Three Bodies Near Panola Mountain May Be That Of The Jamison Family

By keepthesearchalive

Details have emerged in the case of the missing Jamison family of Eufaula that early Saturday hunters have come across three bodies in the Panola Mountain area.

OSBI have contacted relatives of the Jamison family and forensic teams will be up on the mountain until Monday or Tuesday.

Obviously, this is a shocking turn of events in a similar manner as the McStay case. Many people felt the Jamison’s staged their disappearance- I included.

Personally, if this turns out to be confirmed by forensics as this family I will be devastated and shocked. It will make me wonder why so many people I interviewed in “high” places told me this family were not the victims of a crime. It certainly will cause me to revisit why people spooked me from my pursuit to keepthesearchalive for information on the case.

October marked the four year anniversary of the missing family from Eufaula. Sherilyn, Bobby and daughter Madyson disappeared from Panola mountain with just their white truck with 30k under the seat and the family dog left behind.

20131120_184138 We have learned according to a news article that foul play may not be suspected. Leaving many to wonder. Did the Jamison’s stage their disappearance to commit a murder/suicide pact?


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Missing McStay Update

by Keepthesearchalive

Investigators in San Bernardino County California have called in a forensic anthropologist to assist in the recovery of four bodies. Early reports are that the bodies could be that of all four missing McStay family members.

The McStay case earned national attention in 2010 when the family vanished from their home in California.

Investigators believed closed circuit security footage showed this family voluntarily crossing the border into Mexico. The FBI tried to track their movements unsuccessfully.

Could this family have crossed the border to be made to do something unwillingly and then came back into the US where they met a violent end?

Only the worst of the worst would kill children that’s for damn sure.

One author Rick Baker, who wrote a book “No Goodbyes”  had the opinion that Summer may have killed Joseph McStay and ran off with the children Gianni and Joseph Jr. Baker has removed his book from Amazon and has offered refunds. Baker contacted me in regards to the missing Jamison family almost two years ago. At the time I saw no link in the two cases and my opinion was that because the McStay family computer had searches about “passports for children” “Mexico” amongst the last things in there web browser searches combined with the footage which appears to show them crossing the border- that they left voluntarily to avoid a perceived or real danger on their part. Baker did raise awareness for the story and kept it going long after mainstream media with his open blog on the story. I felt the Jamison’s staged their own disappearance.

One thing I can tell you for sure: The fact that authorities brought in a forensic anthropologist tells me that the bodies were there longer than a year.

It will be key to see what an analysis of the remains will reveal but sources tell me an electric cord was used to bound one of the corpses leading this to go forward as a homicide investigation.

On Friday, November 7th 2014 Charles Merritt, a business associate of Mr. McStay was arrested and charged with the homicide of the McStay Family. Investigators allege the homicide took place in the McStay home and that blunt force trauma was the cause of death in every instance. No motive has been made public at this point but stay tuned for all the trial details here.

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Jamison Family Sighting

If you’ve followed my analysis on the “missing” Jamison family of Eufaula, Ok. then you know I believe this family is alive and have disappeared of their own free will. That absolutely no crime in this crazy case has been committed.

From the time I started the blog and sought out information on this disappearance I have went on one helluva roller coaster ride.  First, believing they were victims of a crime. Then ultimately uncovering parts of the truth. That this family was ALIVE and did not want to be “found”.

Since then, I have received comments and correspondence throughout the world from people who have believed my analysis and opinions on the case are correct. To psychics and others who have called me irresponsible for suggesting a voluntary disappearance when the Jamison’s were obvious victims of a crime and disagree with me. 

Tonight I would like to make the public aware that a very credible sighting of the Jamison’s has been phoned to authorities.  A sighting of ALL THREE Jamison family members- ALIVE. 

Just incase I am correct in that this disappearance may be a sensitive one. I will not publish specific details. I will wait to see if its properly investigated and report back anything I can.

