Stage Actor, Missing Persons Guru, Force for Good. (Finding out information on people who go missing can be dangerous. Some people do not want to be found and some people would not want a crime in a case uncovered. It is for these reasons that I respectfully do not include my name here.) Our goal here is not to be Sherlock Holmes. It is to pass along stories involving cold missing persons cases in hopes someone uses the links or numbers at the bottom to phone authorities, family members or friends. The opinions offered up in these stories are to spark debate and open up dialogue in hopes answers are found.

My book “Mysterious Disappearances” releases in February ’15. It is at that point my name will be attached to this blog. It will be available right here on the blog in both paperback and e-formats.


17 Responses to About

  1. Peg L. says:

    Have you ever thought of researching the John Glasgow case?

  2. katie says:

    Where can I do download your eBook “Mysterious Disappearances Volume I: The Oklahoma Jamison Family.” I’m very interested in reading it.

  3. Hey. Here’s one for you. Google Joey Offutt.

  4. Tom Borden says:

    Twenty-one years ago, Kenley Matheson disappeared from Acadia University in Nova Scotia without a trace. There were no witnesses, no suspects and no leads. No body was ever found and he has not been seen since. With full support from the Matheson family, filmmaker Ron Lamothe has begun work on an investigative documentary film on this baffling cold case. Lamothe hopes that, through his film, new evidence and new answers might come to light—evidence and answers that could help finally solve the mystery of missing Kenley. For more information, you can go to http://tifilms.com/kenley/kenley.htm

  5. Cheryl Cambria says:

    Hi…can you offer any ideas on keeping a search alive for a missing person? Friend disappeared Sunday and was covered by media….nothing in 24 hours. I am in massachusetts and she disappeared from sisters house in new york. Any thoughts, comments would be appreciated.

    • Use social media to post pictures of the missing persons flyer. If you dont have one yet (flyer) make one and keep posting on Facebook and Twitter and other outlets that will allow people to get the information that your friend is missing.
      Do it several times a week.
      Thats the best you can do from a far.

  6. friendofthefamily says:

    You will find that the Jamison’s got lost and simply were taken by the elements. End of story.

  7. Elizabeth Whitney says:

    Buy your book? Have you ever been correct in your suspicions?

  8. Peg says:

    Is your book still being published in February?

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi I just listened to your show about Ray Gricar and love it! Are you planning any more shows?

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