars were spent in researching cases and investigating. Backups of hard drives are performed nightly, but no records were ever found or divulged from his computer. The Sandusky case along with one other drug case would of taken 6 months to 18 months to investigate and prosecute. There would of been alot of attention and security required around him, so timing was key. When people disappear, there are always 3 key mistakes made and in this disappearance, there were 3+! In my opinion, Ray Gricar was out of the country before any one grasped the fact that he disappeared on his own account and some how managed to smuggle all of his assets out of the country unaccountable and traceable with him! This is what makes this one of the most mysterious disappearances in the country! Good Luck!

    • It did receive national attention. You are right no big reward for a long period of time existed with no conditions. As for the insurance money. I really do not want to address what I know from the documents I have. Do they show a payout? No. They do have very secretive language and were filed in 2014 and certainly appear they were never meant for public scrutiny one way or the other. That in itself makes me wonder who knows what- now. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Peg says:

    I always thought his relationship with Patty was odd. He was a very private person; why on earth would he have a relationship with someone in his office?? Or did he choose her for that reason..????

  7. Peg says:

    Thanks, Keep! People have stated that Gricar had a reputation as a “ladies man”. Not saying this to disrespect PF, but she seemed to be the quiet, trusting, homebody type. She’s described them as “soulmates”, but would he have described them in that way? I don’t think she knew anything about his other life (at the time of his disappearance) but I think there’s more to his choice than what’s on the surface…….

  8. Peg says:

    And how do you think he moved his money out of the country??

  9. Peg says:

    Looking forward to it!

  10. Peg says:

    Brett: Just re-read this all today…still fascinating!

  11. Marion says:

    Why are the book and the podcast series cancelled.
    And why have you shelved the project?.
    Have you woken something that should have stayed asleep?
    For after reading all of this I think you might be right about this disappearance, or has he gone into witness protection? Who knows only Gricar does and those who helped him.

    • Marion… my feeling is that I have woken something that should have stayed asleep. Not one person at this moment in time is still searching for answers. Not Lara Gricar. Not Patricia . Not Tony. Not Bob Buehner (even though he is retired over seas himself.) Not former DA McKnight. NO ONE!!!!!! There is not even a simple internet page with updates or information to keep the story in the light. Quite the contrary. Its been “No comment” to other seasoned reporters. Are you kidding me? “NO COMMENT”. Really? An article was going to be written about the story and all of these people now have no comment. It -is- shelved for now. I need outside big time help. I need a seasoned crime writer or reporter to join forces with me. By the way.. remember how I interviewed the FMR CIA operative who told me “Central PA is hotbed of activity for foreign agents. Lancaster County is the worst for that but most counties in Central PA are a mere days drive to cities like Washington DC, NY City, Philadelphia. These operatives can drive there and back in a days time virtually unnoticed.” Well Marion, guess where Tony Gricar lives right now? 6 miles from my home in Lancaster County. And if I displayed a picture of him… you would never recognize him. He has me blocked from his twitter acct or deleted it after I pointed out all the people from Slovenia on it. I don’t mind telling you Marion… I’m spooked. I actually have been for well over a year now. That is why I stopped investigating cases all together.

    • Read the final updated version when you get a chance.

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