I will say this: I have spoken to the person who reported the sighting. I believe based on the location and the specifics… that this sighting and the person who reported it are both genuine. 

Are the Jamison’s alive? I haven’t had a doubt about it for a long time. I’m pretty damn sure they all are and this latest tip if confirmed would prove it. But am I harming their safety by providing the truth here? No one has made the phone call to me and asked me to stop. I have given ample opportunity.

So until then, I will keepthesearchalive for information on this family until a statement is made that they have been “found”.

I decided to combine this mysterious disappearance with the story of missing PA DA Ray Gricar in a book about mysterious disappearances forthcoming. 

In the meantime… should a resolution to this case be made public. Ill have it for you on my blog here.




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Missing Jamison Family

(I had written a conclusionary piece about this case. This is from an original blog I wrote with some updated material.) PLEASE ALSO READ ALL THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTS- from posters and myself. My comments and replys in the comments section below provide more inside detail. Check back too! WITH THE RECENT DISCOVERY OF THE REMAINS OUTSIDE VICTORVILLE, CA OF THE BODIES OF THE McSTAY FAMILY… I remind readers this blog is about the missing Jamison family of Eufuala and not the California family who went missing in 2010.

Saturday October 8th 2013, marked the four year anniversary the Jamison family of Eufaula, Oklahoma have been missing. Four years have gone by with no public resolution to this bizarre mystery.

Bobby, Sherilyn and their six-year-old daughter Madyson disappeared from their truck on Panola Mountain in Red Oak, Oklahoma while looking to buy land there. The truck found abandoned and locked contained the Jamison’s cell phones, wallets and over thirty thousand in cash. A search for the family of three around the steep mountainous terrain yielded no clues as to what happened to them. The story of the Jamison family was featured on the Investigative ID channel’s “Disappeared” program. It has aired numerous times in re-runs with still no tips solving this strange mystery. Both the former and current sheriff’s of Latimer County have similar theories that this was some sort of murder suicide. On the ID episode Beauchamp does mention a walk away theory that I was told was edited out.

So how is it possible a family of three disappears with no trace? With no national media attention whatsoever.

I had spent eight months interviewing people involved this mystery from a far. I had seen the story on “Disappeared” on the ID channel and my heart sunk every time I saw a picture of young Madyson Jamison. I knew I had to try to find out for her sake what happened. In this case, there was no crime scene and no crime. Law enforcement had placed this in the cold case files so I wasn’t interfering in any investigation. I would use similar tactics any modern-day investigator would employ. I interviewed witnesses. I monitored and posted in chat rooms… gaining much information from people who knew them. In my search to find out what in the world happened to that precious little Madyson Jamison and her parents that day. I decided no matter how ugly or dangerous it would be that I would do my best to gather and analyze the evidence in this case to crack this mystery.

My findings may just be the beginning to finding out what really happenened. But could the story really be told?

These days Niki Shenold, a friend of the Jamisons, spends most of her time answering emails and running down any lead she gets regarding her friends disappearance. She appears on interviews trying to help generate awareness about the case in hopes that someone comes forward with information. She is the person who has spent the most time and energy trying to find the Jamisons. Her “Jamison Warriors” a group made up of investigators, web slueths and psychics from around the United States have worked tirelessy to make some sense of all this. Unfortunately, there are too many things in this case that don’t make any sense. Curiously, there is no reward out for information. The money from the truck that was recovered was turned over to Bobby Jamisons mother Star Jamison and to date no reward has been offered. This would be just one of many “things that make you go hmmmm” in this one.

The behavior of the Jamisons in the weeks leading up to the disappearance was far from normal. They took Madyson out of school and had rumored to be suing the school district. Sherilyn Jamison had chased off a handyman living with the family with a pistol. The handyman Kenneth Bellows of Wilburton, Ok was cleared of any wrongdoing by the FBI in this case. Infact, there is no crime or signs of any and the Jamisons themselves are not “wanted” or have any warrants out on them. The Jamison’s pastor said Bobby Jamison said he had been seeing spirits around his house and wanted to know if there “was a bullet they made that would kill them.” He also said Bobby said they were consulting the satanic bible for remedies.

The Jamisons planned to leave their nice lakeside home and buy a plot of land in the mountains and live in metal shipping containers. They wanted to get away from it all. But why? They had a beautiful home. They had several time shares around the US and Mexico. The had newer vehicles and lived well above their means of social security disablilty.

In my investigation, I unearthed a startling fact not mentioned by law enforcement or the press. Sherilyn had been a beautician. MADYSON JAMISON’S HAIR WAS DYED BLONDE. Not one of the missing posters of Madyson anywhere denote her hair being dyed. Not to this very day. Deceptive, but why?

A resident of the mountain who saw the Jamisons truck parked on the mountain saw fresh tire tracks leading away from the Jamisons truck causing him to believe the Jamisons got into another vehicle. This would now be the entire focus of my investigation. This to me is the only thing that made absolute perfect sense. They were there to look at land. Perhaps they met someone that may have wanted to show them land somewhere else up there? Or maybe something sinister happened and they were forced into the other vehicle against their will? I decided to speak with the last known person to talk to the Jamisons. A lady who shows various properties on Panola Mountain for a real estate company. What she would tell me I would find very intriguing…

Bobby Jamison did not want the lady on the mountain to show them the property. Rather Bobby Jamison wanted just the gps coordinates to the sites. Now mind you these plots were literally in the middle of an extremely “low-traffic” remote area prone to people getting lost there. Why not have this woman show them?

Now if you think about it. If this were an abduction. Why take people away from a secluded “low-traffic” area where you could do anything you want to them and take all three somewhere else? Why not rob or kill one or all them right there in the middle of nowhere? Any perp would have had all the time in the world to do whatever. Anyone with any type of revenge motive could have committed murder right there on the spot. Yet not one shred of evidence was found to suggest a crime took place. Nothing. No, instead it looks as though alot of things in this case have been done to decieve what has really happened.

The last picture taken on Bobbys cell phone was taken that day of Madyson. She looks very uncomfortable in this picture in front of a rock on Panola Mountain. After the picture it appears all the couples personal items were locked in the truck with the family dog. When the truck was found the dog was near death. It is estimated the truck was their for several days. Remarkably, Latimer County Sheriffs also found underneath the seat a bank bag with over 30k in cold hard cash.

Amongst all the weirdness and unanswered questions… the Jamisons had security cameras installed on the outside of there home. I reviewed footage from these cameras. I examined the Jamisons load a brown satchel into that truckon their trip up to Panola Mountain. This satchel was not found in the locked abandoned truck. What could have been in that satchel? As I examined the video further and the Jamison parents make well over a dozen trips back and forth to their truck carrying nothing.

One thing is for sure on the four year anniversary of the Jamison disappearance. The Jamisons did not commit murder suicide on that mountain. They were never found up there despite a search involving 300 people and drones. They appear to have left that mountain and what happened after that is where the mystery REALLY begins.

UPDATE 1/10/2012

I had written my own conclusions and posted details on what I thought happened to the Jamisons. I have removed it out of concern for there safety. There is enough evidence to indicate that the Jamisons are not dead on Panola Mountin in my opinion. In fact, overwhelming evidence shows that the Jamisons staged their own disappearance and have “walked away”. I stated a lot of deceptive things that have turned up in this case in my original blog. Madysons dyed hair. The fact the Sheriff in the case called the Jamisons “scammers”. The fear the Jamisons were living in of Bobby Sr. that made Star Jamison install video serveillance cameras on the Jamison home. The fact the Jamison family were indeed looking to re-locate. The Jamisons own past history that involved the methamphetamine world and specific information about their activities and associates in it and how it relates to the article I reference about the DEA arrests later. The appearance of one last mysterious photo of Madyson in clothes that did not fit her with dyed hair. After all there were and are no warrants out for the Jamisons arrest. They could be living anywhere now and no law enforcement agency could arrest them for anything or force them back to Oklahoma. People are allowed to move without telling others. But why leave all your personal belongings behind and a dog in the truck unless you want people to believe you are dead? People may not come looking for them but people would come looking for Madyson. The fact no one looked for the Jamisons for a period of several days or reported them missing until the truck was found. I had been contacted and told that they indeed had fled of their own free will.

They “do not want to be found” I was told.

“They are absolutely in Mexico.” I had the same person tell me. A seemingly reliable source. No one looking to gain anything by saying it. (Later he would contact me one last time to tell me he saw them in Mexico prior to their disappearance. That they were involved in criminal activities that he used to be involved with but got away from.)

Then I read this article given to me by another investigator in this case back before Christmas.

After reading that and doing some other digging I noticed one glaring thing in this case before that I pointed out. There is no list of the Jamison family on the FBI’s list of “missing persons”.

So to the person who has posted in the “topix Eufaula” chat room from day one that “there is no missing Jamison family!!!!”

Id say I definately agree with you. Apparently, the FBI does too.

Is the missing Jamison family a “legitimate” missing persons case? With no physical evidence of a crime and details of this I dont feel comfortable publishing. Signs to me point to- NO.


MR. ******,

I was a part of the jameson case in the beginning and was actually one of the deputys in the featured show. Being a part of the case at the beginning, from the initial search to follow-ups on several leads, has given me a great insight. There are many theories to their disappearance. It is something I would look into further since nothing has been done on it since beauchamp resigned. I do have my beliefs on where they went and what happened to them. I do not feel like they are in danger or left unwillingly. But until that is a proven fact the case should stay open and under investigation.
After this reply I did email back Mr. Ward a small amount of information that confirms his “feeling”.

The statement from Mr. Ward is the only statement on this case since Sheriff Brooks went on OETV and said his primary theory was “murder/suicide”.

**side note: Sheriff Beauchamp (the original sheriff in the case) resigned a bit after the ID piece to take a well paying job overseas. It is rumored he would be Mr. Wards pick for Undersheriff now that he is home. The other candidate in the run-off race scheduled for August 2012 is Jesse James.

James was the top vote getter in the primary and has told people he would give the Jamison case a look.

******BREAKING NEWS AS OF 1/21/13- The bodies of two adults were found in Lake Eufaula on Monday, Jan. 21. 2013. THE BODIES FOUND WERE POSITIVEY IDENTIFIED AS PREHISTORIC NATIVE AMERICAN REMAINS. NOT THE JAMISONS.

James does not appear to be “reopening” the Jamison case. Although he does say in an interview on 2/18/13 the case is open.

Folks, Im not a very good writer. Please understand most of my expertise comes from being able to extract information from situations. I have been a force for good. I have extracted more than enough information to be able to know exactly what has happened here. It is quite extraordinary. If it weren’t for the ID program innocently made about this story ironically the truth may have never been found out.
Morally, I have had to decide whether or not it is ethical to share all what I have uncovered in relation to this disappearance. Its still all quite unbelievable to me and Ive known for awhile now that the Jamisons are not dead on Panola Mountain. That ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME has taken place in this case. The Jamison family left of their own free will faking their disappearance. They do not want to be “found”. The specific activities the Jamison’s were involved with were dangerous!Beyond that… I struggle with the morality of telling my readers exactly those reasons.

I know right now some people are hopping up and down cussing at me. Please understand not only did I believe going into this that this family was dead. I wanted to do everything I could to find Madyson. I thought there was information out there to be gathered that would point to a crime. IT WAS QUITE THE OPPOSITE. That at the point in time I was absolutely 100% positive that they were alive I almost passed out. A lot of “birdies” whispered to me that this case may involve a “sensitive” disappearance.

“WHERE IS THE PROOF?” People ask me. “THEY ARE ALL DEAD” most seem to think.

Folks, dozens of people connected to this case and the Jamisons talked candidly about this situation to me.

I have pushed for a public resolution from Law Enforcement in this case. I believe there CAN and SHOULD be one at this point with the amount of interest generated about this case.

Until then I will continue to struggle with whether its moral/legal to provide all the details I’ve uncovered.


For those of you who may have seen the ID piece. Please watch this piece on OETV with Sheriff Brooks. The Sheriff who succeeded Beauchamp when he left to work overseas.
Its very telling.

*While Brooks comments on the case… notice he says virtually the exact same thing as Beauchamp in the ID piece. He expounds on the Jamisons drug use. But later when the reporter shockingly is allowed to peruse the case files on camera. None of the handwriting at the end of the case file that is shown is from Sheriff Brooks. I take it to mean Brooks did not investigate this but rather went off of Beauchamps file and commented almost verbatim Beachamps theories in the ID piece. ie Murder suicide. If a real crime had been committed here. No reporter would be allowed to peruse the case file. In any SERIOUS investigation involving a family of three… EVER.

So we are to believe the Jamisons in a murder suicide situation…. locked the dog, cell phones, jackets and personal belongings in a vehicle that also just happened to contain 30k to go commit murder/suicide? I didn’t buy it when Beauchamp said it. I don’t buy it when Brooks says it either. Pretty much by that theory is laughable given the FACTS. I mean come on. Do you think they honestly would have emptied their pockets and left the dog to be found alive if they did that?!?!?

“Keepthesearchalive” was created to use my past experiences in domestic intelligence gathering to find out information and write about what happens to people who go missing. I apologize to the grammar police.


So why was money left in the truck if they disappeared of there own free will? Why was the dog left to die? Why was that last picture of Madyson taken in front of the rock?

The money. It was approximately one-half of the settlement Bobby received for his accident. It was quickly obtained through legal proceeding by Bobbys mother after their disappearance. I cant say for sure if it was left intentionally or for a reason. According to Sheriff Brooks (and he is right) about the frequency of the Jamisons drug use it very well could have been stashed there and forgotten about by Bobby. Lets remember the truck was locked. The Jamisons cell phones and jackets were inside with the dog. As commented by a reader… one of the details that is the most interesting. More so than the money. Is the long hate later left in the truck from Sherilyn to Bobby. Why would this letter appear in the truck? Simple… to add to the illusion that they were dead. If you watch the OETV piece there is a diary entry at the end of Sherilyn’s diary that the reporter reads allowed. “Bobby is a genius” and loving comments towards him. Please take a moment to check out the video and see what it says. No hate at all at the end. Quite the opposite. They had some sort of plan- but what was it?

The dog. A lot of people wonder why they left it for dead. I don’t think they left it for dead at all. I think they were planning to take the dog and that they had to leave it behind at the last moment. Don’t forget one thing- Someone called the cops and the truck was found before the dog died. A person told me that snack bags were around the truck. I believe they knew the truck would be found and they left the dog behind with people food.

The Satanic Bible. The occult part of this story intrigues a lot of people. Its easily explainable. FACT: Medium to high level meth dealers in the South and Midwest frequently are involved in the occult and satanic religion.

The last picture. Well… the dog wasn’t going. If what I believe happened here is correct. If they left that mountain of their own free will without the dog. How do you think Madyson felt? Think that look on her face could have been a result of being told she couldn’t take her dog? Look at the clothes Madyson is wearing and her dyed hair. Clothes seem very tight to me. Ive examined numerous “missing posters” of Madyson Jamison. Most use this “last” picture. None of them denote her dyed hair. Now let me just point out a specific Ive learned about the dyed hair. Sherilyn Jamison had been a beautician and had been dying Madysons hair for awhile. But why all the deception on the posters?

On a much lighter note about this case. On the DISAPPEARED piece Sheriff Beauchamp is interviewed while the FBI is not. Almost all of the personal comments to me in this case are from women readers who ask me if I know if the former sheriff is single. LOL. The answer to that is no. He is happily married according to sources. Sorry, girls.

I have the utmost respect in this case for that guy. I have never interacted with him in my search for the Jamisons. He’s read my work and has never responded. I did try to prod him to keep investigating this case before I figured out there may be no crime here. So I’m not sure if he’d drink a beer with me or punch me in the mouth. I prolly owe the guy a case of beer. I’m not sure what he knows or thinks about the case at this point in time. The Latimer police department had just come off a major scandal involving the previous Sheriff so who knows? What I do know is that I hope at some point in time Beauchamp returns to a job in Law Enforcement in Latimer County. That county couldn’t ask for a more dedicated experienced leader with the skills to make a difference in all the crime there. His recent public comments asking people to give the new Sheriff James a chance and to support James even though it wasn’t the candidate he supported show his class. We need more people like him as Sheriff’s in our small towns.


This new story from a Fox affiliate in Oklahoma about the Jamisons.

Absolutely nothing in that story changes what I believe happened. To the contrary it pads it. I think its interesting that Sheriff James says the case is open but he declines to give details or appear on camera. (Thanks Sheriff James!!! You’re a helluva a good man for not following the past line on this by saying murder/suicide. Saying that you cannot comment on theories was nothing short of brilliance! It kept you~ honest.) Where are their family members in the story? Again why isnt the FBI on camera? THIS IS THE ONLY FAMILY IN THE COUNTRY “MISSING” BESIDE THE MCSTAYS!!!!! WHY HASN’T ANYONE LOOKED HARDER FOR THIS FAMILY? As far as the story Niki tells about the caller. She told me a year ago that a person had come forward and told her that she saw the Jamisons name on like a kkk hit list. That this woman and she later gave that information to the FBI and they weren’t interested. They only wanted to hear someone with details of a crime. Niki Shenold believes the parents are dead and the daughter Madyson is alive. Again where are the Jamison’s other friends and family? What do they think- now at this moment in time?

What do I take from this new story? Absolutely nothing new EXCEPT the statement by Sheriff James that he “CANNOT” comment on any of theories. Im very glad to see that someone isn’t out to arrogantly pull the wool over peoples eyes by insisting murder/suicide. His predecessors got themselves into that trap. By now at this point in the story… literally every Tom, Dick and Harry knows this case is not murder/suicide case. But were they wrong?

3/1/13 I am excited after much encouragement and consideration to announce that sometime in April my first book “Mysterious Disappearances Volume I: The Oklahoma Jamison Family.” will be available in e-book formats. The book chronicles my personal search for the Jamison family. It really is all about how I was able to gather information and my personal interactions with others. It also is about how I believe I have discovered a new “way” to go about trying to find information about these mysterious disappearances.


Still working on the “Mysterious Disappearances” book. Having never written a book- it aint easy. But until then hope you are all enjoying the comments from my Ray Gricar blog.

Recently, I was contacted by a cousin of Bobby Jamison who feels Bobby may have disappeared of his own free will.

Three bodies have been found on the other side of Panola Mountain near Pittsburg County 1.5-3 miles by foot from the Jamison’s truck… 20+ miles to drive over to that side. OSBI and its forensics teams are investigating. Stay tuned I’ll continue to update with the latest information as it becomes available.******* BREAKING NEWS: I have received several phone calls telling me the bodies of three people were found on 11/16/13 several miles from where the Jamison’s disappeared. I will update as I find out more details. This would be a shocking and devastating twist to this case if it turned out to be true. THE OSBI IS RECOVERING THE REMAINS BUT EARLY INDICATION IS THAT THE JAMISON FAMILY MAY HAVE FAKED THEIR DISAPPEARANCE TO COMMIT SUICIDE. THE OSBI AT THIS POINT DOES NOT BELIEVE THERE IS FOUL PLAY IN THIS CASE. Further analysis of the remains will be done at the medical examiner’s office. We will have all the additional information right here on the blog.


Well… While rumors continue to run rampant about the case. (IE: The remains found were missing teeth… there fingers were chopped off… a shoe was found.) While many people have written to me with comments to the effect that I was all wrong about this case. I say to you: “Here we are in Feb of ’14. The remains found in Latimer were found back in Nov of ’13. If those remains were the Jamison family… why haven’t we had any public confirmation?” I know folks are all scratching there heads going “I thought the Jamison family was found! It HAD to be MURDER!!!” To you folks I say this: “The DNA of the Jamison family was on file in a database in the state of Texas. By now- we should have had public confirmation the remains are theirs. In the case of the McStay family who’s remains were found around the same time. It only took a couple of weeks to get public confirmation that it was them. So what in the sam hell is going on in the Oklahoma’s medical examiner’s office?” Well it is quite simple. WE DO HAVE A PRESS RELEASE FROM OSBI. You don’t hafta take it from us. Read it yourself at: Take a deep breath before you read it. Read it several times. Examine the details in it. It very well appears to be all we’re ever gonna get on it.

Finally and sadly, in July of ’14 the medical examiner confirmed it was indeed the remains of the missing Jamison family found just a few miles from their vehicle. While no cause of death could be confirmed. Investigators believe they simply appeared to have gotten lost in the woods and succumbed to the elements. To SOME extent, I was right… no crime had been committed in this case. The Jamison family was not murder victims  like most suspected. They walked away into that thick forage and when the rain and cold temperatures set in that night- accidental death was their fate.
A horribly devastating and shocking ending for anyone who has followed.


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Missing Toni Sharpless

toni sharplessI had planned to take a hard look at the disappearance of Gladwyne,Pa. mom Toni Lee Sharpless.

Sharpless, a mother and nurse employed by Lancaster General Hospital went missing after leaving a house party on the 1300 block of Bobarn Drive on August, 23rd 2009.

To date Ms. Sharpless’s black 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt PA license plate number DND7772 has not been recovered. It was however spotted in the Camden, NJ area after her disappearance.

Ms. Sharpless’s cell phone was turned off around 4am the night of the party and she has never been heard from since. Nor has there been any activity on her bank account.

Having consumed alcohol at the party and reportedly low on gas when she left. There are many theories as to what may have happened to her. No one at the party Ms. Sharpless attended is suspected of any wrong doing.

Her story has been the subject of many newspaper articles and was featured on an episode of Investigation ID’s “Disappeared” program.

Tips from the program have turned up sightings of Ms. Sharpless in the Lancaster, Pa…Camden, NJ…Philadelphia, Pa. areas.

An initial attempt to try to “test the waters” to help solve this disappearance has yielded information that a very active and long term investigation is continuing. I will not interfere in any case where there is an “official” investigation ongoing.

In missing persons cases throughout America. Sometimes I am very surprised when LE and investigators turn down help from others.

Notably in the Caylee Anthony case volunteers were told by LE not to search near the area where the tots body was found months later. Had volunteers been allowed to search that area the tot’s body may have been found months sooner possibly leading to a different outcome in the case.

In the case of Holly Bobo a large contingent of volunteers who were going to search the area where she went missing were dispersed quickly.

Recently it was volunteers…not investigators that found the body of missing Michelle Le.

I believe as much help as possible is needed to solve these disappearances. In disappearances where there is absolutely no known crime scene with no leads. In these instances, help should be sought from the public. Active help. Unfortunately, missing persons don’t appear on milk cartons anymore. People don’t stop at the post office to look at the “missing” posters anymore. The world is a depressing place enough.

The amount of pain friends and family members go through
in not “knowing” ANYTHING … is unbareable.

Would of it hurt to distribute posters in the areas where Ms. Sharpless has been seen? Or are investigators closing in on the whereabouts of Toni Sharpless?

I pray in this case as I do others for the safe return of Ms. Sharpless.

UPDATE 2013- Please enjoy this wonderful update from Cindy Stauffer on the Sharpless case. Its fantastic work.

I look forward to commenting on some of the things that have surfaced in this case but will continue to do so from a far. While Ms. Sharpless’ mother has expressed that she wouldn’t turn away help. I have felt as I said all along that on paper that Ms. Sharpless’ family is doing all the right things in this case. She does have seasoned investigators working the case both in a private manor as well as the police department. Even though her private investigator may not be any fan of mine from her response to me. I know people are reading my blog and clicking her poster and just maybe… MAYBE… it will lead to someone coming forward.

But in Cindy Stauffer’s update she writes of possible hoax phone calls in the case.

Last year one particular hoaxer made headlines by not only making disturbing videos for the missing persons family to see. But to also carry on very disturbingly with famed crime writer James Renner. I have seen hoaxes too in other cases. It sickens me and makes me sooooo angry. There should be laws put in place to arrest anyone who behaves so despicably.

Here is the letter received by a private investigator on the case:

Text of letter sent to private investigator

The letter is as it was received, with errors in capitalizations, punctuation and spelling. In two places, a phone number and vehicle identification number have been omitted.

Dear Eileen law,
The police in Pa do not have a tip line. I tried calling the philly police where I live but they said it was not in their jurisdiction. One of the detectives pulled me aside and gave me your name and address. In the last few days of Sept. 2009 a friend in Camden called me and offered me money to move a car from Brooklawn NJ to Boston Mass. He told me he would pay me $5,000 dollars cash plus I could have the plates. He asked if I new anyone 27 or 29 that wanted to paper trip so he gave me a social security card. I drove the car a black 4 dr. Pontiac Grand Prix and drove to a auto body shop outside of Boston Mass. I took off the plates and with a black magic marker wrote down the last five digits of the VIN number and cleared out the glove box. I came back to Camden a day later and he told me that the car was not stolen but missing. He said a friend of his a cop in Camden got into a fight with a girl, she died and he needed to get the car out of Jersey. About a month ago my daughter was playing in the garage and found the box with the plates & S.S. card I had forgotten all about it. The plates are DND7772 the S.S. card.(Sharpless’ cell phone number was written here) and the last 5 digits of the VIN are (the last five numbers of Sharpless’ vehicle’s identification number was written here). Because of hurricane Sandy I had to visit Jersey to help friends clean up. I decided to drop you this letter. What happened to Tony I don’t really know all I know is that she had a run in with the police and I was paid much needed cash to get the car to a shop in Boston.

My take: I have not interviewed or dug deep in this case as to its players and what they know. I am going off all public information here. I have always felt the evidence in this case has pointed to only two outcomes. Disappearance as the result of a criminal act or suicide. Ms. Sharpless by public accounts did leave the party intoxicated and very very upset. Possibly humiliated. Possibly bullied? All of those things can lead to suicide by bridge jump. And there were bridges between her destinations. All of those things can also leave a young woman traveling alone prone to disappearance because of a criminal act. Investigators in this case have done a good job looking for her car so as to cross disappearance as the result of an accident off the list.

I also have felt that after a sighting of her car in a very high crime area and then her car disappears altogether. That it most likely was chopped up somewhere.

I hope investigators will take the letter serious enough to run down the leads in it to its last breath given there appears to be some hoax leads recently. I will never ever name hoaxers by name in any missing persons case. They wont get personal attention from me EVER.

This family deserves us to keepthesearchalive until this mystery is solved.

SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CASE. PLEASE I URGE YOU TO COME FORWARD!! Use the link below to view her poster…contact authorities or leave an anonymous tip:

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